Twice Critical, also known as the Hand of the Dragon, is a commonly occurring Sacred Gear.


A common, recurring Dragon-type Sacred Gear. It is unknown if the Twice Critical has a Dragon sealed in it like the Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing.

In Volume 1, Raynare mistook Issei's Boosted Gear as a Twice Critical.

In Volume 9, Siegfried reveals that he has a Twice Critical which is a subspecies.

As of Volume 12, upon Siegfried's death, his Twice Critical was returned to the Sacred Gear System in Heaven.


Twice Critical looks like a gauntlet that manifests on the user's arm, leaving the wielder's fingers uncovered. The color of the Twice Critical appears to differ between users.

Siegfried's subspecies Twice Critical created a silver Dragon Arm on the back of his body.


Twice Critical is a Sacred Gear that doubles the power of the user for a certain time.

Siegfried's Twice Critical was a subspecies that created a Dragon Arm on his back and doubled his powers at the same time.


Chaos Edge Asura RavageEdit

Chaos Edge Asura Ravage

Twice Critical's Balance Breaker: Chaos Edge Asura Ravage

"Chaos Edge Asura Ravage" (阿修羅と魔龍の宴カオスエッジ・アスラ・レヴィッジ, Kaosu Ejji Asura Revijji), also known as the Feast of Asura and the Demonic Dragon, was the subspecies Balance Breaker of Siegfried's Twice Critical. It allowed Siegfried to created 4 Dragon arms on his back, each doubling his power. The Dragon arms could also regenerate, as shown in Volume 11 where Yuuto Kiba successfully sliced off one of his Dragon arms but grows back to four in the next volume.


  • This Sacred Gear is refereed to as "Double Critical" in the Funimation English dubbed
  • Siegfried's Twice Critical was the only Sacred Gear to have a subspecies in both its standard and Balance Breaker forms.


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