Ruin Princess of the Proficiency Test is the second novel of True High School DxD. It is the sixth novel of the Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh Academy arc. It also serves as the twenty-seventh novel of the High School DxD series.


I am Rias Gremory’s [Pawn].

I promised that I would become the strongest [Pawn].

If I’ve gotten closer to this, even if just a bit, I want RiasYou to see...



  • Life 0.
  • Life 1. New Devil'sIngvild Debut!
  • Life 2. The Main Battle of the Rating Game World Tournament Begins!
    • Fan.
  • Life 3. Preparations Before the Decisive Battle!
    • Team Member.
  • Life D×DDiabolos Dragon & Data X×XCross Times Kiss
    • Parents 1.
  • Life 4. The Game Begins!
    • Middle Game.
    • Sisters.
  • Life.Friend VS Knight.Friend Hyoudou Issei and Kiba Yuuto
    • Power within force. The Violence of Heaven and The Slashing Princess.
    • Oppai Dragon VS Switch Hime. I came to keep my promise!
    • Durandal.
    • Parents 2.
  • Next Life. Victory or Defeat
    • Gods of Hell.
  • Life.??????????????????????????
  • Afterword


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