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Sun Shower of School Trip is the third novel of True High School DxD. It is the seventh novel of the Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh Academy arc. It also serves as the twenty-eighth novel of the High School DxD series.


Devils, Fallen Angels, and even Dragons... they’re all my comrades. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?
And I — [Oppai Dragon], am both a Devil and a Dragon.
I’ll defeat everyone who dares to put the children in danger!


It’s a power that allows to kill even a God.

You are a chosen one.

You can become even a King or even a God.

Current Sekiryuutei.

While possessing such power, why don’t you try to achieve domination?



  • Welsh Dragon & Crescent Circle Dragon
  • Life.0
  • Life.1 That's Right, Let's Go to Kyoto This Year As Well
  • Life.2 Kyoto and the Urakyoto
  • Life.3 Team [D×D] vs The God of Darkness’ Party!
    • Second Graders.
  • Life.Heroes The Strongest Spear of the Man Who Couldn't Become The Leading Actor
  • SLASH DOG. To Become an Irregular Blade Of Endless Night at the Limits of the Dim and Distant
    • Fan.
  • Life.4 As the Deterrence For the World A×A
  • New Life.
    • End Game.
    • VIP Meeting.
  • Afterword.


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Now then, let’s make Kunou’s siblings, Sekiryuutei-dono.---Leader of Kyuubi, Yasaka

M-mother! You are too shameless!---Princess of Kyuubi, Kunou

...I’ll be enjoying sweets in Kyoto.---Toujou Koneko (Shirone)

It’s a school trip to Kyoto for current second-years.

I guess it would be okay to enjoy the school trip…---Ravel Phenex

The manager was uneasy.

U-fu-fu, I’ll be working at Kuou Academy.---Roygun Belphegor

A birth of bewitching Roygun-sensei?!

It will be lonely being separated with Ise-kuuuuun!---Rossweisse

Speaking of Rossweisse in Kyoto! Getting drunk! Vomiting! Behaving violently! As expected, this year she is…

So you will become my friend?..---Leader of Hero Faction, Cao Cao

This year in Kyoto he will experience a new friendship?..

I wonder, how much a pure-blooded vampire to visit temples and shrines in Kyoto?---Elmenhilde Karnstein

Elme is also going to Kyoto. ---Millarca Vordenburg

E-even I wanted to enjoy Kyoto with Rias-neesan, Akeno-san, Ise-kun an the rest…---Kiba Yuuto

Even Kiba wishes to enjoy Kyoto.

I’ll be going to a certain place in Kyoto, which is related to Himejima.---Himejima Akeno

Five Great Houses will be also supporting this event.---Himejima Suzaku

This year, Himejima, Five Great Houses, were collaborating with Oppai Dragon event too.

This year too, we are going to Kinkakuji!---Xenovia Quarta

Yeah, can’t wait for the Kyoto!---Shidou Irina

After all, as Miss Xenovia says, nothing starts without seeing this gilded splendor.

Soon we should decide on what we’ll be doing for the school festival as Occult Research Club.---Asia Argento

As the school festival gradually draws closer, a discussion under Asia-buchou begins.

School trip of current second-years taking place in Kyoto and the [Oppai-dragon Chichiryuutei] event-show taking place on the Kyoto’s other side----

These events that were planned to proceed peacefully will be once again---

I’ll smash you with a snap! A-ha-ha-ha-ha!---Devil from the Mother of Devils Lilith, Sonneillon

Play with me, so that I’ll transcede. Sekiryuutei!!---Devil from the Mother of Devils Lilith, Gressil

Artificial devils brought up with evil intent attack!

Oppai dragon event’s...goods...what am I supposed to do?---Devil form the Mother of Devils Lilith, Balberith

On the other hand, Bal-kun was growing up well.

There’s an order to eradicate Erebus and his faction.---Rias Gremory

The conflict between them reached the point of no return.

Kyoto is like a garden to me!---Nakiri Ouryuu

There’re many power spots in Kyoto, so he’ll show his true power.

We just have to beat all of those who attack this ancient city.---Gasper Balor

That was the spirit of Gremory’s male.

Geez, I don’t understand what those Grim Reaper-sans from the Realm of Hades think.---The Victorious Fighting Buddha (First Generation Sun Wukong)

This year First Generation Sun Wukong will get down to Kyoto too.

Infinity go! Such encouraging shout is necessary. Please, have faith.---Seekvaira Agares

Seek-chan is also active?!

Your fangs easily reach people important to me. That’s why I’ll sever them before that happens.--- Leader of Slash Dog team, Ikuse Tobio

When the dog extols Balance Breaker’s abyss, distorted blades will bloom---

Hey, how should I use...this demonic power? Is it okay to hit the enemy(?)?---Ingvild Leviathan

Her swelling talent...knows no bounds.

I will fight together with Cao Cao-sensei!---Lint Sellzen

Instead of Siegfried, she will---

I won’t allow interfering with Ise and the rest.---Dragon God of Infinity, Ophis

Won’t let, absolutely won’t!---Ophis’ other half, Lilith

Dragon God sisters finally?!

So this is my new power---

Wh-what’s this! What the hell am I supposed to do with it….!! Ophis….!! ---Sekiryuutei of the Blazing Truth, Hyoudou Issei

This power is too mighty---

To the extent that it should never be used----

What are you saying! If it’s you, partner, then you can use even this power. ---Sekiryuutei, Ddraig

It’s becoming so that nothing but Maou and God-class attack Hyoudo Issei and his friends.

Perfect. This is revenge for my little sister Nyx. Will you defeat me here, [DxD]? ---Primordial God, God of Darkness Erebus

The battle with Hades, alliance of leaders of hell is reaching it’s climax---

[DxD], Longinus possessors, Sekiryuutei.

You’re too dangerous.

And so, I will destroy you here.