Welcome Mr on looker, welcome to my profile, you have just been divided in half.


Asta (Some people are lazy) The prince of Bael (self proclaimed) Astaroth (couldn't be bothered to put in Fan)


Half and Half Black and White :P




May 4th


Lets leave it at an age where I am finding myself ;P


Six feet, amazing how it is even


Brown, want to change them to red and blue XD Jk


Shiny black (Its a color)


I am Astarothfan, aka the Prince of Bael, I am a highschool student, who is usually doing nothing, except when hanging out with friends, or hanging out with family. If not doing one or the other, I am probably studying for college not sure what though, usually random stuff, I have no direction life :(. My favorite character despite taking on the name Prince of Bael, is actually Ajuka Beelzebub,although Sairaorg Bael is a far second. We share multiple traits with each other and basically he represents me in most ways of any character in the series, besides the whole demon part, always focused on his studies, and having very few people we can actually call friend.


Lets see what do I do around here, well it seems all I do is comment, and put my two sense into some subjects I know about, I don't know everything like this guy or sometimes this dude, but I do understand some subject matter. Any who I also do try and edit when I am needed, like help out the whenever there is a cluster of information that needs to be dealt with, that is more trivial and time consuming to deal with then actually hard to do, and would take a long time for one person to deal with, but my prime directive is images, captioning them, naming them, etc. which is why I joined the Image faction.


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To do listEdit

  • Rating Games
    • Gremory Team vs Sitri Team
    • Gremory Team vs Bael Team
  • All fights
    • Volume 1
    • Volume 2
    • Volume 3
    • Volume 4
    • Volume 5
    • Volume 6
    • Volume 7
    • Volume 8
    • Volume 9
    • Volume 10
    • Volume 11
    • Volume 12
    • Volume 13
    • Volume 14
    • Volume 15
    • Volume 16
    • Volume 17
    • Volume 18
    • Volume 19
  • suggest manga chapters idea
  • Rename all pictures
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