Apocalypse AnswerArms

Apocalypse AnswerArms is the third upgraded form of the Scale Mail after Issei pilots his familiar Ryuuteimaru, who is the manifestation of Great Red’s power.



Revelation Barrier: Creates a stronger barrier around the body and is powerful enough to withstand attacks from gods such as Tartarus.

Revelation Blade: With four arms of his Apocalypse AnswerArms form, each of the arms carries swords known as Apocalypse Ascalons and they can easily cut through anything like Tartarus’s tentacles.

Revelation All-Range Blaster: Similar to Cardinal Crimson Promotion and Diabolos Dragon God, Apocalypse AnswerArms has many cannons to fire powerful blast of auras that can destroy Tartarus’ magic barriers like paper and destroys almost half of his body, even as Issei held back his power.


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