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Don’t look down on the Dragon King-sama, fox lady! I am very amazing!

–Yu-Long to the brainwashed Yasaka, Volume 9, Life.4 Showdown, Gremory Group VS Hero Faction! In Kyoto.


Yu-Long is one of the Five Great Dragon Kings, he is known as the Mischievous Dragon[1], or the Jade Dragon. He is the partner of Sun Wukong. Like Sun Wukong, he is also a character featured in the Chinese novel Journey to the West.


Yu-Long has the appearance of a large green Asian Dragon.[2] It had red eyes, and a lime, scaly underbelly, while the rest of it was shrouded in jade. Near its arms, where his body laid, were bronze curving shards.


A lazy but enthusiastic Dragon, self proclaiming himself as "The Liveliest Dragon" and is shown to love good food.[2] Unlike his fellow Dragon Kings, Yu-Long displayed a cowardly side as he runs away from opponents more powerful than him like Fenrir and Gogmagog, and later begging Sun Wukong to finish his fight to help him against his opponents.


Yu-Long is a Dragon King that transformed into Monk Xuanzang's horse after eating his horse and helped in Xuanzang's travels. He then went missing along with Sun Wukong after the two of them completed their task of accompanying Xuanzang to retrieve Buddhist sutras from India.

Powers & Abilities

Immense Strength: As a Dragon King, Yu-Long is extremely powerful, being able to break through the barrier formed by the Longinus Dimension Lost (albeit using up a lot of his energy)[2]. He is powerful enough to temporary hold off Yasaka, a very powerful Youkai with the assistance of Vritra.

Fire Breath: As a dragon, he is capable of breathing a powerful fire breath. In Volume 21, he is shown capable of releasing large mass of dragon flames. Although he is considered as the youngest of the five, his dragon flames are Dragon King-class, capable of rivaling Yasaka's flames and can annihilate Mass-produced Evil Dragons with ease.

Dragon Aura: Yu-Long is capable of unleashing a bright green dragon aura from his mouth that caused total destruction with the enhancement of the Pawn’s Promotion and managed to hit Gogmagog and even negating its beam.

Shapeshifting: While having all the common powers of Dragons, in Journey to the West, Yu-Long also displayed the power of shapeshifting, assuming the form of a horse to replace the one he ate.

  • Size Alteration: Yu-Long can change into a miniature version of himself.

Flight: Although a wingless Dragon, Yu-Long does possess the ability to fly by gliding in the air.


  • Yu-Long is the youngest of the Five Great Dragon Kings.
  • Yu-Long is the third Eastern Dragon introduced in the series, the first being Vritra, second being Midgardsormr, fourth being Niðhöggr, and fifth being Apophis.
  • Yu-Long's name means "Jade Dragon."


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