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…I see! I understand now! Holy and demonic. It will be an explanation, if the beings that represent the two become unbalanced! Then not only did the Maou die, but so did……

–Valper's final words, Volume 3, New Knight & New Rival


Valper Galilei was the former lead researcher of the Holy Sword Project. After he was exiled by the Church, he became a member of Grigori.


Valper had the appearance of a short, bespectacled elderly man with gray hair, a moustache, black eyes, who wore a priest outfit.


Valper had a huge love for Holy Swords and was fascinated by the legend of Excalibur since childhood. Upon finding out that he could not use Excalibur, he fell into despair and held admiration for those that could wield Excalibur. That feeling became so powerful that he started to conduct an experiment to create those who could use them. When his experiment proved unsuccessful, he decided to utilize poisonous gas to dispose of the children that were test subjects in the experiments, which resulted in his banishment. In fact, Valper was so heartless that he mentioned that Michael was more Human than him.


Valper Galilei was the person in charge of the "Holy Sword Project" and performed human experiments on children, such as Yuuto Kiba and Tosca to find people who were able to use the seven pieces of Excalibur, and disposed of those who were not capable of doing so. Due to this, he was excommunicated from the Church. Seeking revenge from the Church, he allied himself with the Fallen Angels.

Powers & Abilities

Keen Intellect: While lacking any real powers or abilities, Valper is noted to be an extremely skilled scientific researcher and inventor.

  • Immense Holy Sword Knowledge: Valper possessed a vast amount of knowledge regarding the Holy Sword, Excalibur. He was able to deduce the method of how certain individuals could wield the sword and even created a method that could fuse the four fragments of Excalibur into a new holy sword.
  • Master Inventor: Valper was skilled inventor as he was capable of creating the Light Container, a device to artificially produce Excalibur wielders. His design was so effective that even the likes of Archangel Michael duplicated his research in order to create artificial Excalibur wielders.



Light Container: Valper's masterpiece, the Light Container is a light-attribute crystal that allows the person who embeds the crystal the ability to wield a Holy Sword such as Excalibur.


  • In the anime, Valper's body dissolved away when he was killed by Kokabiel.
  • Valper's last name, Galilei, might be derived from Galileo Galilei mostly known as Galileo. Galileo was a philosopher of the 17th century who supported heliocentrism, a theory which supported that the Sun was at the center of the universe and not the Earth. This theory, however, went against the Church's teachings.