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Team Rias Gremory is the team formed by Rias Gremory to participate in the international Rating Game tournament that is called the Azazel Cup.


In Volume 22, the members of Team Rias Gremory participated in the opening ceremony of the Azazel Cup, along with their newly recruited Crom, Lint, and Valerie.

In Volume 23, the team achieved victories over the matches, their next Rating game match was with an Ultimate-Class Devil when they shows off to everyone the improvement of both old and new members of their team. Rias easily overpowered the Ultimate-Class Devil who was already wounded from Crom Cruach's earlier attack, with most of the opposing teams peerage being forced to retire, the Ultimate-Class Devil had no choice but to surrender, thus adding another win to Rias and her team. On a later date, Rias payed a visit to the farm in Italy where Vasco Strada was under house arrest, to offer him a place on her her team for the tournament. While Vasco was intending to decline like all the others, Rias attempted to persuaded him by reaching out to the warrior in him to fight again, she then sweetens the deal by temporary restoring the old man to his youth via non-demonic means so as to not appose Vasco's faith. Further Rias teleported a long, slim briefcase, within it were two sword, one of which was the new Durandal II sword for Vasco created by Heaven, Vasco picks it up and slowly come to accept her offer, successfully recruiting Vasco into her team.

In Volume 24, Team Rias Gremory’s match was set against Team White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star. One the day of the match, the team went to the Fafnir Stadium for their match and began their fight, with Vasco easily overpowered Vali, Bikou, Gogmagog, and Fenrir until Arthur stepped in to fight him one-on-one in a sword match while expressing a grin of delight on their faces and Yuuto fighting against Bikou. Akeno then faced off against the current Zhu Bajie and Le Fay Pendragon while the rest of their comrades acted as guards around the stadium to prevent any Grim Reapers from interfering with the match. She struck Zhu Bajie with her Holy Lightning, but had little effect due to him enjoying the pain, she then recalls that he was indeed a masochist. Because of his high tolerance for pain, Akeno then used her Lighting Dragon technique to finish him but was stopped by Le Fay just in time. Lint faced off against Sha Wujing on a equal footing until she accidentally called Sha Wujing a Kappa, which angered her enough to summon a large volume of water and leading Lint to summon her silver wings and purple flames. Rias was approached by Vali only for Crom step in as he wishes to be his opponent. Rias tells Crom that in this tournament he will be replacing Issei and will allow him loose to fight Vali. After leaving Crom to Vali, Rias and Gasper sees Fenrir in a rooftop of a building and they prepared to face him. Rias and Gasper were overwhelmed by Fenrir’s incredible speed and watched as he gets enveloped in his gray aura as he returns to his prime state. Crom made the first move to charged straight towards Vali with his right arm transformed into that of a dragon’s large claw whilst coated in an unbelievably dense aura, Vali however was able to dodge the attack where the aura alone destroyed several skyscrapers in its way. The two then engaged in a fierce melee battle in mid-air, exchanged blows at high speed, throwing in all sorts of moves in that generated immense vibrations and booms in the air that also caused the entire atmosphere to tremble. Crom mocked Vali for only dodging his attacks but the young man retorted saying that he wanted to see the attacks of the so-called strongest Evil Dragon first, Crom then pulled back temporarily to express how proud he was that an Evil Dragon like him could fight against a silvery-white dragon like Vali and that he had no regrets over it. Their fight continued with Vali this time firing a bombardment of demonic power that Crom repelled with his fist, sending them flying off towards the surrounding buildings. Crom Cruach then spewed forth flames which covered the entire sky to which Vali responded by attempting to counter them with his Compression Divider but it proved to be ineffective as he was hit by the flames. Crom then dived into the scorching fires to continue to assault Vali amidst the inferno of searing flames. Vali's silvery-white aura was used to blow away the flame but Crom Cruach still continued his assault on Vali as his armor melted from the flames and continued to crack from the Evil Dragon's blows, so he struck a blow of energy at Crom to momentarily retreat. However, Crom Cruach grabbed onto him with his other arm that had been transformed into a large Dragon's claw and thrust it straight across. With no means of escaping, Vali was forced to endure the attack that caused him to be propelled backwards through various skyscrapers. Despite being worn out and gasping for air, Vali still flew immediately out of a collapsed building to stand before Crom’s eyes and expressed how honored he felt to fight him just before activating his DxD armor. Crom was still able to hit Vali and deflect his attacks towards buildings despite his abnormally increased speed. Crom continued to pursue him while all Vali could do was gather aura to his arms to block; he then asked the Evil Dragon how was he able to hit him, to which Crom simply replied Intuition. Crom then spewed out flames much fiercer then before. This time, however, Vali used his Satan Compression Divider which allowed him to completely erase the flames and then sent his Wyvern Fairies towards Crom to continuously use his Half Dimension on him which restricted his movements. Still determined, Crom gritted his teeth to the point of bleeding and attempted to advance forward until he broke free by destroying all of Vali's wyverns one after the other. Rias and Gasper chanted together and Rias gets cloaked by Gasper’s darkness similar to the armors of the Longinus and calls it Forbidden Invade Balor the Princess. Rias attempted to freeze Fenrir’s movement but he managed to release himself using his gray aura, Rias teleported to the building and unleashed her power of destruction with combining it with the power of darkness thus destroying the building while launching it at Fenrir but managed to dodge the attack. Koneko (in Shirone Mode) and Kuroka went up against each other as their remaining allies stood guard outside the stadium. Just after Thanatos and his minions were defeated, Issei used his new ability to contact the Nekomata girls through Ravel's and their breasts, while she expressed dislike towards this method, he tells them the threat to them has been dealt with. With that, Kuroka issues that whoever wins their fight will be Issei's bride, however he objects to this by saying that he will take them both as his brides, thus they both accepted his proposal. Their fight continued as Kuroka makes another bet that whoever wins will take the lead to mate with Issei first which Koneko accepts. As they prepare to finish it, while Koneko was was reverted back to her normal size but still uses Touki as she grows a third tail, delivering a punch that rendered Kuroka to retire from the game. Kuroka compliments on how strong her sister has gotten and that she no longer needs her but Koneko denies it saying that she will always need her big sister. Both swordsmen held out for a while, but Vasco's attacks nearly depleted Arthur's stamina as he kneels down every time he blocked his sword, even when he used his sword technique to strike at him via portals created by Caliburn, Vasco was still able to avoid each blow. While Vasco complimented Arthur's skills as a swordsman, he also lectures how they've been tainted by a slight sense of vanity. Refusing to give up, Arthur channeled holy aura into his blade again and let loose a holy wave. However, this move was canceled by Vasco's Holy Fist. Believing that he will most likely lose this fight, Arthur still wished to continue to give all he had for the remainder of it. Yuuto created his army of Dragon Knights to counter Bikou's clones while the two real ones clashed with each other with Gram and Ruyi Bang respectively as they exchanged blows with a speed that was so fast that it was not visible to the naked eye. Due to his training with Vasco, the way that Yuuto he used Gram in a close-range fight had changed, for he had learned to release a vast amount of aura in the instant of the sword’s impact in order to compensate for his lack of power. This method pressured Bikou to step back attack with his Ruyi Bang extending at him, but Yuuto's lighting fast speed was able to dodge and appear behind him to strike him. Eventually, Bikou’s Ruyi Bang was cut apart but he pulled a second one from his ear. Yuuto responded by vanishing his Dragon Knights to use his other Sacred Gear to summon a horde of Holy-Demonic blades from the ground which forced Bikou to jump, thus creating an opening for Kiba to finish him with Gram coated in Holy-Demonic aura. Valerie was then defeated by Gogmagog under its instructions from Fenrir to shoot its lasers at the building she was hiding, and Rias started to lose stamina in her Balor form as she continued to fight Fenrir, but Gogmagog arrived to assist him and shoot her with lasers forcing her to use her demonic power to deflect them. Rias and Gasper watched as Gogmagog destroys the building where Valerie is and Vasco arrives to assist Rias in her fight against Fenrir and Gogmagog. Gasper separates himself from Rias as she reaches her limits and tells her she needs to announce her retirement, much to Rias’s protest. Rias begrudgingly announces her retirement, this allows Vali and his team to win the match.

In True Volume 2, Team Rias Gremory’s match was set against Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth. One the day of the match, the team went to the Fafnir Stadium for their match and began their fight, with Rias, Yuuto, and Lint successfully ambushing Bova and Roygun, due to her experience in Rating Games. Crom was thanked by Asia for letting Xenovia and Irina go and he shows his respect towards Asia for standing bravely against him and recalls about the team having difficulty about fighting Asia and later told Fafnir that he plans to defeat Asia because of the order he received from Rias, which causes Fafnir to enter his Outrage mode and begins to fight against each other. Akeno arrived at the forest of the artificial Kuoh Town to protect Valerie from Rossweisse and Elmenhilde, and figuring that Issei’s team strategy was to trap Valerie and her bodyguard. She began to clash with Rossweisse by firing her lightning at her, but was blocked by the defensive barrier, and later her lightning was repelled by Rossweisse’s elemental attacks. She summoned five of her Holy Lightning Dragons, but they collided with Rossweisse’s enhanced elemental magic burst and caused a explosion, forcing Akeno on her knees. She brings out her Oni mask that she got from the Himejima house to summon her Oni familiars Ura and Douji Ibaraki to assist her in battle and together they went to clash with Rossweisse and Elmenhilde. Koneko arrived to Ravel’s location and transformed to her three-tailed form and enveloped herself in Touki and warn Ravel that she won’t lose to hitting games. Thanks to her speed, Koneko was able to punch Ravel, but the damage was regenerated because of her clan’s regeneration abilities and Koneko became impressed that Ravel would engage in close combat and decided to heighten her Senjutsu. Ouryuu engaged Lint. she began to fight Ouryuu in a one-one fight, and she started to defend herself when he entered his Dragon Man form. During the fight, Lint lost her balance when Ouryuu continued to manipulate the earth where she was standing on and received a powerful attack from him and started to leak out blood from the wound she received from Roygun's new technique. Lint became happy when Ouryuu told her that he has no intention to go easy on her and she enters her Balance Breaker and summoned her three angels to fight Ouryuu, but they were trapped by Ouryuu’s earth cage with layers. Due to the wound she received from Roygun, Lint was unable to use her Balance Breaker properly which made her angels disappear and tried to summon them again but was sent flying backwards by Ouryuu's touki-empowered punch, causing her to retire, not before warning Ouryuu about fighting his next opponents. The fight between Crom and Fafnir became fierce as they destroyed houses around the area as they exchanged punches and uses his fists, aura, and flames to fight him and later deflected all of Fafnir’s attacks and blows him away with his pure strength. Crom became cautious when Fafnir summons his mini selves and they latched onto him and they began to bite and scratch him, with Crom unleashing a large amount of aura to get them off. He started to use his fire breath to take out the remaining mini Fafnirs and engulfed the real Fafnir with his flames and fired his aura bullets at him and Asia. But Crom was bitten by Fafnir because of his willpower to protect Asia and he became happy that he managed to break his arm and praises him for fighting till the end and noticed Asia is standing bravely against him, admiring her resolve, Crom became honored to fight against Asia and Fafnir as he defeats and retires them. Rias, Gasper, and Yuuto finally encounter Issei and Grayfia in the battlefield. Rias lets Yuuto to fight Issei in her place as she wanted to challenge Grayfia to a fight in her Forbidden Invade Balor the Princes form and defeated her by using her aura sphere. Arriving to their destination, Yuuto told Issei as he held his demonic sword Gram that he’s grateful for Issei being his friend and wants to continue being friends with him and that’s why he wants to fight him with all his strength. Yuuto and Issei began their clash and used their respective swords to strike at each other, with Yuuto noting that Issei can keep up with him in his DxD form, causing Yuuto to increase his aura to use his other Balance Breaker Glory Drag Trooper to summon armored knights that wore dragon-like armor and each of them held a demonic sword such as Balmung, Nothung, Dáinsleif, and Tyrfing. Yuuto orders his dragon knights to attack Issei but each of them were defeated, but continued to resurrect them to attack him again, which gave Yuuto an opening to launch his Gram on Issei, but his armor recieved little damage. Realizing Issei’s black armor was on a different level, Yuuto made his dragon knights disappear to increase his aura on his whole body and forming device-like shoes and rocket boosters, after he finished increasing his aura, Yuuto disappear with high speed and continued to attack Issei every time he dodge. But Issei turn the tides by using his Transfer ability on Yuuto to increase the auras of the boosters from his back and shoes, which causes Yuuto to lose control of his speed and crashes into a carpark. Refusing to give up, Yuuto summons a countless number of Holy Demonic Swords around Issei, but he summons both Ascalons to destroy all of them, Yuuto still refuses to give up and summons one more Holy Demonic Sword and throws it at Issei and stabbed his right shoulder of the armor, but was defeated when Issei fired his Dragon Shot at him. Vasco was already in his prime state and was confronted by Xenovia and Irina, and they began their battle, with Vasco effortlessly managed to push back the duo even with Xenovia using her Crimson Destruction Dragonar armor and destroyed it with his Durandal II and holy fist. As Xenovia and Irina were doing a combination attack on Vasco, he increase his aura and wave his Durandal II and holy fist in order to blow them away and told Xenovia and Irina to show him what they learned at the church. The duo was joined by Ouryuu Nakiri and the three of them began attacking Vasco and he deflected their attacks with his Durandal II, but they managed to break Vasco’s finger when it was twisted in the wrong direction, and he destroyed the earth cage with his holy fist that was made by Ouryuu to seal his body and his left ring finger was broken when Xenovia fired her Durandal bullets, which Vasco founded interesting and increased the aura of his Durandal II to fire it at Xenovia and she poured all of the remaining Red Dragon Emperor’s power into Durandal and Excalibur to block the attack. As Xenovia used her Cross Crisis, Vasco heightened the aura on his Durandal II and tried to counter the attack, but he was stopped by Irina and Ouryuu who rendered him immobile and was bombarded by Xenovia’s Cross Crisis and Irina’s countless light bullets and sent flying into a building to increase their damage to him. Vasco fired his holy aura that formed cracks all over the ground and enveloped himself in a unfathomable aura as he showed his broken Durandal II, calling it inevitable as he told the trio the real match starts now. Rias and Gasper were confronted by Issei and she laughed as she saw the same act Issei perform at the Rating Game against Riser and his line is the reason she fall in love with him. Rias entered her Forbidden Invade Balor the Princess form with Gasper’s help without chanting and began her fight against Issei by firing a demonic power bullet at each other and as Issei use Dress Break DxD on Rias to destroy her darkness clothing, it reattached back on Rias and fired a giant bullet of her destructive demonic power at him. She tried to use her third eye glow to stop time on him, but he managed to evade it, and as he uses Dress Break DxD again to destroy her darkness clothing, Rias’s breasts gets attached by Issei’s tail from his armor to absorb her breast energy and she tried to fire her destructive demonic power, but her aura was unable to manifest, and thus Rias and Gasper were defeated by Issei when used his Nyuutron Beam Cannon on them, ending the match and losing their place in the tournament.


Preliminary Rounds

Main Stage

Current Members

Known members of Team Rias Gremory

Name Evil Piece Information

Rias Gremory

Volume 20 - Rias.jpg
King The team leader of Team Rias Gremory and the King of her official peerage. She is one of Kuoh Academy’s Two Great Ladies and the heiress of the Gremory clan. She is the younger sister of Sirzechs Lucifer, the former member of the Four Great Satans and she is one of Issei Hyoudou’s fiancées. Due to her mother coming from the Bael clan, she possesses the Bael clan power; the Power of Destruction.

Akeno Himejima

Akeno LN Profile Image.png
Queen The official Queen of Rias' peerage and one of Kuoh Academy’s Two Great Ladies. She is the daughter of Baraqiel, the vice governor of the Grigori and Shuri Himejima, a member of the Himejima Clan, as well as one of Issei’s fiancées. She was exiled by the Himejima clan after they discovered of her Fallen Angel heritage. She possesses the power of Holy Lightning, which she inherited from her father.

Koneko Toujou

Koneko LN Profile Image.png
Rook The official Rook of Rias' peerage and one of Issei’s fiancées. She is a Nekomata and the younger sister of Kuroka. After her sister killed their former Devil master in order to protect her from being used as experiment, Koneko was about to be executed until she was protected by Sirzechs. She is a expert at Senjutsu and Youjutsu.
Vasco Strada
Rook The former Exorcist of the Vatican and the previous wielder of Durandal. He once lead a rebellion against Team DxD, but he was defeated and placed under house arrest on a farm in Italy. Vasco and his allies helped Team DxD against Trihexa and the Evil Dragons during the Evil Dragon War. He agreed to join Team Rias Gremory after Rias offered to help him become younger so he could battle against other talented swordsmen.

Yuuto Kiba

High School D×D Vol.5 Colored LN Illustration.jpg
Knight The official Knight of Rias' peerage. Yuuto was chosen to be a part of a project called "The Holy Sword Project" under the supervision of Valper Galilei. In his dying moments, when he was found and was reincarnated by Rias as her servant Devil. He is the possessor of the Sacred Gears, Sword Birth and Blade Blacksmith. After defeating the Hero Faction member Siegfried, Yuuto became the current wielder of the Demon Swords such as Gram, Balmung, Dáinsleif, Nothung, and Tyrfing.

Lint Sellzen

Lint Sellzen True dxd Color.png
Knight She is a Exorcist and a Reincarnated Angel, who is a member of the Vatican and and Heaven's Brave Saints as an Extra Joker. She is also the wielder of the Longinus; Incinerate Anthem. Lint is a former artificial human created by the genes of the original Siegfried in order to wield the strongest Demon Sword; Gram.

Gasper Vladi

Gasper LN Profile Image.png
Bishop The official Bishop of Rias' peerage and the wielder of the Longinus; Aeon Balor. He is a Dhampir who was a member of the House of Vladi until he was abuse and isolated himself. After he was nearly killed by Vampire hunters, Rias took pity on him and reincarnated him as her Devil servant.

Valerie Tepes

Valerie in a cardboard.jpg
Bishop The childhood friend of Gasper and the wielder of the Longinus; Sephiroth Graal. She is the former queen of the Tepes Faction and the daughter of the 4th King Of Tepes. During the Vampire Civil War, her Holy Grail was stolen by her half-brother Marius Tepes and fell into a comatose state until she awakened with the help Vasco, who gave DxD a fragment of the original Holy Grail.

Crom Cruach

Crom Cruach in Shin DxD 2.jpeg
Pawn X8 He is known Crescent Circle Dragon who was controlled by the Evil God Balor and the strongest of the Evil Dragons. He joined the Qlippoth in order to fight against strong foes until he had a change a heart after the attack on Heaven. He agreed to joined Team Rias Gremory under the condition of fighting strong opponents such as the Two Heavenly Dragons and that they giving him bananas, which is the favorite food of Dragons.



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