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Team Spear of the Heavenly Emperor is the team formed by Cao Cao to participate in the international Rating Game tournament that is called the Azazel Cup.


In Volume 22, Team Spear of the Heavenly Emperor participated in the opening ceremony of the Azazel Cup.

In Volume DX.4, Team Spear of the Heavenly Emperor’s match was set against Team Imperial Purpure. At the floating city of Agreas, Cao Cao arrived together with his team for their match against Sairaorg and his team at the arena and exchange glares at each other. Cao Cao’s Queen, who turned out to be Guan Di, arrived later with his red horse. Before the match started Cao Cao conversed with Sairaorg about something he had to offer and that’s for whatever happens in the match, he would strive forward towards victory and continued to say he will wait for Sairaorg at the center of the field and swore upon Issei's name, shocking everyone at the arena as their match began. Perseus started to fight against the Knight of Sairaorg’s peerage; Beluga Furcas and manages to block his attacks with his Aegis Mineralization. Heracles stepped in front of Sairaorg and greeted him. He started to recall the punch he received from Sairaorg in their last fight, during the Demonic Beast Riot and considered it a pain that’s beyond comprehension and began preparing his fight against him. Heracles leaped towards Sairaorg and successfully punched him in the face, which created an enormous explosion from the result of his Sacred Gear. Sairaorg, however, used the smoke from the explosion to hide and filled his fist with aura to punch Heracles’s face as the two began to fight each other. During the fight, Heracles revealed he’s acting on his own accord, without Cao Cao’s order. As Sairaorg activates his Balance Breaker, Heracles began to dodge his every punch but was receiving bruises due to the destructive power from Sairaorg’s punches. Although Heracles’s attacks and explosion managed to hit Sairaorg, he didn’t suffer much damage because of his armor and Heracles began to punch in the abdomen and kicked his face without any mercy which causes him to be enveloped in retire light. As he was retiring, Heracles heard the cries from the children who were supporting him and as he told them not to call him Oji-san and stood up. He shows the trading cards that the children gave to him with one being a rare card, later he put them back into his pocket and resumed his fight with Sairaorg. During the fight, Heracles managed to damage Sairaorg’s armor and destroyed the right shoulder of the armor. But despite Heracles damaging him, Sairaorg continued to send punches and kicks towards Heracles and eventually defeating him and praised him for inheriting the spirit of Hercules and wished to fight him again. Georg fought together with Guan Di against the Queen of the opposing team; Kuisha Abaddon and tried to create a barrier around her, but the fog was sucked away by her Hole ability. Cao Cao appeared at the center of the battlefield to face Sairaorg but he expressed his disappointment for being unable fight him because Heracles wanted to fight him, however Sairaorg says he’s rather grateful because it helped him feel ready. Cao Cao noticed the similarities between Sairaorg and Issei and revealed he discarded all his strategies so he can fight Sairaorg one-on-one fight and as the match began he sent several jabs at Sairaorg, but Sairaorg managed to dodge all the attacks. Cao Cao distanced himself from Sairaorg after figuring out his attack range. When he equipped his Balance Breaker, Cao Cao decided not to use his Seven Treasures and instead infused Holy energy into the Holy Spear so he can defeat Sairaorg and Issei with simple techniques rather using his special moves. After Sairaorg entered his Breakdown the Beast armor form, Cao Cao continued to dodge his attacks using his vision and senses, but took some damage due to Sairaorg’s aura. Cao Cao managed to destroy Sairaorg’s shoulder armor with his spear and caused some serious pain to him with the holy aura and thus forcing his opponent to dodge his spear attacks. Cao Cao started his counter against Sairaorg by sending attacks to where he would go. Sairaorg’s punches became less sharp than before to the point where Cao Cao was able to dodge them easily now. He was able to prevent Cao Cao from getting closer by emitting aura from his body, but it was a matter of time before that aura was penetrated by Cao Cao’s Holy Spear. Once that aura became weak enough, Cao Cao’s single jab would end his fight. After Sairaorg’s punches became sharper again, Cao Cao tried to slow down the attacks with his spear, but Sairaorg managed to punch the spear away. However Cao Cao managed to stabbed his left side. Cao Cao became exhausted after wasting a lot of energy, which gave Sairaorg a chance to land a strong blow on him, but Cao Cao use his True Longinus to defend himself against Sairaorg’s punch. The punch sent Cao Cao flying across the field and tumbled the ground several times. He managed to get back up despite the damage he took and they decided to continue to fight each other despite the exhaustion. The match finished due to reaching the time limit, with Cao Cao and his team as the victor due to having more points than Sairaorg’s team.


Preliminary Rounds

Main Stage

  • Azazel Cup: Team Spear of the Heavenly Emperor vs Team Black

Current Members

Known members of Team Spear of the Heavenly Emperor

Name Evil Piece Information

Cao Cao


King The leader of the Hero Faction and the wielder of the first and strongest Longinus; the True Longinus. Born in a remote village in a mountain in China to a traditional family of farmers, unaware that he and his parents are the descendants of the original Cao Cao until the first generation Sun Wukong revealed it to him. Cao Cao became acquainted with Indra and recruited him for his war against the God of Destruction Shiva and after that, he formed the Hero Faction with Humans who possesses Sacred Gears and joined the Khaos Brigade to fight against supernatural beings. After receiving some advice from Vasco Strada, Cao Cao decided to redeem himself and become an ally to Issei Hyoudou and the members of Team DxD to fight against future threats.

Guan Di

Queen The former general of the Kingdom of Shu who fought under the Shu ruler, Liu Bei until he met his death in battle. At some point, he was resurrected as the God of Commerce of Mt. Meru under Indra and was instructed to join Team Spear of the Heavenly Emperor to look after the descendant of his former enemy, Cao Cao. He wields his ancient weapon Green Dragon Crescent Blade and the legendary red horse, Red Hare.


Heracles in DxD HERO Opening.jpeg

Rook The inheritor of the spirit of the Greek mythological hero Heracles and the wielder of the Sacred Gear; Variant Detonation. At some point, He joined the Hero Faction to fight against the supernatural beings until he was defeated by Sairaorg and was arrested by the higher-ups of the Underworld. After his arrest, he started working as a guard for the Underworld’s kindergarten and became adored by the Devil children.

Connla seen in DxD HERO.jpeg

Rook The inheritor the spirit of the original Connla, the son of the Irish mythological hero Cú Chulainn and the wielder of the Sacred Gear; Night Reflection. Under the persuasion of Cao Cao, Connla joined the Hero Faction and became his loyal subordinate to fight against the supernatural beings until he was defeated by Issei. After his defeat, he became a guard for Seekvaira Agares.


Jeanne in DxD HERO.jpeg

Knight The inheritor the spirit of the original Joan of Arc and the wielder of the Sacred Gear; Blade Blacksmith. At some point, she joined Cao Cao and the Hero Faction to fight against the supernatural beings until she was defeated by Issei and was arrested by the higher-ups of the Underworld. After her arrest, she started to work as a waitress at the Vatican.



Knight The inheritor the spirit of the original Perseus and the wielder of the Sacred Gear; Aegis Mineralization. At some point, Perseus was persuaded by Cao Cao to join the Hero Faction, but decided to retire before the assault against the Youkai of Kyoto. Despite this, he still assisted Cao Cao by giving the Medusa's Eye after he lost his original eye.


Georg LN Profile Image.png

Bishop The descendant of the original Georg and the wielder of the Longinus; Dimension Lost. He was the formerly a top-class Magician from the Magician association, until he was persuaded by Cao Cao to join the Hero Faction to fight against the supernatural beings. He was defeated by Gasper Vladi and was sent to the Realm of the Dead by Indra together with Cao Cao and Leonardo to calm Hades. After this, he started working with the Grim Reapers in Hades’ absence until he was picked up by Connla to join Team Spear of the Heavenly Emperor.


Bishop The descendant of the original Marsilio Ficino and the wielder of of the Sacred Gear; Dreamlike Curse. At some point, he was persuaded to join Cao Cao and the Hero Faction, and was responsible for trapping Rias Gremory in a illusory world created by his Sacred Gear, but his efforts was foiled by Issei.
8 Hero Faction Members 8x Pawns Former members of the Hero Faction that were released from their imprisonment and allowed to join the team due to Cao Cao's request.


  • Leonardo was originally meant to join the team, but the Grigori didn’t allow it out of fear that his Annihilation Maker would cause an another incident.[1]
  • The team has a lot of secret supporters in Vatican, who cannot openly support them due to the Hero Faction's previous affiliation with the Khaos Brigade. The reason for the support is due to Jeanne, who inherited the soul of a saint and worked in the Vatican as a cook, being a member as well as Cao Cao being the possessor of the True Longinus, which is one of the Holy Relics that is deeply connected to Christianity.[1]
  • It is mentioned that there is a high possibility of more new member of Hero Faction after more than 200 human that wielder Sacred Gear that join Hero Faction after establish Hero Faction will join the team as members along with the secret supporters in Vatican.


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