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Youkai (妖怪, Yōkai) are a group of various species of supernatural beings native to Asia shown in High School DxD.


Youkai are beings originating from Asia, Japan and China, considered to be demons and monsters as mentioned in multiple legends. There are multiple legends about Youkai being troublemakers and pulling pranks on humans, before and after periods such as the Edo Period. Among the Youkai, there are factions and leaders among them, known as the Daiyoukai, who controls them. In the past, three powerful Daiyoukai: Shuten Douji, Otakemaru, and Tamamo-no-Mae powerful enough to destroy Japan was defeated and sealed in the Uji Treasure House, that are managed by the Five Principal Clan.

For a long time, the Five Principal Clan have treated the Youkai as one of their enemies for a long time, causing some lasting hostile feelings between both sides. Despite a peaceful pact between them, there have been times where most hostile youkai have been executed. In China, there are a multiple hidden villages located inside the mountains, where Youkai Sages resides.


Depending on their specific species, Youkai have a plethora of shapes and forms, most of which being inhuman appearance different from beings such as Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels. Most of them ranges from one-eyed and large-faced monsters, lanterns, and human wheels.

Among them, there are animal Youkai, who looks closer to humans, like Yasaka and Kunou, fox-eared and tailed Youkai, and Koneko and Kuroka, cat-eared and tailed Youkai; all of whom could also hide their animal parts and/or turn into full animals.


Similar to most supernatural beings, it is common that Youkai have enhanced physical abilities compared to that of normal humans, more so depending on their particular species. Although, each species have their own unique abilities different from others, however, all Youkai are able to manipulate their own youki, in the form of Youjutsu, granting them a wider range of different abilities outside of their inherit ones. Among the Youkai, there are certain ones who has animals features added onto their natural human look able to either shapeshift into full animals or hide them to appear human to others.

Among Youkai, there are particularly powerful ones, Daiyoukai, although how strong one of them is haven't been mentioned, most of them are considered the leaders among Youkai. However, Yasaka, a Daiyoukai was powerful enough to fight against Saji, using Vritra Promotion could exhibit power comparable to a Dragon King, then later Yu-Long, a Dragon King (albeit, he used most of his power to break through Dimension Lost). Another Daiyoukai, Sun Wukong was noted for his phenomenal strength during the Journey to the West era, then was promoted into a Buddha as a result.


Similar to creatures of darkness such as Devils and Vampires, Youkai have a weakness to light and light-based powers.[1]

Types of Youkai

  • Daiyoukai (大妖怪(だいようかい), Great spectre), also known as Supreme Youkai are the most powerful among Youkai, often the leaders of their particular factions. As such, their powers and abilities are noted as being superior to others, Yasaka was noted as rivaling two Dragon Kings. Among them, Shuten Douji, Otakemaru, and Tamamo-no-Mae, three Daiyoukai were said to be strong enough to destroy Japan, each dangerous enough that the Five Principal Clan needed to seal them.
  • Kitsune (狐, Fox): A fox-eared and tailed youkai, who have the power to use Kitsunebi.
    • Kyuubi Kitsune (九尾の狐(きゅうびのきつね), Nine-Tailed Fox): A special variant of Kitsune unique among the bloodline of the leaders of Kyoto, also known as the Kyuubi (九尾, Nine Tails), known for their golden nine-tails compared to the one-tailed Kitsune.
  • Nekomata (猫又(ねこまた), Forked Cat): Are cat-eared and tailed Youkai capable of using Senjutsu and Youjutsu.
    • Nekoshou (猫魈(ねこしょう), Mischievous Cat): A special and rare variant of nekomata, considered the most powerful one, who're able to master both Youjutsu and Senjutsu.
  • Monkey Youkai: Are a monkey youkai, who bears a resemblance to monkeys, but can appear human through transforming into one. As seen by both Sun Wukong and Bikou, these Youkai are powerful ones able to use also wield Senjutsu and Youjutsu.
  • Yuki-onna (雪女(ゆきおんな), Snow Woman): Yuki-onna are a rare race of ice Youkai. Portrayed in legend as looking like beautiful women, their true appearance is of large white ape-like beasts with a freezing breath that can freeze an opponent in seconds. Yuki-onnas are actually beautiful girls when they are still young, but turn into gorillas when they mature.
  • Kappa (河童(かっぱ), Water Demon): A race of aquatic Youkai that live in swamps. Noted for having plates on their head and fondness for cucumbers. Kappa's have an illness known as "plate shortening disease".
  • Karasu-Tengu (烏天狗(からす てんぐ), Crow Heavenly Dog): Karasu-Tengu are bird-like Youkai with black wings and crow heads, dressed like mountain hermits.
  • Nue ((ぬえ), Nue): Nue are Chimera-like Youkai with the face of a monkey, the limbs of a tiger, and a snake for a tail. One of these Youkai resides within Souji.
  • Nurarihyon (滑瓢(ぬらりひょん), Slippery Gourd): Nurarihyon are humanoid Youkai that have the appearance of an old man with a gourd-shaped head, that break into other people's homes and act as if it is it's own home. The only known member of this race is the Youkai leader under the same name.
  • Kamaitachi (鎌鼬(かまいたち), Sickle Weasal): Kamaitachi are Youkai with ferret-like features.
  • Lightning Beast (雷獣(らいじゅう), Raijū): Lighting Beasts are dog-like Youkai with a cloud around their bodies that gives off sparkling lightning.
  • Ungaikyo (雲外鏡(うんがいきょう), Mirror Ouside the Clouds): A clan of Magic Mirror Youkai who are able to show the past of someone via someone related to them, and could summon deceased souls.


West Youkai Faction

The West Youkai Faction, also known as the Kyoto Youkai Faction, are a group of Youkais that are led by Yasaka. The members of this faction reside in Kyoto, on the other side of Kyoto called Urakyoto, which is a alternate dimension created in a similar way of Devils Rating Game fields. In Volume 9, Serafall Leviathan came to Kyoto to discuss having a treaty between the Three Factions and the West Kyoto Youkai Faction, though before she could do that, their leader Yasaka was kidnapped by the Hero Faction.

With the aid of the Occult Research Club and Sun Wukong, Yasaka was rescued and the Hero Faction was repelled back from Kyoto. During the Demonic Beast Riot, Yasaka and her Youkai went to the Underworld to assist the Three Factions in repelling the Annihilation Maker Anti-Monsters, with Yasaka fighting a Bandersnatch by herself. After Trihexa awakened, Yasaka and her Youkai helped to defend Japan by fighting the split Trihexa body and groups of Evil Dragons that appeared at the coast of Japan.

The West Youkai Faction capital of Kyoto was attacked by Erebus along with a group of artificial Devils, as Erebus attempted to get revenge on King Enma for rejecting the Alliance of Hell's invitation to join. With the help of Team DxD, the West Youkai Faction was able to repel the attack.

East Youkai Faction

The East Youkai Faction, also known as the Kanto Youkai Faction, are another group of Youkais led by Nurarihyon. The members of the faction reside in the Kanto region of Japan. Originally, they had a agreement with the Five Principal Clans that they would not interfere with each other and protect their respective territories.

However, that agreement was broken in recent times and as a result, the younger Youkai of the faction came to detest the Five Principal Clans. The East Youkai Faction also received attacks from the Hero Faction, with lead to the younger Youkai of the faction to also detest Sacred Gear users as well.

The faction received a peace treaty proposal from the Three Factions, as Azazel and the leader of the East Youkai Faction; Nurarihyon negotiated, as he came to Kuoh Town to observe the lifestyle of the Occult Research Club, a important group within Team DxD. After the younger Youkai of the faction were able to went their frustrations by fighting members of the Occult Research Club and Nurarihyon was humiliatingly defeated by Ophis, the East Youkai Faction singed a peace treaty with the Three Factions.

Known Youkai

West Youkai Faction members

East Youkai Faction members

Other Youkai

Former Youkai


  • Youkai can translates into "Bewitching Mystery", in addition to Ghost, Apparition, Phantom, Spectre, Specter, Demon, Monster, Goblin.
  • Sun Wukong, a former Youkai, is the only known being to have gained power equivalent to a God without having started out as one.


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