Bad News Everyone!

Some of you might not know this yet, but this friday, on May 10 2019, the main source of DxD novel translations for us DxD-fans and novel readers - Baka-Tsuki - suffered a DMCA attack!

By request of it's publisher, Kadokawa, all novel translations for the project were removed from the main page !

As DxD-fan and novel reader myself, I'm VERY OUTRAGED!!!!!

We ALL - DxD-fans - are citizens (some from different countries)! We ALL have RIGHTS! We ALL love High School DxD! We ALL love to read DxD novels! But most importantly, WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW THE STORY IN OUR RESPECTIVE LANGUAGES!!!!! In THIS case - in ENGLISH!!!!

They can't take away the right for us to read the novels JUST LIKE THAT!!!!!

So what can we do? Comply with it? This is VERY unfair!!!!!

But there still is a bright side - the novel translations are still continued by the main translators in charge of the project:

So for now, we ALL should rely on them and their work. For now...

Whats going to happen with future translations? Will they be continued? 

Perhaps, perhaps not. 

But as they say, tomorrow never knows...

(feel free to reply)

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