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Team Sona Sitri is the team formed by Sona Sitri to participate in the international Rating Game that is called the Azazel Cup.


In Volume 22, Sona and her team took part of the opening ceremony of the Azazel Cup and witnessed Issei and his team arrived to the ceremony with the help of Ryuuteimaru.

In DX.4, the team was preparing strategies to face Issei and his Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth in their upcoming match as Saji asked Sona for permission to fight Issei one-on-one, which caused Tsubaki to scold him for his reckless request which could endanger their strategies and lose them the match but the rest of the team supported Saji's desire to fight as Sona agreed under the condition that Saji listen to when she chose the time to attack, to which Saji agreed to. During the day of the match, Sona and Issei greeted each other as Sona complimented him for becoming a King but promised to win as Issei vowed to win and asked Saji to finish their fight from last year, to which Saji nodded and agreed as the two teams were transported to the rating game field.

After being transported to their destination, Sona immediately verified the state of the field as the Sitri team appeared to be located at the peak of a towering cliff. While Sona was preparing the strategy for the match Saji and Loup noticed some movement as they urged the rest of the team to evacuate as their base was destroyed by Issei's Diabolos Dragon Infinity Blaster. Sona realized that Ravel was trying to use overwhelming power to crush her tactics. Eventually, Nimura and Yura moved to secure a recovery point where they fought against Issei, Irina and Rossweisse, as Irina was able to wrap light rings around their neck and force them to flee after they destroyed the recovery point. Saji later arrived at the center of the field and used his fire to signal his position so that he and Issei could have a fight, with Issei moving to meet him. Saji and Issei fought and Saji was initially overwhelmed by Issei as he was pushed back. He was able to stand up and fight harder after receiving encouragement from his younger sister as he unleashed numerous lines to entrap Issei, which forced Issei to use partial Diabolos Dragon to defeat him.

Meanwhile, their teammates fought each other as Loup was able to push Elmenhilde back only to be overwhelmed by her silver dolls; which were poisonous to him, Bennia was avoiding all of Bova's attacks with her speed, Yukihiko was getting pushed back by Irina in a sword fight. Tsubaki was able to corner Ravel and Asia, as she was about to unleash her Balance Breaker but fell into shock after Ravel revealed Tsubaki's doujinshi novel called High School KxI that is based on Issei and Yuuto until she lost the will to fight. The team was slowly getting eliminated due to the ring of light that Irina embedded lighting up and signaling Bina Lessthan, who devastated the are with her demonic powers and eliminated the members of Sona's team as she retired Yura and Nimura. Sona was cornered by Xenovia, who challenged her to to prove her worth as the new Student Council President. Sona used her water manipulation to control the pond nearby to create various water beasts which she sent to attack Xenovia. Although Sona initially had the advantage, Xenovia was able to turn the tide by destroying the pond with her enhanced Durandal holy wave and used both her Durandal and Excalibur to perform her Cross x Crisis technique on the remaining number of water beasts and defeat Sona, which ended in her team’s victory.


Preliminary Stage

Current Members

Known members of Team Sona Siri

Name Evil Piece Information
Sona Sitri
Sona LN Profile Image.png
King She is a High-class Devil, who is the heiress of the Sitri Clan and King of her own peerage. She is the younger sister of Serafall Leviathan, the former member of the Four Great Satans She is the childhood friend of Rias Gremory and a college student of the Kuoh Academy. She is talented at Water Magic due to her Sitri Clan ability.
Tsubaki Shinra
Tsubaki LN Profile Image.png
Queen A former member of the Shinra Clan of the Five Principal Clans, she was exiled due to possessing a Sacred Gear and became the Queen of Sona Sitri's Peerage. She is the possessor of the Sacred Gear; Mirror Alice.
Tsubasa Yura
Tsubasa Yura - Profile Pic Infobox.png
Rook Sona's Rook and a student at Kuoh Academy. She is the possessor of the Artificial Sacred Gear; Twinkle Aegis.
Loup Garou
Loup Garou Image Infobox.jpg
Rook A college student of Kuoh Academy, nicknamed "Rugal" and one of Sona's Rooks. He is Werewolf that excels in close combat, which is further enhanced by his mastery of Fire Magic.
Tomoe Meguri
Tomoe Meguri - Profile Pic Infobox.png
Knight Sona's Knight and a student at Kuoh Academy. She is the possessor of the Artificial Sacred Gear; Blazer Shining or Darkness Samurai Sword.
Bennia Orcus
Vol. 16 Illustration Bennia.jpg
Knight A half-Grim Reaper. She is the daughter of Orcus, an Ultimate-Class Grim Reaper, and a human woman. She left the Realm of the Dead and became Sona's Knight.
Momo Hanakai
Momo Hanakai - Profile Pic Infobox.png
Bishop One of Sona's Bishops and a student at Kuoh Academy. She is the possessor of the Artificial Sacred Gear; Applause Wall.
Reya Kusaka
Reya Kusaka - Profile Pic Infobox.png
Bishop One of Sona's Bishops and a student at Kuoh Academy. She is the possessor of the Artificial Sacred Gear; Scouting Persona.
Genshirou Saji
Genshirou LN Profile Image.png
Pawn X5 Sona's Pawn and a student at Kuoh Academy. He is the friend and rival of Issei Hyoudou. He is the possessor of the Sacred Gears; Vritra's Sacred Gears, which contain the soul of the Prison Dragon; Vritra.
Ruruko Nimura
Ruruko Nimura - Profile Pic Infobox.png
Pawn A student at Kuoh Academy and who was one of Sona's Pawns. She is the possessor of the Artificial Sacred Gear; Procellarum Phantom.
Yukihiko Hoderi Pawn X2 A first-year student of Kuoh Academy Junior High School division. He is the wielder of the Holy Sword; Totsuka no Tsurugi.


  • The team was noted to be extremely tactical and performed well in various different Rating Game rulesets.[1]
    • However, it is noted that the team is unable to execute strategies which affect broad situations in a Rating Game.
  • It is stated that the team was eliminated from the tournament due to losing several matches because of poor compatibility against teams with great power, despite Sona’s tactics working even against the upper-ranked players.[2]


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