For those who doesn't know what SlashDog is, it is another novel that Ishibumi is working on. This is the reboot of his other novel which unfortunately didn't pick up in popularity unlike DxD.

So, what he did is he made the setting to be made in the DxD universe so some of the characters from Highschool DxD will also appear here especially on the Grigori side. There are things here that I think wouldn't be explained in the DxD series like "Why does Tobio hate Vali?" and stuff.

I will be updating this blog after a new chapter is released.

Note: I will not be giving a summary or anything like that. I will only give out details. Just ask questions if there's something you're intrigued about and I'll try to answer it.

You can read a complete translation by JeruTz HERE.



  1. 夜陰鈎ナイト・ハーケン
  2. Haken is German for hook / trip up.
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