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Team Trump Card of Heaven is the team formed by Dulio Gesualdo to participate in the international Rating Game tournament that is called the Azazel Cup.


In Volume 22, Team Trump Card of Heaven participated in the opening ceremony of the Azazel Cup.

In Volume 23, Team Trump Card of Heaven was set against Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth. On the day of the match, the team went to the Ajuka Stadium as the match started, Dulio and the team managed to take advantage of Irina by using the Five Card to snatch the ball away with their incredible speed and achieve a goal for the team. Diethelm activated his Balance Breaker to increased the area of effect as well as a wider range of symptoms that can be cured and Mirana managed to damage Grayfia Lucifuge’s mask, revealing half of her face to the whole stadium. Diethelm fought against Bova Tannin and Ouryuu Nakiri, but he was defeated after Ouryuu use his Touki-coated fist that sent him flying backwards. Dressing as a superhero, Nero challenge Xenovia to battle and witness the children from the Church cheering for him, with Issei using his Dividing Wyvern Fairy on Xenovia to create Crimson Destruction Dragonar, while Nero activates his Balance Breaker; Sturdy Saint Withstand to heighten his defenses. Mirana became the target of Issei’s Dress Break DxD as her clothes were completely destroyed, revealing her nude body to the whole stadium as apart of Ravel Phenex’s strategy. After Xenovia and Irina make their proposal to Issei, Griselda made her way to Xenovia to scold for not telling her about the proposal and planned to give her a lecture after the match as they begin their fight. Dulio started to spar with Issei in his Crimson Armor with partial Dragon Deification and launched a huge ball of fire and a giant spear of ice at him, but Issei destroyed it with his fist. Enjoying their fight, Dulio and Issei continued to fight against each other, with Issei passing the ball to Xenovia but with Nero standing in her way and was taken a deadly blow from Xenovia’s Cross x Crisis, but managed to survive the attack to deliver a punch as he finally lost consciousness. The match was over as Team Trump Card of Heaven emerging victorious after scoring 144 – 146.


Preliminary Rounds

Main Stage

  • Azazel Cup: Team Slash Dog vs Team Trump Card of Heaven

Current Members

Known members of Team Trump Card of Heaven

Name Evil Piece Information

Dulio Gesualdo

King The Joker of the Brave Saints and the wielder of the second strongest Longinus; Zenith Tempest. He was famously regarded by the Church as "The Strongest Exorcist" for defeating High-class Devils and other dangerous evil creatures. He was later reincarnated as a Angel by the Archangel Michael and achieved a level to be considered a candidate to become a new Seraph. After the attack of Rizevim Livan Lucifer in Romania, Dulio became the leader of Team DxD to counter the future threats.

Diethelm Waldseemüller

Queen The Ace of Raphael, one of the Four Great Seraphs and the wielder of the Sacred Gear; Holy Resuscitation, which is similar to Asia Argento’s Twilight Healing.

Nero Raimondi

Rook The Ace of Uriel, one of the Four Great Seraphs and the wielder of the Sacred Gear; Sturdy Saint. He is an old associate of Xenovia Quarta and was trained by Vasco Strada to learn his Holy Fist. Before the peace treaty, Nero had the hobby of exterminating Devils and Vampires, and later he wanted make a show to compete against the Oppai Dragon show.
Ryuu Heikan Rook The 10 of Raziel’s Brave Saints. He is a very skilled Chinese martial artist who uses the power of light as the core of his fighting style to fight against his opponents.

Jessica Lagerkvist

Knight The Queen of Sandalphon‘s Brave Saints. She uses her light-based weapons to create a solid barrier-type technique to block attacks.

Kiyotora Shinra

Knight The Jack of Metatron's Brave Saints and a former member of the Shinra clan, as well the uncle of Tsubaki Shinra. As a believer, Kiyotora chose to leave his clan to become a warrior of the Vatican and wields two katanas that was given to him.

Mirana Shatarova

Bishop The Ace of Gabriel and the former Nun of the Russian Orthodox Church. She is a very shy person and her Light-based Weapons is on the level that of a Fallen Angel Cadre, enough to potentially vaporize Ultimate-class Devils.

Griselda Quarta

Bishop The Queen of Gabriel and came from the same institute as Xenovia, where she became her swordmaster and her legal guardian. She is currently boss of the headquarters that Irina Shidou belongs to, and after reuniting with Xenovia, she furiously scold Xenovia for becoming a Devil and for not contacting her after the Peace Treaty.
8 Brave Saints members 8x Pawns Reincarnated Angels who serve the Seraphs and were assigned to join the team by Heaven's higher-ups.


Name Rank Information

Rudiger Rosenkreutz

Rudiger Hologram.jpg
Supervisor A Reincarnated Devil, former Human Magician and a former member and the founder of the Magician Association, "Rosenkreutzer", who is ranked 7th in the Rating Games. Due to his tactical brilliance in Rating Game matches, he has earned the nickname; the Upsetting Sorcerer. He became acquainted with Dulio when Dulio was visiting Rudiger's dying son at his request, becoming friends with him. After Dulio began competing in the Azazel Cup, Rudiger volunteered to become the supervisor of the team, offering his vast knowledge of Rating Game rules and his tactical insight to the team. 


  • Irina Shidou was originally supposed to join this team due to her status as the Ace of Archangel Michael and her being a Brave Saint, but she requested permission to join Issei Hyoudou's Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth, due to her love for Issei and her desire to fight alongside her best friends; Xenovia Quarta and Asia Argento, which the higher-ups gave their approval and were supportive of it.[1]
  • The team's wish after attaining victory in the Azazel Cup is to use the gathered technology of all of the mythological factions to alter the Sacred Gear System, a idea previously considered taboo and something that not even Archangel Michael attempted, in order to ensure that no more children suffer due to the negative side effects of their Sacred Gears.[2]
  • In Volume 23, it was mentioned that Aces of both Seraph Metatron and Sandalphon's Brave Saints will participating as members of Team Trump Card of Heaven for the Azazel Cup, but because they have other missions, so their official entry would have to wait until the end of the qualifying rounds. The status of "another Trump Card" known as the Extra Joker is unknown.[3]
  • That have rumors where there is a high possibility of more skilled Reincarnated Angels that who serve the Seraph from Ten Seraphs were not named will join the Team Trump Card of Heaven as member after Ten Seraphs that status be unknown until now will appear.


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