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It’s nice to meet you, [Welsh Dragon]-san, [Vanishing Dragon]-san, and all of you other strong people.
—My name is Verrine.

–Verrine introducing herself to Issei Hyoudou and Vali Lucifer, Volume 24, New Life


Verrine is one of the hundred thousand artificial Devils that were created by Hades using the flesh of Lilith and the Book of Lucifer. She’s one of the two devils to be born with a power of a Super Devil, along with Balberith.


Verrine has the appearance of a girl in her late teens with long jade-green hair.


Verrine appears to be a cheerful and innocent girl, greeting Issei and Vali in a polite manner. She enjoys having fun and doesn’t mind being a pawn to someone as long she has fun. Verrine is also the most mature of the devils in her team, but retains a childish side. Like Gressil and Sonneillon, Verrine is also a battle maniac that enjoys fighting strong opponents but not to the same extent as them. Despite her maturity, she becomes frustrated when she loses in a fights and cries loudly as a child.

Like Balberith, she wishes to have the love of a family and she wants a older brother.


Verrine was born in the Realm of the Dead, created by Hades with Lilith’s flesh in order to use her for his army in opposition to D×D. At some point, she joined Team Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King under the leadership of Zeno to participate in the Azazel Cup.

Powers & Abilities

Immense Demonic Power: Verrine was born with immense demonic power, in fact, both she and Balberith were considered irregulars and Super Devils who frightened even Hades, one of the Top 10 Strongest Beings from birth. She was able to defeat the Asura Gods who were noted to be among the highest classes of Gods with the highest chance at winning the Azazel Cup. During the Hell Disaster, she fought against the Team D×D veterans, which consisted of Rias in Forbidden Invade Balor the Princess, Akeno, Rossweisse, Xenovia, and Irina head-on. Verrine had the skill to replicate other High-Class Devils' techniques.

Enhanced Offense and Defense: From the Rook trait of her Queen Piece, Verrine can strengthen her offense and defense.

Enhanced Magic Power: Due to the Bishop trait of her Queen Piece, Verrine can strengthen her magic and demonic powers.

Enhanced Speed: From the Knight trait of her Queen piece, Verrine has speed enhancement, increasing her speed.

Flight: Being a Devil, Verrine can fly using her devil wings.


Queen Piece (女王の駒, Joō no koma): Verrine was reincarnated using the Queen Piece, more so a Mutation Piece, which grants her the attributes of a Rook, Bishop, and Knight.


  • (Upon being defeated by Rias) "....UUUUUUUUUUUUUUeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...!!! I don't want...this anymore!!!!!!!" (True Volume 4, Women’s Decisive Battle) [1]


  • Verrine comes from the male demon Verrine, who is the demon of impatience and self-healing or health. He was formerly the second in the Thrones, subordinate to Astaroth as Gressil is subordinate to Verrine.
  • Verrine is one of two people that Balberith views as his family, the other being Zeno.[2]


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