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…! This is outside of our calculations, Sona! Even more than Hyoudou-kun…! Their true ace is…! The servant to pay attention to is…Kiba Yuuto!

–Tsubaki upon being defeated by Yuuto Kiba, Light Novel Volume 5, End Game

Tsubaki Shinra is a first-year college student at Kuoh Academy, the former Vice-President of Kuoh Academy's Student Council, and Sona's Queen. She is the fourth most popular girl in the Academy.


Tsubaki is a young bespectacled woman with long straight black hair that extends all the way down to her knees, with split bangs and heterochromic eyes, with a violet left eye and a light brown right eye (both light brown in the anime).

In addition to wearing the Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform, she also wears blue, semi-rimmed glasses with square lenses.


Like Sona, Tsubaki has a serious personality and is rarely seen smiling. She also cares deeply for her teammates and is very loyal to Sona. However, ever since her fight Yuuto Kiba, she began falling in love with him, which causes her to be very shy and flustered when around him to the point where she loses her usual calm demeanor. She is noted to like younger boys who would make her serious, making Yuuto a match in a sense. She is shown to be quite sensitive with regards to her feelings for Kiba and his friendship with Issei, as seen when she begged Ravel to stop reading out the manga based on Issei and Kiba.


Tsubaki was born in the Shinra Clan which has an ancient and honorable origin that purifies evil spirits, but due to her trait that calls out to abnormal beings through her mirrors, she received a state which was basically isolation from the other members. She eventually overcame that by becoming a Devil under Sona and changed the mirror to her own powers, which became her Sacred Gear; Mirror Alice.[1]

She then enters the Kuoh Academy along with Rias, Akeno, Sona and Kiyome, becoming the Vice Student President in her third and final year.

Powers & Abilities

Demonic Power: Tsubaki has considerable demonic powers as demonstrated during Kokabiel's attack on Kuoh Academy where alongside Sona, a High-Class Devil, Tsubaki could maintain the barrier surrounding Kuoh Academy for an extended period of time, whereas Sona's other servants began to deplete their demonic powers in doing so.

Enhanced Magic Power: Due to the Bishop trait of her Queen Piece, Tsubaki can strengthen her magic and demonic powers.

Enhanced Strength and Defense: From the Rook trait of her Queen Piece, Tsubaki has enhanced strength and defense.

Enhanced Speed: From the Knight trait of her Queen piece, Tsubaki has great speed, she could keep up with Yuuto and Xenovia in terms of speed.

Magic Talent: Tsubaki is shown to be skilled in magic.

  • Defensive Magic: Tsubaki showcased the ability to create shields and barriers to defend herself and others against powerful attacks.
  • Teleportation Magic: Tsubaki demonstrated the ability to teleport herself and others to any location.

Reversal (反転(リバース), Ribāsu): An ability gained from Grigori, which lets her inverse the effects of any powers or items, which she attempted to reverse the properties of the Phoenix Tears against Yuuto, but it was unsuccessful since he washed the tears off him using water before it took effect. However, she and the others stopped using it after the Rating Game against Rias and her peerage.

Naginatajutsu Master: Tsubaki is noted to be adept in wielding her naginata, being capable of matching master swordsmen such as Yuuto, and Xenovia wielding their Holy Demonic Sword and Durandal respectively wielding a normal weapon.

Flight: Being a Devil, Tsubaki can fly using her wings.


Tsubaki Activating her Sacred Gear, Mirror Alice

Mirror Alice (追憶の鏡(ミラー・アリス), Mirā Arisu): Tsubaki's Sacred Gear. It creates a mirror that if destroyed reflects double the damage on the attacker, but cannot be summoned twice in a row without a cool-down period. In Volume 17, it has evolved to the level where multiple of them appears at the same time.

  • Nostalgia Mad Tea Party (望郷の茶会(ノスタルジア・マッド・ティー・パーティー), Nosutarujia Maddo Tī Pātī): Tsubaki's subspecies Balance Breaker that allows her to summon demons that have different abilities from her mirrors. The conditions to activate this Balance Breaker is to use Mirror Alice to perform a certain number of counterattacks.
    • Dormouse (冬眠鼠(ドーマウス), Dōmausu): A demon that has the form of a large rat that expels sleeping gas from its mouth.
    • March Rabbit (三月兎(マーチ・ラビット), Māchi Rabitto): A demon that has the form of a rabbit in a suit that forces enemies that were affected by the ripples made by the rabbit bouncing to enter a frenzied state.
    • Mad Hatter (帽子屋(マッド・ハッター), Maddo Hattā): A slender demon that wears a hat which shows hallucinations to those who look at its eyes.

Queen Piece (女王の駒, Joō no koma): She was reincarnated using the Queen Piece, which grants her the attributes of a Rook, Bishop, and Knight.

Naginata: Tsubaki's primary weapon that she uses in battle.


  • Tsubaki's height is 170 cm. (5 feet 7 inches) according to the visual book with her data.
  • Her first name means "Camellia flower", which is a typical Japanese word.
    • Her surname means "True Fabric".
  • Tsubaki is one of the two known Queens that uses a Sacred Gear. The second is Ingvild Leviathan.
  • In Rating Game fighting-types, Tsubaki is considered a Technique-type, who is a very skilled Counter-type due to her Sacred Gear.
  • Upon her promotion to High-class Devil, Tsubaki choose to accept the offer of being granted her own Evil Pieces.


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