Title: Superhero Trial

Release Date: March 20, 2019


  • Another chapter is the Superhero Trial. This focused on the members of the Hero Faction and the first introduction of the descendant of Zhuge Liang.


Unknown Dictator

Unknown Dictator name is Magnus Ross (マグナス·ローズ ) He's a White Male CIA agent.


In UK, Arthur meets with the Current Head of the Pendragon Family and Elaine is at the sidelines. Alphecca Tyrant is related to the British Royal family. The British Royal Family have hid its info so Heaven and Grigori are having difficulties finding it. The Head told Arthur if he can handle Alphecca Tyrant, he'll recognize their relationship, which causes both Arthur and Elaine to blush. The Head asked Le Fay if she's in love with Issei. Arthur thinks about the Welsh Dragon origin in myth and their connection with their family. Arthur then wonders if Le Fay will become a Devil, while their parents are still human, and because of their values are different than their father. Arthur wonders how will the future will develop.

Salamander Tomita

At the end of the Preliminaries, Vali has recruited Salamander Tomita and the Ninja Master from DX.2 to his team.

Kimono Girl

Everyone is looking at pictures of Rias' bridal training during Flower Arrangement and sees Yumi in those pictures. The girls believe Yumi in a kimono is a strong enemy.

Dark History of the Hakuryuukou

After Vali learned that Lavina has his old books, he constantly sent assassins to attack her. It ended when Lavina froze Vali.


Issei and Rias have been eating at several restaurants. They arrive at another restaurant where they see Cao Cao, Vali, and 16-17 year old Genbu. There's a subtle atmosphere between Vali and Genbu. Benbu's blushing while Vali said it was just a chanced encounter.

Infinity Underwear 1

Issei on the roof drinking cola and thinking about the Longinus. His mom and the Loli 3 came to the roof to dry the washed clothes. Issei saw a pair of black panties and thought of the First Errand SS.

Infinity Underwear 2

Issei got Ophis' clothes back from drying and sees the 3 Lolis (Ophis, Lilith, Kunou). And feels at peace looking at them. His mom says to get his clothes too and she'll help. Issei is happy with this daily peaceful life.


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