That’s fine. I don’t have any interest in living long. Just, I feel regret being born in this age. A world without God. —I wanted to try defeating God.

– Volume 4, Grigori. 1

Vali Lucifer is the remaining descendant of the original Lucifer and the leader of the Vali Team that was previously affiliated with the Khaos Brigade, now a part of Team DxD. He is the wielder of the Longinus; Divine Dividing, being the possessor of the Vanishing Dragon, Albion. As such, he is the direct rival of Issei Hyoudou and Ddraig.


Vali is a handsome young man with light silver hair (dark silver in seasons 2-3) and hazel eyes (light blue in seasons 2-3). He is often seen wearing a dark green V-neck shirt with a high-collared black leather jacket over it. He also wears burgundy jeans with a silver chain drooping down over them and black leather chaps with three bands encircling his right calf, and black shoes with black buckles. As with other Devils, Vali has black bat-like wings on his back. However, unlike other Devils, he possesses a total of eight. Vali also bears a great resemblance to his grandfather, Rizevim Livan Lucifer. Vali's height is 168 cm (5 feet 6 inches) and body weight is [60 kg].


While initially appearing to be a cold, arrogant, overconfident and ruthless person, Vali has a calm, noble, and caring side in him as he cares deeply for his comrades. Vali strongly believes in his own strength. Along with the Longinus "Divine Dividing" and his demonic powers, he refuses to use any other weapon besides the two.

He is known to be a prideful young man like his grandfather and a battle maniac, being obsessed in finding strong opponents, and having said that he would gladly welcome death if there was no one strong enough for him to fight. Additionally, Vali does take some pride in being the descendant of the original Lucifer, but not in the same arrogantly fanatic extent as the other Old Satan descendants. This is most likely due to his childhood where his father, whose fanatical pride as Lucifer's grandson, was one of the two factors that led him to abuse his own son due to having greater potential than himself. Unlike the other Old Satan descendants, Vali has absolutely no interest in supporting the world domination ideals of the Original Satans like Shalba, Creuserey, and Katerea.

Vali shows a proper attitude towards beings that deserve respect.

Vali does possess a more vulnerable side, a side that he almost never shows. This side of him comes from the extreme abuse and persecution that Vali suffered at his father's hand. While Vali never says it, Azazel has noted that Vali actually wanted to be raised in a happy family like Issei's, as well as being a normal person with no special lineage. This was shown in Volume 21 when Aži Dahāka pointed out that Vali's deepest desire is a family.

His painful childhood caused by his father and Rizevim also led him to learn and understand compassion, a trait that other descendants of the original Satans did not have. Vali has repeatedly done selfless acts of kindness such as saving Asia from being disintegrated by exposure to the Dimensional Gap as well as helping Rias to stop Issei's life threatening rampage when he went berserk from activating Juggernaut Drive though he openly demonstrated a neutral demeanor when doing so. The greatest sign of his compassion is that Vali cared immensely for his mother who was the only person in his tragic childhood to have shown him kindness, leading him to withstand his father's horrible abuse for the sake of protecting her. Vali's strong resolve to protect his mother also extends to his younger half-siblings. During his death match with Aži Dahāka, the safety and protection of his mother and half siblings became the driving force and determination that spurred Vali to attain victory against the Evil Dragon.


As a child, Vali was persecuted by his father who was afraid of him and viewed him as a monster due to Vali's ownership of a Longinus in addition to his heritage as Lucifer's descendant. This was later revealed to be a suggestion by his grandfather, Rizevim, who told his son to "bully" Vali if he was scared of him. Vali eventually ran away from his parents and was found by Azazel, who took and raised him in Grigori where he trained himself with the intention of killing both his father and grandfather to avenge himself for their responsibility in the painful childhood he endured. When Vali was 13 years old, he began living with members of the Slash/Dog Team, including Tobio Ikuse and Lavinia Reni, who he viewed as older siblings. At some point, the previous "Ouryuu" had been causing trouble for him and Tobio. Vali eventually meet Bikou, the current Monkey King and Kuroka, a Nekomata SS-class Stray Devil, who became part of his team, which he formed to defeat Rizevim and challenge strong foes.

Powers & Abilities

Vali Lucifer’s Magic Circle

Immense Demonic Power: Befitting the great-grandson of the original Satan, Lucifer, he has inherited immense demonic power, which combined with Divine Dividing, Azazel states he can become one of the strongest beings there is, in addition to the Strongest Hakuryuukou of the past, present, and future. His demonic power also helps him to control Juggernaut Drive using it as an alternate source before gaining Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive. In fact, he could survive getting hit by Samael's curse, albeit with both Sun Wukong and Bikou extracting it from him later on. In Diabolos Dragon Lucifer, his demonic power is augmented to where he could erase a 5,000 meter-tall mountain using merely one blast and fight against Aži Dahaka, one of the Three Strongest Evil Dragons, who achieved Heavenly Dragon-Class powers. He later fought against Hades; who is one of Olympus' Three Pillar Gods and one of the Top 10 Strongest Beings in the World. Vali has become a candidate for becoming a new Super Devil and became officially acknowledged as one in the aftermath of the Hell Disaster.

Immense Durability: Vali has an extreme tolerance to pain. This is seen where he has no problem enduring vicious wounds during his fights with Fenrir in Volume 7 and also to Cao Cao in Volume 11. Even after being viciously bitten by Aži Dahaka in a heavily exhausted state, he can still muster enough strength to use the Satan Lucifer Smasher. In Volume 24, Vali was durable enough to take punches from a Vasco Strada in his physical prime. In the same fight, he was also able to endure vicious attacks from Crom Cruach. In True Volume 4, during the Rating Game match against Team Journey to the West, Vali was shown to be able to endure Nezha's Godly Armaments while during the Hell Disaster, Vali was shown to be able to withstand Hades' godly aura blasts, being able to continue fighting despite being injured.

Vali overwhelms Kokabiel with his speed

Immense Speed: Vali is noted to be extremely fast. He was able to rip off Kokabiel's wings before Kokabiel could even react. During his fight with Kokabiel, Yuuto commented that Vali could move at the speed of light while using his Scale Mail. While fighting against Loki, Vali was able to fly in a acrobatic-style, dodging Loki's attacks with ease with Loki himself acknowledging Vali's speed. During his fight against Prime Vasco Strada, Vali in his Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive was able to circle around him with nearly god-like speed to the point where his figure vanished from sight and while fighting against Crom Cruach, he was able to dodge Crom's attacks with relative ease. In his Diabolos Dragon Lucifer armor, he is able to move at godspeed that was beyond perception. Crom Cruach wasn't able to catch up with him or even perceive him, only managing to hit Vali due to his vast combat experience and battle intuition.  

Immense Stamina: Vali possesses a great amount of stamina, being capable of maintaining his Scale Mail for at least one month. In Volume 24, he was able to keep fighting even after being injured by Vasco, and then against Crom Cruach, the strongest Evil Dragon. Vali's stamina is great enough for him to compete in an intense Rating Game match against Nezha, fight against Hades during the Hell Disaster, and escort a defeated Hades and Angra Mainyu while fighting against Gvardora without rest before ultimately succumbing to his fatigue.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Trained by Azazel, Vali is a extremely proficient combatant, he is able to easily defeat Kokabiel, a Fallen Angel Cadre without using his full strength. In Volume 4, he easily overwhelmed Issei in his incomplete Scale Mail Armor even with the latter using Ascalon. After training with Sun Wukong, Vali further improves his combat skills, being able to beat Aži Dahāka on his own, an enemy Vali previously fought against with his entire team and failed to defeat. When combined with his Diabolos Dragon Lucifer armor, Vali's skills allow him to fight on par with Crom Cruach.

Vali repelling Issei with magic

Magic Talent: Vali has also shown to be extremely talented in using magic, capable of learning Norse Magic in a very short period of time and was able to immediately use it during his fight with Loki. In Volume 20, he was able to produce a sword made from magic in order to slice off Rizevim's arm without using his Divine Dividing.

Vali using defensive magic to shield himself against Nilrem Magicians attacks

  • Defensive Magic: Vali is capable of using defensive magic to protect himself and others from powerful attacks. He used it to repel Issei Hyoudou during their fight and to defend against Shalba Beelzebub's attacks, despite being weakened by Samael's poison. 
  • Vali teleporting the members of his team

    Teleportation Magic: Vali is capable of using teleportation magic, as he is capable of teleporting to various locations and even being capable of sneaking into the Underworld without the permission of the Devil government. 

Flight: Being a half-Devil, Vali can fly using his 8 wings.


Vali flying with Divine Dividing

Divine Dividing (白龍皇の光翼ディバイン・ディバイディング, Dibain Dibaidingu): Vali's Sacred Gear and main and only weapon. The Divine Dividing is one of the 13 original Longinus which holds the spirit of the Vanishing Dragon, the White Dragon Emperor; Albion, who is one of the Heavenly Dragons. Divine Dividing takes the form of a pair of wings on the users back that enables flight that can reach up to light-speed. These wings works in the opposite way of Issei's Boosted Gear, in which it has the ability to Divide (ディバイド, Dibaido) the opponent's power in half after coming into physical contact with them every 10 seconds, the opponent's drained power is then added to himself and when he reaches his maximum limit, the excess power is then released through his wings. Later on, Vali gains the ability to Reflect (リフレクト, Rifurekuto), allowing him to redirect incoming attacks.

Divine Dividing: Scale Mail

  • Divine Dividing: Scale Mail (白龍皇の鎧ディバイン・ディバイディング・スケイルメイル, Dibain Dibaidingu: Sukeiru Meiru): Divine Dividing's Balance Breaker that creates a White Dragon Armor similar to Boosted Gear Scale Mail. In this form Vali is able to use Divide (ディバイド, Dibaido) without the 10 second limit. The Divine Dividing also has the ability to halve the size of objects and living beings through the use of it's Half Dimension (ハーフ ディメンション, Hāfu Dimenshon), the user does not need to make any contact with the target to use this ability.

    Vali in his Juggernaut Drive

  • Juggernaut Drive (覇龍ジャガーノート・ドライヴ, Jagānōto Doraivu): A form unique to the Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing. The Juggernaut Drive temporarily removes the seal placed on the Heavenly Dragons granting the user immense power. The Juggernaut Drive, however, causes the user to lose sanity while having their lives devoured by the power. However, Vali is able to avoid this using his large amount of demonic powers as an alternative source of power instead of his lifespan; however, if used for extended periods of time, it will eventually cause him to go berserk. Even after deactivation, Vali suffered from immense exhaustion.
  • Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive (白銀の極覇龍エンピレオ・ジャガーノート・オーバードライブ, Enpireo Jagānōto Ōbādoraibu): A new enhanced form that surpasses Juggernaut Drive. Vali obtained it after he successfully sealed all of the past possessors' consciousness. In this form, the color of his armor changes to silver. Like Issei's Cardinal Crimson Promotion, it does not consume his lifespan. When first introduced, Vali can only sustain this form for a short period of time before he must deactivate. By Volume 24, however, he is able to maintain this form for a much longer time.
    • Compression Divider (コンプレッション ディバイダー, Konpuresshon Dibaidā): In this state, Vali can use an enhanced version of Half Dimension, which halves a specific target constantly until they vanish from existence. This ability is very powerful as it killed Pluto in just a second and was able to compress Aži Dahāka's forbidden magic.

Diabolos Dragon Lucifer

  • Diabolos Dragon Lucifer (魔王化-『D×D』・L-ディアボロス・ドラゴン・ルシファー, Diaborosu Doragon Rushifā): Vali's DxD form. This form is the combination of the White Dragon Emperor's power and the Lucifer power that Vali synced through Ophis' blessing. Similarly to the Diabolos Dragon God Issei possesses, the armor is a mix of silvery-white and jet-black, and also possesses the same organic characteristic. Vali gains twelve wings of Lucifer in this form, which can be ejected and turned into wyverns, similarly to the Dividing Wyvern Faeries that Issei is able to create. The power that Diabolos Dragon Lucifer possesses is enough to completely destroy a 5,000 meter-tall mountain in one attack and fight on par with Crom Cruach, the strongest Evil Dragon. Vali can only sustain this form for a short time.
    • Satan Compression Divider(サタン・コンプレッション・ディバイダー, Satan Konpuresshon Dibaidā): Vali builds up his power and releases an ultimate blast of silvery-white and black demonic radiance that halves anything within its range until it vanishes from existence. Azi Dahaka notes that this is not an ability or a technique, but a simple release of light.
    • Satan Lucifer Smasher (サタン・ルシファー・スマッシャー, Satan Rushifā Sumasshā): Vali's own enhanced version of Longinus Smasher. Similarly to the Longinus Smasher, a cannon muzzle appears from the chest cavity which then fires a bombardment of silvery-white and black aura.
    • Dividing Wyvern Fairy (白龍皇の妖精達ディバイディング・ワイバーン・フェアリー, Dibaidingu Waibān Fearī): In this form, Vali can detach his wings which then form into small white Wyverns that can also use Divide and Reflect, as well as using Half Dimension. The Wyverns are able to change into cannons that fires out a powerful shot of Lucifer’s aura. The Wyverns are also able to use Albion's hidden technique Reduce (減少, Genshō), an ability that releases a deadly venom which could kill anyone as it cuts down not only their bodies but also their souls, however, this is ineffective towards Ophis, Great Red and Ddraig.
    • White Dragon Emperor Albion Manifestation (白龍皇アルビオン顕現, Hakuryūkou Arubion Kengen): Vali gained the ability to summon Albion into battle by performing a chant.

Crimson Gourd (紅葫蘆べにひさご, Kōkoro): One of the Five Treasured Tools of Taishang Laojun (The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord). It has the ability to suck in and imprisoned those who responds when they have their name called out. Vali borrowed it from the Golden Horned King and the Silver Horned King, so he can use it as a punishment for Bikou and Kuroka where they can reflect on their mistakes.


  • "I just want to fight eternally." (Volume 4, Life 5)
  • "I’m a descendant of the previous generation’s Maou Lucifer who died. However, I’m a child of mixed blood born from a father who was the old Maou’s grandson and a human mother. —I obtained the [Vanishing Dragon]’s Sacred Gear because I’m half-human. It was just by chance. However, I, who is a true blood relative of Lucifer and is also the [Vanishing Dragon], was born. If there really is such a thing as fate and miracles, I may be that. —Just joking." (Volume 4, Life 5)
  • "Like I thought, you are truly amusing. –Get stronger, Hyoudou Issei." (Volume 6, Life 5)
  • (To Cao Cao) "So that holy-spear chose Hyoudou Issei and not Cao Cao. That's why I told you remember? That you should take down me and Hyoudou Issei before we become out of control. And this is the result. An end which just seems dull. Like I thought, the person who has the right to defeat the Sekiryuutei who turned into a crimson color is me." (Volume 12, Life 1)
  • You’re wrong, Azazel. This guy — he was just defeated by a very ordinary human family. …The thing that I don’t possess, Hyoudou Issei does. …For this guy, that is where how he lost above.” (Volume 20, Last Life)


  • Vali's birthday is on June 6.[1]
  • Vali means "governor" and is related to him being the leader of his own team, the meaning of governor is the British meaning which is "the person in authority".
    • As Lucifer means "light-bringer" and "morning star", Vali's full name means "governor light-bringer or morning star".
    • Interestingly, this meaning relates to Azazel who was the former Governor General of the Fallen Angels, as Vali was his surrogate son and they both share the word governor albeit having different meanings related to themselves.
  • Váli is the name of two characters in Norse mythology: the better known is a son of Odin, and the less known is a son of Loki.
    • Vali is also the name of a son of Indra. According to some sources, he had obtained a boon from the gods that would cause any opponent he met in single combat to lose half of their strength to him, mirroring Divine Dividing's ability.
  • Vali reveals that he has a slight fetish for women's butts (contrasting with Issei's everlasting fetish for women's breasts, although it's more downplayed and he would still prefer fighting), resulting in Odin calling him (and in turn, Albion) the Butt Dragon Emperor (ケツ龍皇 Ketsuryūkō).[2]
    • Vali as the Butt Dragon Emperor was later added to the Oppai Dragon TV show.[3]
  • Vali is the first known descendant of the Four Great Satans who's not a pure-blooded Devil, the second being Ingvild Leviathan.
    • Vali is also one of the two last survivors among the descendants of the Four Great Satans along with Ingvild.
  • The meaning of "empireo" is "heavenly and celestial".
  • Vali along with Issei have made another meaning for the title of the series that refers to themselves: "Diabolos (Devil) Dragon".
  • It would seem his prideful nature is hereditary, as his father, grandfather and even great-grandfather all had prideful personalities too.
  • Vali's favorite food appears to be different types of noodles, as he would eat instant noodles when Le Fay is not around. His obsession with noodles may stem from his childhood, when his mother cooked pasta to comfort him from the abusive life with his father.
  • Vali has a notebook filled with chuunibyou content that he wrote when he was younger, being preparation for meeting his rival according to Lavinia.[4]
    • Four of the phrases he said to Issei in their first fight came from it.
  • It is stated that Vali has gained the support of both the Old Satan Lucifer faction due to his heritage as the descendant of the original Lucifer.[5]
  • After the defeat of the Alliance of Hell, Vali is considered as a potential candidate for the new Satans, under the title of Lucifer due to his nature as a descendant of the True Lucifer's lineage.[6]
  • On a color illustration in light novel Volume 4 and the cover of Volume 21, Vali has hazel colored eyes. Though in Volume 4 and Volume 11 of the light novels, Vali is stated to have blue eyes.
  • Vali's name is written as "Vary" in the English translation of the manga.


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