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P-Please wait! Just restrain him! This child is not like Gressil and Sonneillon, who were purely malicious​!

–Zeno to Sairaorg Bael; as he tried to protect Balberith, True Volume 4, Lion Heart


Zeno is a High-class Grim Reaper who served under Hades. He was placed in charge of being the team leader of Team Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King for the Azazel Cup and to watch over the artificial Devils that Hades created.


Zeno is described as a skeleton in a robe with a hood.


Zeno was originally a stoic and neutral figure, being fully loyal to Hades. However, he developed a parental relationship with the artificial Devil Balberith, such as watching over him when he wanted to go to Kyoto to buy a Oppai Dragon action figure. These parental feelings became so strong that Zeno was willing to shield Balberith with own body to prevent him from being hurt further and begging Sairaorg Bael to merely restrain him, stating that Baberith wasn't evil like the other Artificial Devils.


Not much is known about Zeno's history expect for the fact that he is a Grim Reaper who belonged to the Progressive Faction of Grim Reapers, which aligned itself with Hades. During the Azazel Cup, Hades made Zeno the King of the Team Black Satan of the Darkness Dragon King, which consisted of Grim Reapers and monsters. After Hades started to create Artificial Devils, he sent several powerful devils such as BalberithVerrineSonneillon and Gressil to strengthen the team, as Zeno was put in charge of their education and assigned as their caretaker.


Death Scythe: Like any Grim Reaper, Zeno possesses a scythe can wound his opponents and shorten their lifespan with a special type of curse.