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How do you do, everyone. My name is Valerie Tepes. Ah, umm, it’s been decided that I would be the current Head of the House of Tepes as well as the Queen. Pleased to make your acquaintance from now on.

–Valerie to the Occult Research Club, Volume 16, Life.1 Occult Research Club, to Romania!

Valerie Tepes is a Dhampir, former Head of the Tepes Royal Family, and the former queen of the Tepes Faction, a Male-dominated Vampire faction. She is the only daughter and child of the 4th King of Tepes and his human lover and the younger half-sister of the eldest son as well as Marius Tepes. She is Gasper Vladi's childhood friend and possessor of the Longinus; Sephiroth Graal.


She is described as a young woman with short blonde hair and red eyes. Issei states she is three or four years older than him and carries the beauty of both vampires and humans.


Due to her overusing her Longinus, Valerie is shown to be broken in both heart and soul. In spite of this, she can still show some emotions like happiness. After she received a piece of the original Holy Grail, Valerie has begun to recover from the side effects. This is evident in how she shows more energy in interacting with others.


Valerie is the childhood friend of Gasper Vladi and the two grew up together while she was locked inside the castle of the House of Tepes. She later assisted Gasper during his attempt to escape from the Vampire world, awakening her Longinus shortly after Gasper managed to escape. Her powers also indirectly led to her clan achieving greater power. She was appointed as leader of the Tepes Faction after a coup d'état created by Marius.

Power and Abilities

Dhampir Physiology: Being a half Vampire, Valerie has normal Vampire abilities but is also immune to any of their weaknesses.

  • Daywalker: Valerie is a Daywalker thus enabling her to survive contact with sunlight.
  • Blood Consumption: Valerie can absorb other people's powers by drinking their blood.


Sephiroth Graal (幽世の聖杯(セフィロト・グラール), Sefiroto Gurāru): Valerie's Longinus. The Sephiroth Graal has the ability to make contact with the principle of life, where Valerie has been forcefully told about how the life and soul is made. Due to the nature of the Sephiroth Graal, Valerie also takes in the mind and the concept of the dead, the living, and various other things as she uses the Holy Grail which resulted in her current broken state by the abundance of thoughts that enters her heart and soul due to overusing the Sephiroth Graal. A side effect of the corrosion on Valerie caused by overusing the Sephiroth Graal is she can talk with the dead from the other world. Valerie's Longinus is a sub-species where she has a total of 3 Holy Grails instead of just one. As of Volume 22, her Sacred Gear is once again in its complete state and Valerie no longer suffers its side effects as long as she doesn't overuse her Sacred Gear.

  • Healing: By using the cup, Valerie can generate a sparkling white liquid which can be used to heal. However, her rate of recovery is inferior to Asia's Twilight Healing in terms of speed.
  • Animancy: Through the Sephiroth Graal, Valerie can control the principle of life, granting her abilities such as resurrection, regeneration bestowal, and life renewal.
  • Soul Manipulation: Valerie can use the Sephiroth Graal to summon and control souls, as was shown when she could summon the souls of the long dead Evil Dragons and subsequently revive them.
  • Resurrection: As long as the souls are intact, Valerie can bring the dead back to life as was shown when she revived the long dead Evil Dragons.
  • Youth Inducement: Valerie can use the Sephiroth Graal's power over life to restore the youth of living beings as shown when she restored an 87-year old Vasco Strada's aging body back to his physical prime of his fifties.

Holy Grail: At the end of Volume 19, Valerie was given a piece of the original Holy Grail by Vasco Strada, which has allowed her to recover from the side effects of the Sephiroth Graal to a degree.

Incinerate Anthem (Temporarily): Valerie was temporarily given the Holy Cross in Volume 21. Despite being half-vampire, she was not harmed by it because she possessed the Holy Grail. She used it to deactivate the Holy Grail in Qlippoth's possession.


  • Valerie means “to be healthy, to be strong” and Tepes means “hill, top; top of head” in Turkish or just "a hill" in English.
    • Tepes in Olo means "water" and in Swahili the meaning is "braid".
  • Since Valerie comes from Romania, her nationality is Romanian.
  • Valerie is the reason for Gasper's cross-dressing.[1]