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The following is a list of characters from Xenovia Quarta's peerage following her promotion to a High-Class Devil as of True Volume 4 .


After Xenovia was promoted to High-Class Devil, she was given the right to receive her own Evil Pieces in the events of True Volume 4.

Sona Sitri traded Ruruko Nimura to Xenovia so that Ruruko could keep fighting on the front lines as a member of Team DxD due to Sona having to take over as the Head of the Sitri Clan.

After requesting Ajuka Beelzebub's help and with Kuroka's permission, she was able to make Kuroka her servant due to the fact that Kuroka's former master was dead and thus unable to trade with him, as Kuroka stated that she could not remain a Stray Devil forever.

Due to the the deal she made with Ajuka Beelzebub, some of her Evil Pieces were turned into Mutation Pieces to allow the captured Transcendental Devils: Balberith and Verrine to become her servants.

Current Members

Xenovia Quarta (King) Verrine (Queen, Mutation Piece)
A Holy Sword user who was sent from the Church along with Irina to destroy or retrieve the stolen Excalibur swords. After she finds out that the God of the Bible had died a long time ago, she decides to join the Occult Research Club as Rias' servant. She possesses the Holy SwordsDurandal and Excalibur.

She became Issei's Knight in Volume 22, after he became a High-class Devil.

In True Volume 4, she became a High-class Devil and obtained her Evil Pieces.

A transcendental-class Devil created by Hades from using Lilith’s flesh and the Book of Lucifer. Originally a Devil who served Hades and the Alliance of Hell, she was defeat by Rias Gremory and a group of her allies during the Hell Disaster.
Kuroka Toujou (Bishop x2) Balberith (Rook x2, Mutation Pieces)
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The older sister of Koneko Toujou and a former wanted Stray Devil. She killed her former master after he tried to experiment on Kuroka's sister; Shirone. After the Hell Disaster, Kuroka joined Xenovia's peerage as a servant due to not wanting to remain a Stray Devil. She is a expert at Senjutsu and Youjutsu.


A transcendental-class Devil created by Hades from using Lilith’s flesh and the Book of Lucifer. Originally a Devil who served Hades and the Alliance of Hell, he was defeated by Sairaorg Bael during the Hell Disaster.

Ruruko Nimura (Pawn)
A student at Kuoh Academy and who was one of Sona's Pawns. After Sona was forced to become the Head of Sitri and quit her position on the frontlines, she traded Ruruko to Xenovia so she could keep fighting with Team DxD. She is the possessor of the Artificial Sacred Gear; Procellarum Phantom .


  • Xenovia's remaining Evil Pieces are both her Knights and seven Pawns.
  • Xenovia plans to add Verrine to her Peerage as her Queen and Balberith as her Rook.[1] ?
  • Xenovia's Peerage is banned from participating in Rating Games due to Xenovia's Evil Pieces turn into Mutation Pieces at Xenovia's request for the purpose of adding Balberith and Verrine as her servants and peerage members.[1]
  • Xenovia stated that she wants to make her peerage with those who have special circumstances.[1]