Valkyries are warriors of supernatural beings from Norse Mythology in High School DxD.


Originating from Asgard, the Valkyries are powerful beings who serve the deity of the Norse myth whose roles are equivalent to that of Angels, where as they guide souls to the afterlife and protect the Norse gods from threat. It is comprised of only female warriors.

The term Valkyries come across more as a profession rather than a species one is born in, as any girl born on Asgard can become a Valkyrie through school. Rossweisse has even stated a desire to establish a Norse magic school in the Gremory territory, training female Devils to become Valkyries.


Valkyries look similar to humans females, while in battle they wear Valkyrie armor that normally has a pale blue color scheme. Their attire is Vakyrie armor, which consists of a white breastplate with gold and pale blue accents and matching, fingerless gauntlets, boots, hip guards, and wing-shaped hair clips. They also wears a black leotard underneath their breastplates, black thigh-high stockings, and a pale blue cloth wrapped underneath their hip guards, all of which are clad with pink lacing.


All Valkyries wear dress armor uniform.

Valkyries wield a range of different equipment, varying from all types of magic weaponry such as swords, wands etc.


All Valkyries have the use magic, typically Norse based as their own system of magic and spells raging from defensive, elemental, cloth altering, support, teleportation, communication etc. They're also trained to be fighters with the use of various combat weapons.

Like most supernatural beings, Valkyries also have increased physical abilities, such as superhuman strength, endurance, and speed.

Valkyrie also have the ability of flight without the need of wings due to using magic to fly by their own power.

Known ValkyriesEdit

Name Title Status
Brynhildr Chief-Valkyrie of the Valkyrie Squad Alive
Helmwige Valkyrie Squad member Alive
Ortlinde Valkyrie Squad member Alive
Grimgerde Valkyrie Squad member Alive
Schwertleite Valkyrie Squad member Alive
Göndul N/A Alive
Rossweisse Reincarnated Devil, Former Valkyrie Alive


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