Twilight Healing, also known as the Smile of the Holy Mother, is a Sacred Gear wielded by Asia Argento.


Twilight Healing was first introduced in Volume 1, when she used it to heal a little boys injury. Later the Sacred Gear was stolen by Raynare which resulted in Asia's death, but was later returned to her after being reincarnated as a Devil and Raynare's death.

In Volume 9, Azazel stated that Twilight Healing is a rare, but not unique, Sacred Gear, and that there were several other wielders.

In Volume 20, Asia was able to achieve her subspecies Balance Breaker through her strong desire to save Issei's parents from Rizevim's attacks.


Twilight Healing takes the appearance of two silver rings with a blue-green gem on each ring. When not in use, it disappears from sight.



Asia using Twilight Healing to heal an injured Issei.

Twilight Healing has the ability to heal humans, Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels alike. The Twilight Healing, however, can only heal injuries and is incapable of regenerating amputated limbs, reducing exhaustion, or curing sicknesses. Its healing powers can also be sent as a projectile, but it is less effective than the direct touch. Azazel has stated that, with enough work, it could also send out its healing power throughout an area, and even selectively heal only the allies there without healing enemies.

Because of Asia's personality where she cannot selectively heal; healing both allies and enemies, Asia created a technique where she forms a bow with her aura that can shoot healing arrows that automatically dissipates when it will hit an enemy.


Twilight Saint AffectionEdit

Twilight Saint Affection (聖龍姫が抱く慈愛の園トワイライト・セイント・アフェクション, Towairaito Seinto Afekushon lit. "The Garden Of Charity Held by Holy Dragon Princess") is Asia's subspecies Balance Breaker of Twilight Healing that forms a Golden Dragon Armor with red jewels that covers her body, for a limited time and certain areas, covers Asia and anyone near her in a field of enhanced healing energy. The Twilight Saint Affection does not negate attacks, but rather it negates the damage inflicted by attacks.

In addition, Fafnir’s dragon aura was also added to it, hence the Twilight Saint Affection has high defensive strength and added with the healing field, creates a near impenetrable shield for Asia.


  • Azazel has stated that Asia has mastered her Sacred Gear to the highest level to a point that even if she achieved Balance Breaker, it will merely scale up her mastered skills.
  • Azazel has stated that there are seven wielders of Twilight Healing other than Asia.