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Team Shooting Star is the team formed by Shooting Star to participate in the international Rating Game that is called the Azazel Cup.


In Volume 22, Shooting Star and his team took part of the opening ceremony of the Azazel Cup and witnessed Issei and his team arrived to the ceremony with the help of Ryuuteimaru.

In Volume 25, Team Shooting Star had a match in the preliminary round which they won, as it was noted that Shooting Star was gradually mastering the power of his Longinus. They became one of the winner teams advancing to the main stage of the tournament.

In True Light Novel Volume 2, the team had a match against Team Imperial Purpure; which was lead by the heir of the Bael clan; Sairaorg Bael. At the start of the match, Shooting Star used his Longinus: Star Buster Star Blaster, to eliminate the island that Team Imperial Purpure were standing on as he managed to retire one Pawn and one Rook from the opposing team with the attack. As Sairaorg Bael acted as bait to draw Shooting Star's attention away from his teammates, the members of Team Imperial Purpure arrived at the island where Team Shooting Star was located as they engaged in battle. Team Shooting Star started to pressure the members of Team Imperial Purpure as the Rook of the team picked up a part of a mountain and threw it at Sairaorg's Rook, while the Bishop of the team unleashed a enormous amount of fireballs and ice spears as the members of Team Imperial Purpure struggled to defend against her attacks while the Knight of the team kept effortlessly dodging all of Team Imperial Purpure members' attacks with his god-speed as he kept speeding around the battlefield. Shooting Star decided to engage Sairaorg in a battle between Kings as he slashed Sairaorg's Regulus Rey Leather Rex armor with his Longinus but found himself overwhelmed by Sairaorg after the latter used his Breakdown the Beast form, which allowed his to easily deflect Shooting Star's blasts and punched him in the stomach, dealing significant damage to Shooting Star. Due to the fact that the team did not receive proper after-match treatment, the wounds that they accumulated in their previous matches didn't heal properly and they didn't have enough stamina left for the match as the members of Team Imperial Purpure started to gain the upper hand with a Bishop, a Knight and two Pawns being retired by Team Imperial Purpure. Shooting Star would try to continue to fight Sairaorg but was defeated by Sairaorg punching him in the face, retiring him and winning the match for his team.


Main Stage

  • Azazel Cup: Team Imperial Purpure vs Team Shooting Star

Current Members

Known members of Team Shooting Star

Name Evil Piece Information
Shooting Star King A Magician who is the possessor of one of the newly manifested Longinus: Star Buster Star Blaster. He formed the team by recruiting talented people who were largely unknown by the Three Factions by promising them delicious food and prestige by competing in the Azazel Cup.
Shooting Star's Rook Rook A Low-class Devil, who has a giant body with their height around three meters as he possesses great physical strength and his power is stated to be equivalent to that of an Ultimate-class Devil. Due to his Low-class Devil status, he could only get a job taking care of boulders in wastelands, prior to getting recruited by Shooting Star.
Shooting Star's Bishop Bishop A Magician from an unknown Magicians' association. She is stated to lack any technical skill and cannot use any complex spells but is capable of using basic elemental spells with a immense degree of power.
Shooting Star's Knight Knight A thin man who possesses immense god-like speed.


  • Team Shooting Star was named after its King; Shooting Star, who brought all of the team members together.
  • The members of the team are various talented individuals who are unknown to the Three Factions, who Shooting Star recruited by promising them food and prestige.
    • Due to not being praised or appreciated, the team members are very loyal and thankful to him for giving them a chance to prove themselves.
  • The team's wish was to live in world without starvation.
  • The team was the dark-horse of the Azazel Cup as they initially suffered a repeated losing streak only to improve during the middle of the preliminary round, even defeating teams with God-class beings.