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Kuhahahahahahahahahaha! That’s the best! Who would’ve known that in this era and in this moment, I would be able to fight against the [Red Dragon Emperor Y Ddraig Goch]!?

–Typhon to Ddraig, Volume 25, Life.DxD vs Life.GOD —Red Dragon—


Typhon is the King of the Monsters of Greek mythology. He is serving as King for Team God Alliance in the Azazel Cup.


Typhon is described as a thirty-meters-tall blue-skinned giant with wings on his back, the upper body of a human and the lower body of a snake.


According to Vidar, Typhon has a selfish personality as he wanted to become the leader of his team to which Vidar and Apollon accepted. He is interested on fighting powerful opponents such as Issei Hyoudou who is a possessor of one of the Two Heavenly Dragons. Typhon is a battle maniac as he wanted to fight Issei even though it was Vidar's fight as well as his desire to fight one on one against Ddraig despite being outmatched and him retiring would cause Team Leisure of Kings to lose.


In the past, Typhon was an enemy of the Greek Gods, who waged war on them and Olympus.

Powers & Abilities

Weather Manipulation: Typhon has almost absolute control over the weather, according to Issei, it surpasses Dulio despite him wielding the second strongest Longinus, Zenith Tempest, which has the potential to destroy the world. He could use an extreme downpour of rain and wind to slow down Bova, unleashing strong wind, lightning, and similar phenomena; against Ddraig, which Issei described his lightning as being on a mythological level.

Immense Strength: As one of the Top Strongest Beings, Typhon is a monster superior to the other Greek Gods, with the exception of Hades. His strength is such that unskilled Gods wouldn't dare cross him, being either as strong or equal to Fenir (with his original power).[1] A direct hit from him would retire Bova, Elmenhilde, and Roygun. A testament to his immense strength was when he held his own against Ddraig, one of the Heavenly Dragons.

Immense Durability: Typhon possesses immense durability and endurance as he was able to withstand Bova, Elmenhilde who increased her power by drinking Issei's and Ravel's blood as well as Roygun's combined assault. He was able to endure Ddraig's dragon flame breath which was enhanced by Boost and Penetrate.

Fire Breath: Typhon demonstrated the ability to breath fire from his mouth.

Master Tactician: Typhon has been shown to be a capable leader, due to having managed to lead his team to victory in the national rating game. His leadership has also earned the attention of Indra, a God with ultimate-class power.

Flight: During the events of Volume 25, Typhon has demonstrated the ability to stay afloat in mid-air.


  • In Greek mythology, Typhon, together with his mate Echidna, raised many well-known monsters including Orthrus, Sphinx, Regulus, Cerberus, Ladon, Hydra, Eagle, and Chimera.
  • Typhon is among the Top 10 "Strongest Beings in the World".
  • Typhon’s name became the origin of the word typhoon.