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Zeus is the Greek God of Sky and Lightning as well as the former leader of Olympus and the Greek Gods.


Zeus is a middle-age man with a moustache, who wears a crown and toga.


Zeus is shown to have a frivolous atmosphere as he teased Azazel about being unmarried and being famous for cheating on his wife. However, like Odin, Zeus is shown to care greatly for humanity as he was willing to seal himself in the Isolation Barrier Field in order to protect the world and due to understanding that each of the mythologies would need humanity to survive.


At some point in the past, Zeus became the ruler of Mount Olympus and king of the Greek Gods. He and the Greek Gods were once enemies with the King of Monsters Typhon.

Powers and Abilities

Immense Strength: As the former chief deity of the Greek mythology, Zeus is a extremely powerful God, but he is weaker than his fellow Greek god, Hades.

Lightning Manipulation: As the Greek God of Sky, Zeus is famous for being being able to control the heavens as well as lighting and thunder. His lightning is shown to be powerful enough to damage Trihexa.