Countdown to Volume 23

Summaries & spoilers

Link to the translated quotes: (Credits goes to n0m@n)


Issei vs Dulio

  • Issei proposes to Asia after the game.
  • Irina and Xenovia propose to issei afterwards bursting through the door
  • Team Dulio beats Team Ise. (Awesome I was hoping for this result)
  • Issei lost by a very small margin. And its not Ise lost against Dulio on a 1-on-1 fight. Ise's team lost as whole group due to lack of point. 144-146. The match ended after the timeup. So Ise and Dulio didn't finish off their fight during the match (since they were fighting each other till the time run out).
  • Ishibumi said he was planning to have a match where Ise-team suffers defeat and this was it.


  • Roygun decides to join Issei's team
  • She was stripped of her title and her rank as an ultimate class devil (is now a high class devil) and is no longer allowed to participate as a king in a rating game for a while.
  • She was also shunned from her household (although it doesn't seem to bother her because she's just bored now).
  • She also gave info on Rudiger (the coach for Dulio's team) who is feared by even Diehauser for his tactics.


  • Miraka is a pure blooded vampire who is also a noble from the camilla faction.
  • She is a part of the student council
  • She is apparently Nakiri Ouryuu "Heroine".
  • She has long silver hair and red eyes


  • About Mirana. She has ash-blue eyes and ash-blonde hair. Very busty underneath. Also you would assume she was a former nun due to her being revealed as a Sister in the spoiler and her sister clothing.


  • Doesn't plan on doing anything and just wants a fun tournament.
  • Will use the wish, if he wins, to start a war with shiva


  • Ise's next opponent is Team God alliance (Vidar and Appollon are in it. Typhon is the King).
  • Rias team vs Vali team for v24 (Hype)
  • That angel in illustration isn't Mirana but Gabriel (Disappointing)
  • Tiamat is mad at Ddriag for some treasure apparently that makes the dragon stronger.
  • Crom has surpassed Ddriag and Albion (Sooooo.....good luck with beating that)
  • Rias Gremory's new rook is Vasco Strada
  • Rias, Vali, and Dulio have all won all of their matches so far
  • The Akeno washing scene was interrupted by Ophis, lillith and Kunou. (So no sex for Issei)

Volume 23.5

  • The next volume will be Dx4
  • It will showcase Team issei vs team sona and Team cao cao vs Sairaorg

Possible Spoilers (From Gary)


  • Hades has Rizevim's mother's body and it appears that she is alive..

“That’s right. It’s a basic training method. That’s just fine for you. You’ve already collected everything. That’s why your power can only be raised by basic practice. The problem is the quality of the [King]. Over time, the [King] seeks brains more than strength. You know that even if they’re not good at magic, devils can climb to the top with a good head and cleverness, right? Learn all you can about the Rating Games until the deadline. Drive everything, from game documented images to documented data, into your head. What a [King] needs are the thought, quick-wittiness and judgment to defeat any kind of situation. It’s your job to make sure that your group’s servant devils can display their power to the fullest. However, also remember that, until the actual game, you won’t be able to know what will happen. It’s the same as a battlefield.”

–Volume 5, Azazel to Rias

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