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    Volume 20 Spoilers

    June 12, 2015 by Jopjopjop
    Summaries for each part of volume 20 can be read here.

    Current facts known:

    1. Rizevim is defeated by Ise and then killed shortly afterwards by fafnir, after having his arm cut off by Vali.(Damn)
    2. With Rizevim's death the evil dragon's took over Rizevim's plan and have control of Trihexa, and they still do want to go to the other world in order to fight the unknown.
    3. There are hundreds of artificial balance breaker Boosted Gears, that were produced near Trihexa, and were released by the Evil Dragons.
    4. Issei's parents know about Issei's secret life, do to Rizevim forcing him to drink dragon's blood in front of them, causing his appearance to change.
    5. 666 Awakens.
    6. Ise gains a new power it's called =
    7. Rias gets the SM armor =
    8. Ravel and Riser are okay.
    9. The Ki…

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    Okay. Let's do this. True to Episode 3's title Cat and Dragon, the episode is mostly comprised of the events in Volume 5's chapter of the same title.

    Since there's two events that happened simultaneously, the "Nekomata siblings" and the "Gate crasher Loki", let's talk about the big one first.

    • Nekomata siblings
    For the most part, the animation crew was faithful in the novels when doing the sequence of events here. So, I don't think there is much complaints about this one. I particularly liked how they represented Senjutsu and Youjutsu. To me, that's the highlight of the story. In episode 2 I wasn't particularly impressed on Rias' dress and was kinda irked on how it was easy to pull out her breast but after having a look on the novel illustratio…
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    Test Blog

    March 31, 2015 by Jopjopjop

    Nothing to do or look at here. Just doing some testing.


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    Since I don't think there has been a formal discussion on the DxD timeline. Why don't we start now?

    Here are the definite dates mentioned that's on the top of my head.

    • Asia and Issei met late April
    • The events in Volume 18 happened right around Christmas.

    Start from there and create conjectures that will be agreed upon by the whole community.


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    Volume 19 Spoilers

    November 2, 2014 by Jopjopjop

    Volume 19 spoilers:

    • Tiamat will appear
    • Azazel meets Shiva. Shiva has a form of a child. And it seems like he's much stonger than the other top-10 strongest since he's probably the only one who can stop 666. Hence the reason Azazel meets him.
    • Kiryuu knows about Devils since she summoned Xenovia
    • Kiba gets a girlfriend
    • During the RG between Raiser and emperor, the emperor uses a immoratlity-cancel power thing
    • Ravel joins the RG as Raiser's servant. It appears she gets "killed".
    • Raiser snaps, but both the status of Ravel and Raiser isnt known.
      • That scene was the last chapter and ended in a cliffhanger. Just like volume 11.

    A bit more info:

    • Kiba was called "Izaiya" before he met Rias. A girl called "Tosuka" was in the same institute as him and survived be…

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