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Kingdom of Decisive Battle and of Study Abroad is the fourth novel of True High School DxD. It is the eighth novel of the Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh Academy arc. It also serves as the twenty-ninth novel of the High School DxD series.


There are limits...the end even for miracles

What are you going to do at that time----



  • Mystery Girl
  • Team Member
  • Life 0
  • Life 1. I don´t like Boobs
    • VIP Meeting
  • Life 2 And then to the Kingdom
    • Gods of Hell
  • Life 3 The Battle with the Alliance of Hell Leaders
    • The Strongest Dragons
    • Lion Heart
    • Women´s Decisive Battle
  • Life 4. Fly! Oppai Dragon!
  • New Life
    • Promotion
    • Gremory Genealogy
    • Bael
  • Next Life
  • Afterword
    • Encounter with the unknown
    • Unknown threat
    • Omen of the end.
  • Life. END Those who bring destruction
    • Innovate Clear... Cross Times Kiss (XxX)


Main Characters Returning Characters New Characters Antagonists
  • Sefaira Seraselbes
  • Eros



“I’m not the Oppai Dragon! I’m Sekiryuutei, Hyoudou Issei!” --Oppai Dragon denied oppai.

I’ll stop her. And definitely return Oppai Dragon to normal! – Le Fay Pendragon

I think that doing lewd things is not good. I believe you do s-such things after becoming an adult! – Hyoudou Issei

The phenomenon overturning all of the foundations stroke down team DxD.

Ise-kun’s condition is extremely serious… -- Rias Gremory

Ise-kun…without a fail, I’ll cure you! -- Himejima Akeno

Hyoudou Issei came to dislike perverted things.

…As I thought, that’s no like Ise-senpai. -- Toujou Koneko

I’ll be troubled if we can’t make children, nya. -- Toujou Kuroka

The Oppai Dragon whose concepts were overturned by one of the new Longinus, Alphecca Tyrant.

Who would’ve thought this phenomenon happens again… The enemy must’ve known about that incident. – Ravel Phenex

An incident with Ise’s disorder that’s already happened before. Why did it happen again?..

I’m not good with UFO… -- Gaspar Vladi

Those were bitter memories.

I’ll just protect Ise-kun. Because he’s my (boy)friend. -- Kiba Yuuto

Exactly when his close friend is in a bad shape, Gremory’s Knight will shine.

It’s okay, Ise-san. It’s okay so…*sob* -- Asia Argento

His future brides also couldn’t help but worry.

It’s a dangerous technique. And there’s not enough time to come up with a counter spell. -- Rossweisse

The thing applied to Ise was extremely dangerous.

Even if it’s only a little, I want to be useful, so I’ll go with you. -- Elmenhilde Karnstein

As someone from the Realm of the Dead I can’t ignore this. I’ll go too! -- Bennia

Even though I’m not that strong, I’ll accompany you too! -- Lint Sellzen

I’ll stay here so that there won’t be any attacks aiming for gaps in our defenses. -- Nakiri Ouryuu

Those who are moving out together before the battle and those who remain to protect, each of them are making their own arrangements.

If we suppose that Gods of Hell work together with Longinus user from England, we should face them as soon as possible. -- Xenovia Quarta

With all of this related, DxD is moving out to England, the place of the decisive battle.

No way! My home!? – Shidou Irina

A long-awaited homecoming. But her home is in trouble.

Forgive me, Rias… Here, I will--. – Sona Sitri

That was…a painful reality.

Ise, this might be a bit impossible. -- Dragon God of Infinity Ophis

Just how much will Dragon Deification last…

…This atmosphere, it’s extremely nostalgic. Right, White one. -- Sekiryuutei Ddraig

Yeah, the land of our origin. Brings back memories of that time. -- Hakuryuukou Albion

The land of origin of the Two Heavenly Dragons. The thing that’ll happen here---.

Geez, strong dragons are troublesome. But it’s interesting. -- Prince Nezha

On the other hand, the match between teams Hakuryuukou of the Morning Star and Journey to the West too—

Making light of the new generation trio will get you in trouble, geezer! -- Bikou

I-I’ll defeat you! -- Current Sha Wujing

…It’s hard *sigh*.-- Current Zhu Bajie

Finally, a clash with legendary trio!

Come, youngsters. Geezer will look after you. -- Victorious Fighting Buddha, First Generation Sun Wukong

Oh my, it’s tiring. -- Golden Bodied Arhat, First Generation Sha Wujing

I’m tired, but as if I’ll lose. -- Cleanser of the Altars, First Generation Zhu Bajie

They’ll test the strength of the new generation.

I guess the Leaders of Hell were frightened by the miracles caused by Hyoudou Issei-kun. -- Maou Ajuka Beelzebub

A terrifying dragon overturning things at the last moment--

…I-is it my fault? -- Former Governor of Grigori, Azazel

The impetus of that incident--

I’ll simply support Le Fay. -- Arthur Pendragon

Pendragon siblings make a move in their hometown.

The ability of the opponent’s Longinus has the worst possible compatibility with me. -- Leader of Hero Faction, Cao Cao

The ability that even Cao Cao doesn’t want to face—--

I’ll defeat the imposturous Two Heavenly Dragons. -- Crescent Moon Darkness Dragon, Crom Cruach

The legendary Evil Dragon will face the impostors’ myth.

The ones waiting in the Kingdom…were the worst possible Longinus and the Leaders of Hell.

Before this crown, whether it’s Oppai Dragon or Vali Lucifer, everyone will kneel before me. Now look how the thing important to you breaks, Le Fay! -- Meredith Ordinton, possessor of Longinus Alphecca Tyrant

Meredith! I…will stop you and return him to normal! -- Le Fay Pendragon

Rias, Sairaorg and others will also face Artificial Transcendentals--

Ho, you came with some splendid members! I’ll have you play with me! -- Artificial Transcendental Verrine

I…want to fight like Oppai Dragon! -- Artificial Transcendental Balberith

She and the rest will be defeated. By me, by us! -- Rias Gremory

Whoever my opponent is, in this decisive battle I’ll just use this seething fist of mine! – Lion King Sairaorg Bael

And the opponents of the Two Heavenly Dragons were -- the Zoroastrian Evil God and the God of the Realm of the Dead, Hades.

Facing this Evil God thing won’t go the way it did with Nyx and Erebus, Two Heavenly Dragon. -- Zoroastrian Evil God, Angra Mainyu

Breasts, t-tits! Even without those, I’m in a perfect condition! – Sekiryuutei in extremely bad condition, Hyoudou Issei

Don’t think that miracles will last forever, Hyoudou Issei, Vali Lucifer. -- Olympian God of the Realm of the Dead, Hades

…Hyoudou Issei is in a bad shape, but don’t underestimate Heavenly Dragons, Hades! Hakuryuukou of the Morning Star, Vali Lucifer

Oppai Dragon who will make miracles happen at the last moment--

While Hyoudou Issei is there, team DxD will come out victorious in any predicament.

And if that’s the case, this miracle--

The decisive battle between anti-terrorist team DxD and the Leaders of Hell will unfold in the Kingdom, the Great Britain

Battle against Leaders of Hell finally comes to a conclusion!