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Team White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star is the team formed by Vali Lucifer to participate in the international Rating Game tournament that is called the Azazel Cup.


In Volume 22, Team White Dragon of the Morning Star participated in the opening ceremony of the Azazel Cup.

In Volume 24, Team White Dragon of the Morning Star faced off against Team Rias Gremory at the Fafnir Stadium under the Board Collapse rules, where the field will begin to collapse starting from both ends. As the match started, Vali arrived wearing his Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive armor with Fenrir by his side to Gogmagog, Bikou and Arthurs location where they were having difficulty dealing with Vasco Strada. Vali and his friends were easily overpowered by Vasco by what seemed to be with little ease, being able to cut through Vali's energy attack and even damaging his armor. Vali continued to fire off blasts of demonic energy from close range but Vasco evaded all of them with minimal movement. Arthur decided to battle Vasco himself as he advised Vali to take Fenrir and head to where Rias and Crom Crouch are. Arthur and Vasco fought with each other in a sword match while expressing a grin of delight on their faces, while Bikou went on to fight Yuuto Kiba.

On the east side of the field, Le Fay, Sha Wujing, and Zhu Bajie faced off against Akeno and Lint at the spacious park and artificial waterfall. While Le Fay deployed a magic circle, Zhu Bajie prepared to fight against Akeno and begged her to go easy on him, and after he received attacks from her Holy Lightning, Zhu Bajie shows his masochist side that he revealed he’s enjoying the pain. Zhu Bajie tried to begged her to show mercy to him, Akeno had no intention to go easy on him as he is a member of Team White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star and the current Zhu Bajie, as Akeno shaped her holy lightning into the form of a dragon, Le Fay arrived to fight beside Zhu Bajie. Sha Wujing went up against Lint Sellzen who the former called her a Kappa, this term greatly infuriated Sha and starts going on the offensive as she levitated large bodies of water, Lint responds by also getting serious by unveiling her six silver Angel wings.

Vali flew to Rias' current location while carrying Fenrir and let him fight with her while he personally went up against the Evil Dragon; Crom Cruach. Crom made the first move as he charged straight at Vali with his right arm morphed into a dragon’s large claw coated in an unbelievably dense aura, Vali dodged with the smallest possible margin, the two engaged in a fierce melee battle in mid-air, exchanged blows at high speed with each blow generating immense vibrations and booms in the air that caused the entire atmosphere to tremble. Vali primarily focused on evading his attacks which Crom mocked him for, though Vali retorted by saying that he wanted to see all of the so-called strongest Evil Dragon attacks first as an appetizer. Crom then pulled back temporarily to express how proud he was that an evil Dragon like him could fight against a silvery-white dragon like Vali and that he had no regrets over it. Their fight continued with Vali firing a bombardment of Demonic Energy this time but was repelled by Crom's fist, who deflected them towards the surrounding buildings. Crom Cruach then spewed forth flames which covered the entire sky, Vali attempted to counter them with his Compression Divider but proved unaffected as he was hit by the flames, Crom then dived into the scorching fires to continue to assault Vali amidst the inferno of searing flames. Vali used his silvery-white aura to blow away the flames but was still met with a melee assault from Crom Cruach, his armor had been melting from the flames and also cracked from the Evil Dragon's blows so he struck a blow of energy at Crom to momentarily retreat but the Dragon gripped onto him and transformed his other arm into a large Dragon's claw and thrust it straight across, Vali was forced to endure the attack with no means of escaping it which caused him to be propelled backwards through various skyscrapers. Despite being worn out gasping for air, Vali still flew immediately out of a collapsed building and came back to stand before Crom’s eyes, he also expressed how honored he felt to fight him before activating his DxD armor. Vali moved at an abnormal speed beyond perception but still received a hit from Crom Cruach's fist, he then immediately recomposed himself and moved at his incredible speed once again, only this time he unleashed attacks of his Lucifer aura that finally made Crom bleed. Even so, Crom was still able to deliver a punch towards Vali that sent him souring down and shattering the armor around at his abdomen, causing him to also spit out blood. Crom continued to pursue him. All Vali could do was gather aura to his arms to block, he asked the Evil Dragon how was he able to hit, to he simply replied Intuition. Vali then asked Albion how he'd measure the difference between himself and Crom, the White Dragon answered that Vali had the upper hand in terms of skill, technique and speed but Crom Cruach was better in overall destructive power, Vali laughed out wildly as an opponent who could defeat him had appeared before his eyes. Crom then spewed out flames much fiercer then before, this time however Vali used his Satan Compression Divider that completely erased the flames, he then sent his Wyvern fairies towards Crom to continuously use his Half Dimension on him which restricted his movements while attempting to advance forward but to Vali's surprise was able to break though and destroy the wyverns one after the other. Vali continuously bombarded him with his absolute aura, but Crom continued to fly straight towards him without signs of dodging as a massive explosion went off upon contact, Crom emerged from the smoke to thrust another punch at him and let loose a mouthful of flames as well. With clear resolution, Vali unleashed a blast of demonic energy directly at Crom’s abdomen causing another explosion, he then flew back augmenting their distance. Crom Cruach’s body was covered and dripping in blood but his fighting spirit hadn’t decreased at all, rather he had become even more motivated which made Vali laugh, they both made an oath to each other to continue fighting until the very end.

Fenrir faced off Rias and Gasper as they entered their Balor form, where she managed to damage him with her demonic energy of destruction. Kuroka and Koneko battled one-on-one with each other while their allies stood guard outside the stadium. Just after Thanatos and his minions were defeated, Issei used his new ability to contact the Nekomata girls through Ravel's and their breasts, telling them the threat has been dealt with. Touched by his efforts to protect them, Kuroka tells her sister that whoever wins their fight will be Issei's bride. He objects to this by saying that he will take them both as his brides. They both accept his proposal with Kuroka confessing that she loves him. As their fight continues, Kuroka makes another bet that whoever wins will mate with Issei first, which Koneko accepts. Kuroka was defeated by Koneko who has surpassed her in terms of strength. Kuroka compliments her sister on how strong she's gotten and says that she no longer needs her but Koneko denies it, saying that she will always need her big sister.

Arthur runs low on stamina as he kneels down every time he blocks an attack from Vasco's sword, even when he used his sword technique to strike at him via spacial portals, Vasco was still able to avoid each blow. While Vasco complimented Arthur's skills as a swordsman, he also lectures how they've been tainted by a slight sense of vanity. Refusing to give up, Arthur channeled holy aura into his blade again and let loose a holy wave, however this move was canceled by Vasco's Holy Fist. Believing that he will most likely lose this fight, Arthur still wished to continue to give all for the remainder of it. Throughout their fight, Bikou created clones of himself but were countered by Kiba's army of Dragon Knights while the two real ones clashed with each other with Ruyi Bang and Gram respectively as they exchanged blows with a speed that was so fast that it was not visible to the naked eye. Bikou came at a disadvantaged due to Kiba's training with Vasco, for his fighting style had changed as he had learned to release a vast amount of aura in the instant of his sword’s impact to compensate for his lack of power. This method pressured Bikou to step back attack with his Ruyi Bang extending at him, but Kiba's lighting fast speed was able to dodge and appear behind him to strike him. Eventually, Bikou’s Ruyi Bang was cut apart but he pulled a second one from his ear. Kiba responded by making his Dragon Knights vanish to use his other Sacred Gear to summon a horde of Holy-Demonic blades from the ground which forced Bikou to jump, thus creating an opening for Kiba to overwhelm him with Gram coated in Holy-Demonic aura.

Fenrir continued to fight against Rias in her Balor form and after sensing Valerie’s location, Fenrir instructed Gogmagog to shoot a powerful laser beam into building she was hiding. Team White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star became victorious after Rias announced her surrender because she has reached her limit of using her Balor form.

In True Light Novel Volume 4, the team had a Rating Game match against Team Journey to the West, which was lead by Sun Wukong. During the match, Vali faced off against Prince Nezha, the ace of Team Journey to the West, as Vali continuously shot blasts of demonic power at Nezha, who kept evading them as Nezha used his Wind Fire Wheels to increase his speed and kept further dodging all of Vali's attacks. Nezha counterattacked as he tried to pierce Vali with his Fire-Tipped Spear, with Nezha using his Touki-enhanced Universe Rings as the rings chased after Vali, who tried to destroy them with his aura blasts, which proved ineffective. Noticing Nezha approaching after the Universe Rings, Vali used Half Dimension to hold Nezha in place and Satan Compression Divider to crush the Fire-Tipped Spear and Universe Rings, as Vali retaliated with several blasts of aura, which Nezha canceled out with his Touki spheres. As Vali's aura bombardment was about to reach Nezha took out one of the divine armaments, Red Armillary Sash, and deflected Vali’s enormous glowing aura, but could not stop the aftershock and was sent flying towards the surface of the water. Vali moved to check on Nezha's condition, as he was attacked by Nezha, who launched his Fire-Tipped Spear and managed to damage Vali’s armor and re-emerge from the water, with Vali commenting that Nezha was a strong enemy in a different sense from Crom Cruach, whom Vali fought prior, as Vali stated that he had assumed to have reached a high level of power even amongst all of the mythological factions, with the two continuing their duel.

Meanwhile, Fenrir and Gogmagog chased after Yu-Long, as he ran away from them after they were ordered by Vali to defeat him. He twisted his body to avoid Fenrir’s attempt to bite or claw him and later dodge Gogmagog’s beam attack. Yu-Long unleashed a huge amount of aura from his mouth towards the duo and managed to hit Gogmagog, causing it to fall into water of the field, and later became overjoyed until Gogmagog came out of the water with no damage and prepared to fire its beam again. Trying to avoid the beam, Yu-Long breathe out another amount of aura to negate the beam and dodge Fenrir’s attack, as he begged Sun Wukong to finish his fight and help him.

At the same time, on a rocky field at the end of the playing field, the remaining members of the team faced the Journey to the West trio, with Arthur and Bikou facing Sun Wukong; who was continuously dodging Bikou's Ruyi Jingu Bang attacks and Arthur's Caliburn sword slashes, Kuroka and the current Sha Wujing facing the first-generation Sha Wujing; who negated all of their attacks by using his water manipulation, while Le Fay and the current Zhu Bajie faced off against the first-generation Zhu Bajie; who managed to endure all of their attacks as their attacks didn't inconvenience him. Bikou pulled some of his hairs to create clones to attack Sun Wukong, but he used a Touki-infused shout to destroy most of them, as he commented that Bikou had become stronger due to the fact that Wukong's shout was unable to erase all of his clones. While dueling against Arthur, Wukong took notice of Arthur's changed swordsmanship and the fact that Arthur wasn't relying merely on his talent anymore, as Arthur stated that such a thing had already been discarded. The first generations decided to end their fight by simultaneously raised their weapons and imbued them with Touki to create an enormous energy surge, as they unleased a giant flame wave, which forced the Vali team to take to the sky in order to dodge it. The team was forced to defend against first-generation Sha Wujing's water spheres as the team used their abilities to try to destroy the spheres, but were unable to as a water sphere captured Kuroka as Sun Wukong used his Ruyi Jingu Bang to attack Kuroka and succeeded in retiring her despite the Vali team's efforts to prevent it. Before being retired, Kuroka was able to release a black fog that enveloped Sun Wukong, though he was able to dissipated it with his magic as the announcement of Yu-Long's retirement was heard. As Bikou and Wukong argued over first generation's refusal to pave way for the new generation and Wukong not showing up to train DxD, the first generation Sha Wujing sprained his back and Wukong became unsteady due to the effects of Kuroka's special poison. The Vali team usied that to gain the advantage as the current Journey to the West trio attacked the weakened Sun Wukong and were able to defeated him as Arthur prevented the first generation Zhu Bajie from interfering and Le Fay continuously restrained the sprained-backed first generation Sha Wujing with her magic, with the team wining the match after Wukong's retirement.


Preliminary Rounds

Main Stage

Current Members

Known members of Team White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star

Name Evil Piece Information

Vali Lucifer

King The descendant of the original Lucifer and the possessor of the Longinus; Divine Dividing which holds the spirit of the Vanishing Dragon, Albion (The White Dragon Emperor). He is the founder and leader of the Vali Team to combat against his grandfather Rizevim Livan Lucifer and to battle strong foes. He is the direct rival of Issei Hyoudou, who is the possessor of the Welsh Dragon, Ddraig (The Red Dragon Emperor).


Queen The eldest son of the Evil Norse God Loki and the oldest brother of Midgardsormr and Hel. Known as the God-Devouring Wolf, Fenrir is capable devouring the most powerful beings, including Gods, and is considered to be on par with Two Heavenly Dragons.


Rook The legendary giant of British folklore created by the Ancient Gods to be used as mass-produced weapons of destruction until it was abandon and thrown to the Dimensional Gap. The Vali Team got hold of the active Gogmagog, thanks to the intel provided to them by Ophis.
Zhu Bajie Rook A Youkai and the descendant of the original Zhu Bajie.

Arthur Pendragon

Knight The son of Uther Pendragon and the older brother of Le Fay. He is the descendant of King Arthur and the current wielder of the legendary Holy Sword, Caliburn. He was originally a member of the Hero Faction until he joined the Vali Team.

Sha Wujing

Knight A Youkai and the descendant of the original Sha Wujing.


Kuroka LN Profile Image.png
Bishop A Nekomata and the older sister of Koneko Toujou. After killing her former Devil master in order to protect her sister and becoming a SS-Class Stray Devil, Kuroka became a member of the Vali Team. She eventually able to fully reconcile with Koneko and became one of Issei’s fiancées after he proposed to her telepathically during her match against her sister. Due to being a Nekomata, she is a expert at Senjutsu and Youjutsu.

Le Fay Pendragon

Bishop The daughter of Uther Pendragon and the younger sister of Arthur, as well the magician of the Vali Team. She is the descendant of Morgan le Fay and a former member of the Magician Association "Golden Dawn". She joined the Khaos Brigade out of concern for her brother and became Issei’s contract Magician.


Pawn X5 The current Monkey King of Mountain of Flowers and Fruit and the descendant of the first generation Sun Wukong. He left the mountain and became a member of the Vali Team and joined the Khaos Brigade.

Reserve Members

Name Evil Piece Information

Salamander Tomita

N/A An Ultimate-class Kappa, who is a famous rapper. He was recruited by Vali at the end of the preliminary round.


  • Their team name for the Azazel Cup, "White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star" is in reference to Vali being their team leader.
  • The team is very popular due to Vali being a descendant of the Original Lucifer, Odin's adopted son and the fated rival of Oppai Dragon.[1]
  • The team is touted as one of the winning candidates.[1]


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