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Transformation Magic is the ability to morph ones form into another.


This type of magic is generally used as a form of concealment whenever a supernatural creature such as Youkai and Dragons wants to appear human by hiding their inhuman features such animal ears and tails.


The user can use this form of magic as a means of hiding themselves among the public. It can also be used offensively to take on much more powerful form for combat, some even take the form of a completely different species and take on all the qualities of that race. Others however used this as a type of filter to restrain their overwhelming power. Some have shown to be able to use partial transformation. The user runs the risk of also obtaining weaknesses of the form in question.



Most Youkai have shown the ability to use a form of shapeshifting, as the are capable of hiding their Youkai characteristics such as tails or ears (Koneko Toujou, Kuroka, Kunou and Yasaka), some have shown to be able to fully transform into the animal they're based on. Other Youkai such as Sun Wukong and Bikou have demonstrated more advanced shapeshifting, being capable of transforming into various forms including the appearance of others.

Special Transformations Abilities

Fallen Angel Mode

Akeno, in her Fallen Angel Mode

Fallen Angel Mode (堕天使モード, Datenshi Mōdo): A transformation ability achieved by Akeno Himejima form by condensing her Holy Lightning blood. In this form, Akeno gains six black angel wings and drastically enhances her Holy Lightning abilities. She first used this transformation against Siegfried, damaging his Twice Critical arms. At first, this transformation required the use of two special bracelets made by Azazel, but as of Volume 17, Akeno is now able to enter this form on her own. In True Volume 2, Akeno's strength increases to the point of gaining eight black wings.

Nekomata Mode Level 2

Nekomata Mode Level 2

Nekomata Mode Level 2 (猫又モードレベル2, Nekomata Mōdo Reberu 2): A specialized form used by Koneko Toujou. Koneko gaines a second tail upon further increasing her abilities with Senjutsu by covering her body in Touki, which gives her explosive power and increased physical abilities for a temporary time. She first use this form during the match against the Bael Peerage.

Shirone Mode

Koneko, in Shirone Mode, using Kasha

Shirone Mode (白音モード, Shirone Mōdo): A specialized form used by Koneko Toujou. In this mode, Koneko can temporarily make herself grow older by gathering the nature-based ki from her surrounding and synchronizing it with her Touki. In this form, Koneko can use her Nekomata powers at will including the ability to produce and control Kasha. She is also enveloped in the power of purification, which will damage or even destroy all evil creatures such as Vampires, Devils or even Evil Dragons. By using this form along with the Red Dragon Emperor's jewel, she can seal the souls of the defeated Evil Dragons, thus preventing them from being regenerated by the Holy Grail.

Dragon Man

Dragon Man (龍鬼人, Ryuukijin): A specialized form used by Ouryuu Nakiri. It allows Ouryuu to transform into a golden humanoid dragon. This technique greatly enhances his physical abilities, allows him to hurl giant spheres of Touki at his opponents and to fire numerous bullets of Touki mixed with dragon aura. The from is noted to be very powerful as it enhances all of Ouryuu's physical abilities and his earth manipulation as Ouryuu has shown to compete with Gasper Vladi, who was using his Balance Breaker.

Fox Dragon Mode

Fox Dragon Mode (狐龍モード, Koryū Mōdo): A specialized form used by Kunou. Due to Kunou spending a lot of time with Ophis, Kunou became able to transform into a form that turns her hair white with Issei stating she had an overwhelming aura unfitting for a child her age. It was noted by Magari, the Nekomata Elder that her power was similar to a Beast God. In True Volume 3, Kunou has proven to be able to increase the power of Yasaka by transferring her power to her.