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Welsh Dragon of the New School Term is the first novel of True High School DxD. It is the fifth novel of the Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh Academy arc. It also serves as the twenty-sixth novel of the High School DxD series.


The colour of his armor is the same...

That was what I thought when I looked at my bloodied hand.

His crimson armor is more brighter than red and raspberry.

Yeah, the colour of his beautiful dragon crimson armor is the same as on my hand...



  • Life.0
  • Life.1: High-class devil Issei Hyoudou.
  • Life.2: The being a High-class devil and harem king's dreams are difficult.
  • Life.3: Our new friend is the mysterious diva.
  • Life.4: I'll always save my friends!
    • Christianity's warrior.
  • Life.5: I'll defeat even a god!
  • New Life
  • Afterword


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'"If I'm together with you, can I sing a song?"'


'"I am Hyoudoi Issei! Today I'm gonna do my Devil's work in high spirits!"'

- Hyoudou Issei

The man, who became a High-Class Devil, will work hard for tonight.

"Would you please introduce me to a girl, man!" - Morisawa-san

Nostalgic memories... again.

"Devil-san, please grant Mil-tan's wish-nyo!" - Mil-tan

The wish he begged to Ise.

"I, Rias Gremory, are engaged to Hyoudou Issei" - Rias Gremory

The Gremory household announced the engagement of their next head.

"The schedule is sooo tightly packed! - Ravel Phoenix

As a High-Class Devil and the Oppai Dragon, Ise's schedule that will have him lacking in terms of days off for vacation will come flying.

Before the announcement of the international Rating Game's final match, the peaceful days passed by Issei and co were struck with numerous mysteries regarding the attacks to the Devils.

"The supernatural barrier surrounding this Kuoh town is so helpless!" - Xenovia Quarta

"On the other day was the God of Death, this time it was unidentified devils... what the hell is going on here?" - Rossweisse

"Whoever that is, don't look down to our master!" - Bova Tannin

The things that the Occult Research Club and its comrades deal with...

"Either way, any evil being without good intentions is to be punished, isn't that right?" - Shidou Irina

"Everyone, blow this off ASAP" - Toujou Koneko

"I may be weak, but I will also give support!" - Elmenhilde Karnstein

What on this beautiful earth are the devils invading Kuoh town?

Thus, someone appeared before Ise... a girl singing a mysterious song.

"Please, I want you to protect this girl. This is Underworld's... no, this is also my personal request" - Archdevil Ajuka Beelzebub

The girl who appeared before Ise is the Underworld's matter...

"Ise-san, please help her. I feel like that she is just like me." - Asia Argento

Asia reminisced her encounter with Ise...

"You are Sieg's sense's..." - Lint Selzen.

"So, you are..." - New Hero Faction: Leader, Cao Cao.

It was an encounter determined by fate.

"It's first day of the month's end and nothing's better than sleeping with Ise-nyan!" - (Toujou) Kuroka

The peaceful times helped to some extent.

"Fumu... The Mother of Devils, Lilith eh..." - Vasco Strada

What the high-ups of the Church are thinking...

"I want to be helpful to husband along with Rias... There's nothing happier than this." - Himejima Akeno.

Likewise, Himejima Akeno assuredly said with confidence what she is to become.

"What, what me and my partner's companions are breaking through is..." - Red Dragon Ddraig

The words of an encouraging partner.

"We will also support the matter." - Slash/Dog Tobio Ikuse

This time, another companion holds hostility...

Wherein, at last, the announcement for the final match of the International Rating Game...

It was shocking.

"Now that it has come to this, I have to prepare myself" - Yuuto Kiba

"Do not lose until you face me, Hyoudou Issei." - Vali Lucifer

The summer holiday for the third-graders are finished, two more semester comes in and about to break through, as Ise became High-Class Devil, he pushes through his fight on jobs and the tournament.

"I aim to become the Harem King, also for the sake of my comrades, my job, the tournament, I will undertake all through them in style! " - Red Dragon Emperor of Blazing Truth Hyoudou Issei