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The Vali Team is a special team led by Vali Lucifer, the descendant of Lucifer and the host of Albion; the White Dragon Emperor and the arch-rival of Ddraig; the Red Dragon Emperor.


The Vali Team was first introduced in Volume 4, when Bikou came to pick up Vali after his fight against Issei Hyoudou. In Volume 5, two more members, Kuroka and Arthur Pendragon were introduced as members of the Vali Team as well. Fenrir joined the team after Vali and Arthur were successful in subjugating the former in Volume 7. The last two members, Le Fay Pendragon and Gogmagog were introduced in Volume 9, helping the 2nd year students of the Occult Research Club.

Despite previously being a powerful Faction in the Khaos Brigade, the Vali Team were not connected to any of the other factions and acted independently and at their own discretion.

In Volume 11, the entire Vali Team was considered to be traitors by the Khaos Brigade after they secretly sent Ophis off to the Hyoudou Residence. That, along with the fact that they were allied with the Khaos Brigade, led the team to be hunted by both the Alliance and the Khaos Brigade alike.

In Volume 16, Vali and his teammates joined the Counter-Terrorist Team, D×D. However, the entire team were considered temporary members as they were still not fully trusted by everyone. They have also been pardoned of their crimes by the Three Factions.

In Volume 20, the Vali Team were sent on a mission to find the whereabouts of the stolen city Agreas that Qlippoth were using as their base of operations. They sent Le Fay and Kuroka to inform others that joined the fight against Qlippoth later on.

In Volume 21, during Trihexa's outbreak throughout the world, the Vali Team were sent into the European region with the assistance of Team Slash/Dog (Tobio Ikuse and Lavinia Reni) and there they battled a group of Qlippoth's army led by Evil Dragon, Aži Dahāka.

In Volume 22, the Vali Team went fishing with the Occult Research Club and Issei's parents. They later attended Issei's High-class Devil promotion and registered for the Azazel Cup, as they greeted Issei and his team when they arrived at the venue.

In Volume 24, they had a Rating Game match against Rias Gremory and her team. While they struggled due to the power of Vasco Strada and Crom Cruach, they were able to win after Fenrir fought Rias to the point of exhausting all of her stamina, which forced her to self-retire, thus allowing the Vali Team to win.

In True Volume 3, Vali Team was protecting Kuoh Town in case of a attack by the Alliance of Hell.

In True Volume 4, the Vali Team went to London with the rest of Team DxD in order to defeat the Alliance of Hell for good. Each other the team members was assigned a unique role as Vali, Fenrir, and Gogmagog were sent to deal with the last two Gods of Hell, while Le Fay, Arthur and Kuroka were sent to deal with Meredith Ordinton, as the reborn Journey to the West team was assigned to the main front to deal with the Grim Reapers and Artificial Devils.


Known members of the Vali Team include:

Initial Members

Vali Lucifer (Founder/Leader) Bikou
Hs dxd new vali img.jpg
A descendant of the original Lucifer as well the possessor of the Longinus; Divine Dividing, which holds the spirit of the Vanishing Dragon, Albion (The White Dragon Emperor). He leads the team in search of powerful opponents as well as exploring various mysteries.
Bikou Challenging Tannin.jpg
The descendant of Sun Wukong and the current Monkey King. He left his Youkai village due to growing bored of the peaceful lifestyle there as he sought out powerful opponents to test his power, meeting Vali and joining his team.
Kuroka Arthur Pendragon
High school dxd v11 005c.jpg
A Nekoshou, a rare species of Nekomata and a former SS-Class Stray Devil who was one of the Underworld's most wanted criminals. She is the older sister of Koneko Toujou and one of Issei Hyoudou’s fiancées.
Arthur greeting the ORC.png
A descendant of King Arthur as well as Morgan le Fay. He is the brother of Le Fay Pendragon and wielder of the legendary Holy King SwordCaliburn. Originally one of the two top swordsmen of the Hero Faction along with Siegfried, he later left the Hero Faction to join the Vali Team.
Fenrir Le Fay Pendragon
The God-Devouring Wolf, who is the first son of Loki and Angrboða in Norse mythology, as well the older brother of Midgardsormr and Hel. He was liberated from Loki's control with the power of Excalibur Ruler, becoming a member of the Vali Team.
Le Fay in DxD HERO Episode 4.jpeg
A descendant of Morgan le Fay as well as King Arthur. She is the sister of Arthur Pendragon and a high ranking Magician. Originally member of the Hero Faction alongside her brother, she later left the Hero Faction alongside her brother to join the Vali Team.
Gogmagog in HERO.png
Legendary armored giant of British folklore.

Later Members

Sha Wujing Zhu Bajie
Sha Wujing.jpeg
A Youkai and the descendant of the original Sha Wujing (Golden-bodied Arhat).
A Youkai and the descendant of the original Zhu Bajie (Cleaners of the Altar).


  • Similar to Sirzechs, it appears that Vali recruited his team in order to battle his grandfather, Rizevim Livan Lucifer. As such, he did not recruit Sacred Gear users into his team, as Rizevim's [Sacred Gear Canceler] would have rendered them useless in battle.
  • Their team name for the Azazel Cup is White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star in reference to Vali being their team leader.