Youkai (妖怪, Yōkai) are a group of various species of supernatural beings native to Asia shown in High School DxD.



Various Youkai species in Kyoto

Depending upon their specific species, Youkai have a plethora of different forms, ranging from the fox-like kitsune (such as Kunou and Yasaka) to the cat-eared Nekomata (such as Koneko and Kuroka). However, most Youkai either possess a human-like form with animalistic accents or have to shapeshift to assume such a form.


The abilities of each Youkai differs in accordance to the species. There are two distinctive types of Youkai, the Japanese Youkai and the Chinese Youkai. There are Youkai who have shown the ability to rival an Ultimate-Class Devil and are commonly known as Daiyoukai (大妖怪, Daiyōkai, lit. "Great Youkai"). A handful of Youkai races are capable of shifting from their true forms to appear more human-like as a way to blend among them. All Youkai species are capable of preforming Youjutsu, a form of spellcraft unique only to them.


West Faction

The West Faction are a group of Youkais that are led by Yasaka.

East Faction

The East Faction are another group of Youkais led by Nurarihyon.

Types of Youkai


Kitsune are fox-like Youkai known for their ability to control fire.

  • Kyuubi (a.k.a. Ninetails)


Nekomata are cat Youkai capable of using Senjutsu and Youjutsu.

  • Nekoshou

Monkey Youkai

Monkey Youkai are youkai that have the physical resemblances to that of a monkey.


  • Issei's imagination of what a Yuki-onna is supposed to look like.

Yuki-onna are a rare race of ice Youkai. Portrayed in legend as looking like beautiful women, their true appearance is of large white ape-like beasts with a freezing breath that can freeze an opponent in seconds. Also known as Yeti.


A race of aquatic Youkai that live in swamps. Noted for having plates on their head and fondness for cucumbers. Kappa's have an illness known as "plate shortening disease".


Karasu-Tengu are bird-like Youkai with black wings and crow heads, dressed like mountain hermits.

  • Chief of the Karasu-Tengu


Nue are Chimera-like Youkai with the face of a monkey, the limbs of a tiger, and a snake for a tail.

  • One of these Youkai currently resides within Souji Okita.


Nurarihyon are humanoid Youkai that have the appearance of an old man with a gourd-shaped head, that break into other people's homes and act as if it is it's own home. The only known member of this race is the Youkai leader under the same name. He apparently knew Kuroka and Koneko's mother


Kamaitachi are Youkai with ferret-like features.

Lightning Beast

Lighting Beasts are dog-like Youkai with a cloud around their bodies that gives off sparkling lightning.


A clan of Magic Mirror Youkai who are able to show the past of someone via someone related to them.

Known Youkai


  • Youkai roughly translates into "Bewitching Mystery".
  • Most youkai lives inside of a bounded field similar to the one used for the Rating Game.
  • Sun Wukong, a former Youkai, is the only known being to have gained power equivalent to a God without having started out as one.
  • Yuki-onnas are actually beautiful girls when they are still young, but turn into gorillas when they mature.


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