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Nice to meet you, Princess Rias. My name is Zekram Bael. Well, it will be enough for you to look in the Bible or read documents related to it to know about me.

–Zekram introducing himself to Rias Gremory, Volume 18, Life.2 The Forbidden


Zekram Bael is the very first Head of the House of Bael and is said to have greater influence than the current Four Great Satans. He was the de-facto leader of the Devils after the death of the original Four Great Satans.


Zekram is a middle-aged looking man with black hair and peaceful violet eyes and wears noble attire. He has an aura of strong dignity that exudes from him[1].


As the first head of the Bael Clan, Zekram is extremely prideful in his clan status as the highest ranking amongst the 72 Pillars, as well as their trademark ability. Zekram is also a staunch traditionalist of aristocracy who take great importance in Devil Nobles' traditions, old teachings, and values such as Devil blood purity.

Zekram is also deeply invested in gaining and maintaining political power as he founded the Great King Faction after the Devil Civil War to increased the political influence of the Bael Clan in Devil society, and is ruthless in eliminating anyone who would threaten their power and prestige as he plotted Cleria Belial's death when she discovered the King Piece's existence.

Despite his traditionalist aristocratic mindset, Zekram is wise and open minded enough to acknowledge people of exceptional ability as he did his best to recruited Sirzechs, Ajuka, Serafall and Falbium, the heirs of lower ranking clans of the 72 Pillars into the Anti-Satan Faction in preparation for the Devil Civil War to opposed the Old Satan Faction. he considered Sairaorg talented despite Sairaorg not inheriting the Power of Destruction. He also respects Issei, who is a reincarnated devil, to the point that he suggested to Issei to become a Satan. Zekram thinks that Issei is doing well as shown by him offering an invitation to Issei to come to his castle for a talk and a serving of pie cake made from the special apples of his clan's territory, after Issei becomes a High-Class Devil.

Despite having been leader of the Anti-Satan Faction during the Civil War, Zekram is noted to still show active reverence and respect for the Four Original Satans due to him being one of the first generation Devils. This is seen where he showed active respect for both Vali Lucifer and Ingvild Leviathan due to them being the genuine blood relatives and descendants to the Original Satans and in his interactions with the "New Satans", as seen where he still referred to Ajuka Beelzebub by his birth name of Astaroth and refused to call him Beelzebub in respect for the original.


One of the first generation of Devils spawned from Lilith by Satan Lucifer. Zekram founded the House of Bael, became its very first Head. At some point in time, he passed his title to his child and entered retirement.

Powers and Abilities

Demonic Power: As a Devil, Zekram has all the common skills and powers of one.

Master Politician: Zekram is the founder of the Great King Faction with immense political influence that is greater than Sirzechs.

Flight: As a pure-blooded Devil, Zekram can fly using his wings.


  • Zekram's name is taken from the two legendary Pokemon in the Pokemon franchise, Zekrom + Reshiram.


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