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It won’t be allowed for I, Uriel, the “Flame of God” to lose against a Maou!

–Uriel, while competing at the Sports Festival, Volume 13, Life.5 Armageddon at Sports Day!


Uriel is one of the Four Great Seraphs in the Sixth Heaven.



Uriel is shown to be competitive as he didn't want to lose to the Devils and Fallen Angels during their baton race.


Uriel served as one of the highest ranked Angels and assisted the Biblical God in the Great War against the Devils and Fallen Angels. After God died in the Great War, the Angels were forced to retreat as Uriel and the other Seraphs try to activate the Heavens' system and were successful in activating it.


The Heroic Oppai Dragon

He made his first appearance in Volume 13 short story "Armageddon at Sports Day!". During the game of baton, he fought against Sirzechs and Baraqiel while being covered by his holy flames.

The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively Companions

He reappeared in Volume 21, during the Evil Dragon War, where he lost an eye and an arm during his fight with the 666. He, along with Michael and Raphael, and their Brave Saints sealed themselves to fight Trihexa, leaving his own "Ace" Nero Raimondi behind.

Powers & Abilities

Immense Light Power: As a Angel, Uriel has the ability to use light light to create various effects, as one of the Four Great Seraph, his light powers are superior to that of others.

  • Holy Fire: Uriel's signature move, one that combines light and fire together. Uriel's Holy Fire is reputed to be number one amongst Angels in terms of damage output from a single strike. His Holy Fire is powerful enough to kill High-Class Devils or injure Ultimate-Class ones in one strike.
  • Light-Based Weapons: Being an Angel, Uriel is able to form multiple weapons from light with ease.

Immense Strength: As an Angel of the highest order and one of the Four Great Seraphs, Uriel is one of the strongest Angels in Heaven, and most likely wields power equivalent to a Satan-Class Devil.

Flight: Being an Angel, Uriel is able to fly using his wings.



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