Teodoro Legrenzi is one of the highest ranking officials in the Church ranked at Cardinal Bishop due to his status as a Miracle Child.


He is a young boy, although having a childlike face, he is also described to have a majestic presence. Teodoro wears Priest vestment clothing. He also has a pair of white Angel wings.


Teodoro is an innocent boy who is shown to care deeply for his comrades from the Church and anyone remotely close to him. He is also shown to be a nervous individual, but still, has a strong sense of determination to speak out his beliefs of wanting to protect the rights and views of the rebelling exorcists to eradicate the evil Devils and Vampires even while trembling


Terodoro was born as a result of a union between a Human and an Angel, because of this, he has been praised as one of the "Miracle Children" and rose to the ranks of Cardinal Bishop at a young age as a special case due to his exceptional ability among the Miracle Children. At some point, both his parents were killed by Devils which resulted in his strong hatred for them.


The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively Companions

Teodoro first appeared in Volume 19, along with Vasco Strada and Ewald Cristaldi leading an army of rebelling Exorcists. He introduced himself to the Occult Research Club nervelessly stating his beliefs even if they are against Michael's wishes. When Vasco was defeated by Xenovia, Teodoro tearfully tries to defend him. He looks towards at all the Devils in sorrow stating that he can never forgive them for killing his parents, however, he somewhat calmed down after hearing Yuuto and Xenovia's speech about the bonds they have and Irina's about how there are both good and bad Devils just like humans. As Vasco prepared to be taken in, Teodoro rejects it but was convinced otherwise by him.

Powers and Abilities

Light-Based Weapons: Being half Angel, Teodoro has the common light abilities of an Angel.

Flight: Being half Angel, Teodoro is likely able to fly using his Angel wings.



  • Teodoro means "Gift from God" and this would relate to his existence being a miracle as though he was a gift from God himself.



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