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My name is Vritra. I am a Dragon hailed as one of the Dragon Kings. I request a duel with the Red Dragon Emperor Ddraig.

–Vritra requesting a duel with Ddraig, Light Novel DX.4, Line.Maximum vs Life.Maximum Dragon King (Idiot) and Dragon Emperor (Idiot)


Vritra is one of the Five Great Dragon Kings. He is the Evil Black Dragon known as the Prison Dragon and the Enveloper, due to his abilities with excel at capturing enemies and also being known as the Darkness Dragon King, due to his umbrakinetic abilities and Dragon King status. He was formerly allied with the Asura Gods, as he helped them fight Indra, until Indra killed him, as his soul was sealed in the Vritra-type Sacred Gears. After Genshirou Saji obtained all of the Vritra-type Sacred Gears, Vritra' soul was able to resurrect as he became Saji's battle partner.


Vritra has the appearance of a large black Eastern Dragon with violet eyes, and third eye on his forehead. In the anime he possess seven light purple tentacles growing at the back of his body.


Despite being called an Evil Dragon, Vritra does not show any of his evil personality. In fact, he appears to have a wise and very polite attitude. Whether or not this has anything to do with his soul being split into several pieces remains to be seen.

He is also quite brave and fearless, as he states in Volume 9, that regardless of Cao Cao or Yasaka's power, he will fight them no matter what. It is proven to be true due to the fact that he fought the all-powerful god Indra in the past during the war with the Asuras, although he was outmatched by him in the latter.

He seems to have a slight case of bystander syndrome; as long as it doesn't directly involve him or Saji, it's not his problem.


He is one of the Five Great Dragon Kings who has been active since ancient times and been aligned with the Asuras before Indra waged war against them. At some point, he also became known as an Evil Dragon in the east with the title of "Evil Prison Dragon King"; because of this, he knows all of the members of the Evil Dragons, including Grendel himself, and he is one of the few dragons to know that Grendel had been eliminated by the original Beowulf at some point in the past before he was sealed. Prior to the series, when Indra waged war against the Asuras, Vritra was vanquished by Indra after he killed Vairochana, the former king of the Asuras, and his soul was split and sealed into multiple Sacred Gears, one of which would end up in Genshirou Saji. There appears to be more than four Vritra Sacred Gears which are held by others, but it is unclear if they also hold parts of his soul (like the evil part).

Powers & Abilities

Immense Strength: Befitting one of the Dragon Kings and Evil Dragon, Vritra has high levels of strength above that of dragons. In terms of raw strength, he pales in comparison to the Dragon Kings and Evil Dragons, with his power being based on his diverse techniques. Vritra was strong enough to hold his own against Yasaka, a powerful Kyuubi on par with an Ultimate-Class Devil empowered using Kyoto's Leylines and Georg's Magic long enough before being assisted by Yu-Long.

Power Absorption and Transference: Vritra can absorb power from other beings, then transfer that absorbed power into beings and objects.

Fire Breath: Like most Dragons, Vritra can breathe and control flames, however, his flames, in particular, are colored black and more intense than normal flames. His flames are so dense and powerful that Loki, a powerful Norse God, and Georg, a Master Magician and High-Tier Longinus user had trouble both dispelling and erasing his flames, both failing to do so in the end. These flames can also be used to restrain his intended targets.

  • Curse: Saji mentioned that Vritra's Black Flames are able to curse the souls of others even supernatural being's for eternity, thereby killing them in the process.

Power Negation: Vritra creates a field, which can negate the powers of others.

Tentacles: He can generate tentacles, letting him immobilize his enemies, which was first shown during his fight against a mind-controlled Yasaka. Vritra can channel his other abilities through these tentacles as shown when he channeled his Black Flames, Power Absorption/Transference, and Power Negation.

Telepathy: Vritra can telepathically speak through people like Saji, Grendel, Fafnir, and Ddraig.

Technique Master: According to Azazel and Shemhazai, Vritra is the weakest among all the Five Great Dragon Kings in terms of raw power, but makes up for it using his versatile techniques.


  • Vritra is the only Dragon King who is also an "Evil Dragon".
  • In early vedic religion, Vritra means "the enveloper".
  • Vritra is the first Eastern Dragon introduced in the series, the second being Midgardsormr, third being Yu-Long, fourth being Niðhöggr, and fifth being Apophis.
  • Vritra is the first Dragon King and Evil Dragon that was introduced in the series.
  • Vritra is the only known dragon besides Ddraig and Albion to be permanently sealed in a Sacred Gear. Unlike Ddraig and Albion though, Vritra had his soul and consciousness split up into several Sacred Gears.