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(In a studio in the underworld)

  • Crimson: Hey Ise-Kun thanks for agreeing to help us today.
  • Ise: Sure no problem
  • Crimson: Here's today interview question, please don't open till the interviewees arrive, boss request.
  • Ise: Sure.
  • Crimson: Good luck.
  • Ise: Okay (Confuse)

Interviewee 1 - Zeoticus Gremory

  • Zeoticus Gremory: Good morning i'm here for the interview.
  • Ise: Good morning
  • Zeoticus: Ise-kun, you're the interviewer
  • Ise: Yes Lord Gremory, i'm helping out today.
  • Zeoticus: I see it's good to be helpful.
  • Ise: Indeed, anyway i'm going to start now.
  • Zeoticus: Please proceed.
Question 1 - Do you enjoy your work?
  • Zeoticus: Sure i do just looking forward to my retirement more. Haha
Question 2 - Do you love your family?
  • Zeoticus: Of course, we Gremory are Devils of love and affection.
  • Ise: Well there are list of challenges to test it in this box for the yes so i'll have to pull the cards out
Challenge 1 - Kiss me now
  • Zeoticus: ............
  • Ise: ..........
  • Zeoticus: Do i have too..........
  • Ise: Please ignore this.
Challenge 2 - Pose nude now
  • Ise: What is this!!
  • Zeoticus: I can do it if you want
  • Ise: No please don't
Challenge 3 - Sleep with me tonight
  • Zeoticus: *Runs away*
  • Ise: Please kill me

Interviewee 2 - Grayfia Lucifuge

Ise wants to seek out Crimson but the next interviewee Grayfia walks in after Zeoticus runs out
  • Grayfia: Ise-Sama, so you're the one interviewing me today
  • Ise: *Sweats Profusely* No i'm sure the interview isn't today. Anyway lets just leave shall we.
  • Grayfia: It's not nice to slack on work, you should do your job till the end. I've been told you have 3 more interviewees after me.
  • Ise: Yes (I'm dead)
Question 1 - Do you enjoy your work?
  • Grayfia: Of course, i enjoy helping out in the household.
Question 2 - Do you love your family?
  • Grayfia: I do undoubtedly, even though he's not by my side
  • Ise: Well there are list of challenges to test it in this box for the yes so i'll have to pull the cards out (Ise fearing what card he'll pull out)
Challenge 1 - Your happiest moment with your family
  • Grayfia: I suppose it's when Millicas was born, we waited for hundreds of years for that child.
  • Ise: (In relieve) I see, it's a blessing to the Gremory too, Millicas being born.
  • Grayfia: Indeed, Sirzechs was especially pleased that he threw him up near the ceiling, of course i slapped him after that.
  • Ise: I see.....
Challenge 2 - Pose nude now
  • Grayfia: (Stunned)
  • Ise: (Out of fear) Please disregard this challenge (Frantically pulls another one)
Challenge 2 - Shower with me
  • Grayfia: (Flustered) I'm going to leave now.
  • Ise: Grayfia-san i wasn't the one who set this up, it's real.
  • Ise: I'm going to die.

Interviewee 3 & 4 - Rias Gremory & Akeno Himejima

Rias and Akeno comes in after Grayfia walks away
  • Rias: Ise, what happened just now, onee-sama seemed flustered.
  • Akeno: Indeed, it's rare for Grayfia-sama
  • Ise: A lot happened, by the way what are you two doing here.
  • Rias: We're here for the interview, the company request for both of us to be interviewed at the same time.
  • Ise: (They're trying to kill me.)
  • Akeno: Lets start the interview, the faster it ends the faster we can go dating.
  • Rias: Akeno~~
Question 1 - Do you enjoy your work?
  • Rias: Well if it's just about the Devil's work it's fulfilling i suppose, our clients are mostly easy to deal with after all
  • Akeno: Indeed, some of them even provide us with extra tips for easy jobs.
Question 2 - Do you love your family?
  • Rias: Of course, my family is everything to me, and soon you'll be a part of it.
  • Ise: (Horrified internally)
  • Akeno: My father and mother do love me and i love them back, i hope to love my child like my mother.
  • Ise: (Let this torture end)
  • Rias: (Sees the box) What is this?
  • Akeno: Challenge card box for Question 2 if yes.
  • Ise: NOOOO!!
Challenge 1 - Sleep with me tonight
  • Rias: We do this like every night
  • Akeno: True, it's simple...
  • Rias: Did you ask this to onee-sama just now...
  • Ise: No of course not (It was your father)

(Rias and Akeno takes the box and pulls out all the cards to check)

Challenge 2 - Kiss me now
Challenge 3 - Pose nude now
Challenge 4 - Run around the city naked screaming Oppai
Challenge 5 - No bra and panties for 1 week.
  • Rias & Akeno: What is this!! Ise, you have a lot of answering to do. (Drags Ise out)

(Behind the scenes)

  • Crimson: I guess it didn't work well this time.
  • B214: Indeed, well no matter we'll try to get Vali to do it next time.
  • Crimson: Any candidate for him?
  • B214: Lavinia, Bikou, Tobio and Genbu i suppose.
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