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(April-May of the first year)

The Red Dragon Emperor's Awakening (赤龍帝覚醒 Sekiryūtei Kakusei) is the first story arc of High School DxD. This story arc follows the first two novels of the series, the first four volumes of the manga, and the first season of the anime.


Part 1: Diabolos of the Old School Building

  • Issei is killed by 'Yuma' (Raynare the Fallen Angel) and revived by Rias Gremory as a Devil
  • Issei tries to perform the devils contracts for humans customers, but is unsuccessful in his attempts.
  • Issei meets Asia Argento and helps her to the church in the area and she demonstrates her healing sacred gear.
  • Issei is ambushed by Freed at a contract summoning, but survives due to the assistance of others.
  • Asia and Issei run into each other the next day and spend the day together
  • Issei leads an assault on the church to rescue Asia, but not before Asia's sacred gear is extracted.
  • Issei defeats Raynare and Rias then kills her.
  • Rias revives Asia as one of her Bishops.

Part 2: Phoenix of the Battle School

  • Asia moves into Issei's house.
  • Riser shows up in the club room with Grayfia to declare that Rias's engagement to him will be moved up.
  • Grayfia mediates and says the engagement can only be annulled by Rias if she wins a Rating Game against Riser.
  • Rias has everyone go to her mountain summer house for training in the 10 days they have until the match.
  • During the match everything seems to go mostly to plan, until Issei runs out of stamina.
  • Rias resigns to stop Riser from killing Issei.
  • Issei wakes up the day of the engagement party from his injuries.
  • Issei annuls the engagement by defeating Riser in a rematch.
  • It is shown that Issei had sacrificed his left arm to achieve the false balance-breaker state.
  • Rias shares a kiss with Issei and, the next day, moves into his house as well.