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Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth is the team formed by Issei Hyoudou to participate in the international Rating Game tournament that is called the Azazel Cup.


In Volume 22, Issei and the members of Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth arrived at the Azazel Cup opening ceremony through his familiar Ryuuteimaru. The team were set up against Team Lightning that was led by Baraqiel, where Issei meets with him at the Azazel Stadium and Baraqiel asked Akeno about who she will be cheering in their match, which she revealed that she will be cheering for Issei. This leaves Baraqiel heartbroken and he vows to defeat Issei. During the match, Issei talked with Baraqiel about his relationship with Akeno and confesses his love for her in front of him and the whole stadium, and finally defeats Baraqiel with his Crimson Blaster. After the match, the team learned their next match will against Team Trump Card of Heaven and Elmenhilde arrived at the Hyoudou Residence to request to Issei to let her join his team.

In Volume 23, Issei and the team went on a meeting with Team Trump Card of Heaven at the Hyoudou Residence to introduce their members to each other and discuss on their upcoming match. They also meet with the supervisor of Dulio’s team, which is revealed to be Rudiger Rosenkreutz, the seventh champion of the Rating Game. At the Occult Research Club, Ouryuu and Millarca came to the club room to introduce the team to Tiamat, one of the Dragon Kings, who has come to demand Ddraig to give her the treasures he borrowed from her before his fight against Albion in the Great War. Deciding to help the team win the tournament so they can wish her treasures back, Tiamat asks Issei to let Ouryuu join his team so he can help them win and gain some fighting experience as he is to become the next head of the Nakiri clan. During their training at the Gremory territory, the team meet their new advisor Roygun, who’s under surveillance by the Underworld higher-ups and having been exiled by the Belphegor clan for using the King Piece to win her Rating Games. She handed the documents regarding the details on Rudiger and started to flirt at Issei because of her liking for younger men until she was stopped by Ravel, after that she told the team that she will be cheering for them at their Rating Game. At the Hyoudou Residence, Elmenhilde revealed her reason why she wants to join his team, which is to put the incident of her homeland behind her and overcome her past and Issei asking why she wants to be in his team specifically, she hesitated to answer and blushes, leaving Asia to scold Issei. On the day of the match, the team and their newly recruited members, Ouryuu and Elmenhilde, arrived at the Ajuka Stadium and began their match with Dulio and his team taking advantage of using Irina with Five Card to snatch the ball and earned the scores, which shocked Irina. In the match, Issei gets trapped in a bubble and sees a video recording of Gabriel wearing a swimsuit as a distraction and Ouryuu shows his true power by transforming into a Dragon Man and worked together with Bova to free Issei from the bubble. Xenovia loudly asks Issei to make her his bride in front of the whole stadium and Irina makes the same proposal, leading Issei to accept them, giving them power boost after being overjoyed with his answer. Griselda went to Xenovia’s location to give her lecture and the two begin to fight against each other. Under Ravel’s permission, Elmenhilde decided to use her special technique by drinking the small vials containing the bloods of Ravel and Issei, giving her the power of Phoenix and a boost from Dragon blood that she easily deflected the large spear of light from Mirana. Issei took on Dulio with his Crimson Armor and did a partial Dragon Deification on his left arm to destroy Dulio’s huge ball of fire and a giant spear of ice, and later engages in a melee fight with Dulio. Xenovia was facing off against Nero and used her signature ability Cross Crisis on him, but he miraculously survived and managed to land a punch on her. Dulio and his team managed to win against them after their score was 144 – 146, but Issei and the team took their loss well and congratulated their opponents. After the match, the team learned that they will be facing against Team Leisure of the Kings and they were visited by Roygun and her peerage at the Hyoudou Residence, who wants to join the team in order to stand on the stage of the Rating Games once more and to dedicate everything to Issei.

In Volume DX.4, Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth was in a strategy meeting at the Hyoudou Residence for their match against Team Sona Sitri that was led by Sona Sitri, discussing their opponents and their artificial Sacred Gears. On the day of the match, the team headed to the Armaros Colosseum and began their match with Elmenhilde sending her bats to do surveillance on the area. Eventually Issei took on Rukuro, who managed redirect his Dress Break to Irina and Rossweisse, much to their dismay. Despite of Ravel’s warnings, Issei decided to head to Saji’s location and settle their rivalry and entered a fist fight by throwing punches to each other’s faces. Issei defeated Saji by entering Dragon Deification and make the final punch and Elmehilde face off against Loup Garou by using silver dolls that was based on Gundam, which is considered to be poisonous to Werewolves. Bova had difficulties with Bennia Orcus due to her speed and wasn’t able to land a hit on her and Irina was facing against the new member of Sona’s team, Yukihiko Hoderi through sword fight. Ravel began to torture Tsubaki Shinra with a doujinshi novel called High School KxI that is based on Issei and Yuuto until she lost the will to fight. Xenovia went to challenge Sona to prove her worth as the new Student Council President by destroying Sona’s water dragons with her enhanced Durandal holy wave and uses both her Durandal and Excalibur to perform her Cross x Crisis technique to the number of water beasts and defeat Sona, which ended in her team’s victory.

In Volume 24, Team Red Dragon of the Blazing Truth joined forces with the members of the Slash/Dog Team to defend the Fafnir Stadium of Vali’s and Rias’ Rating Game from the strongest Grim Reaper; Thanatos and his allies, who were after Koneko and Kuroka. Ouryuu and Bova were the first members of the team to encounter the Grim Reapers and began questioning them about their motives, which they remain silent about it and offered to spare their lives, but Ouryuu and Bova had no intention of letting them go and became frustrated when they spoke poor about Issei. The team members and Lavinia Reni’s group encountered the Grim Reapers at the shopping district and began their fight against them. Issei finally encountered Thanatos at the wilderness area that was far away from the Fafnir Stadium after he was forcefully transfer to their location and entered his Pseudo Dragon Deification, defeating him with his fourth signature ability called Nyuutron Beam Cannon.

In Volume 25, the team watched Diehauser Belial’s victories against the God-class teams and Team Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King winning against Ultimate-class Devils. They learned that a team of Sacred Gear users led by Shooting Star were competing in the Azazel Cup and their newly recruit Roygun informed them about the Longinuses are increasing and Gasper Vladi obtained his Longinus certification, much to Ouryuu’s surprise. Rossweisse began to feel nervous for her upcoming marriage interview with the current chief-god of Norse mythology Vidar. After the interview, the team began to study about Team Leisure of the Kings and their abilities and after that they were summoned by Ajuka to the VIP room together with Team Rias Gremory to give them a special training ground called Belzebut, while Issei went with Cao Cao to meet with Indra to get stronger. On the day of the match, the team headed to the Thor Stadium at Valhalla in Norse mythology. As the match started, the team were separated themselves as they took the stairs and the others went by flying to one of the floating islands of artificial Yggdrasil. Xenovia, Irina, and Ouryuu encountered Apollon at the floating island and properly introduces themselves as members of Issei’s team. The remaining team were stopped by the goddess Artemis, with Grayfia and Asia challenging her to a battle and after continuing to the half point, Issei and his remaining team members see Typhon at the floating island wondering who will be his opponent and see Vidar inviting him to a vast floating island to be his opponent as he travels there with Ravel and Rossweisse while leaving Roygun, Bova, and Elmenhilde to deal with Typhon. Issei, Ravel, and Rossweisse finally encountered Vidar and the Valkyrie Squad at the highest floating island and Issei was offered to fight against Vidar one on one match while Ravel and Rossweisse deal with the Valkyrie Squad. Chanting into his DxD form Issei noticed his countdown changed from 10 to 88 countdown and sent Vidar’s kick back with his punches and threw him off balance and as he closed the distance between them Issei summoned Ascalon to appear from his left hand and attempting to slash Vidar but he dodged the attack and jumped back as he pulled away from Ascalon and then he summoned his Ascalon II. Issei continued to overwhelm Vidar with his DxD form and his two Ascalon attacks, completely pushing him back despite being a god with Vidar also commenting his countdown has increased with Issei believing the miracle drug Amrita must’ve had an effect on him which allowed him to stay in DxD form for eighty-eight minutes thus becoming curious what would happen if his countdown reaches zero. After hearing Brynhildr and the Valkyrie Squad screaming due to learning that Rossweisse kissed Issei, Vidar whispered to him that Brynhildr and the Valkyries are virgins shocking Issei and watch Ravel and Rosswiesse defeating Brynhildr, Helmwige, Ortlinde, Grimgerde, and Schwertleite with their strategy. The gems on Issei’s armor began to glow in a deep crimson light and forming into a giant red dragon which revealed to be Ddraig himself, much to Issei’s and everyone’s shock. Issei realizes that he is still wearing his armor, despite Ddraig being separated from him, with Ddraig explaining that he still connected to him and Issei watches as Ddraig takes on Typhon and Apollon and pushed them back with his flames, Boost, and Penetrate abilities. Issei and Vidar decided to continue their fight and Issei screams to Rossweisse to give birth many of his children, with Rossweisse loudly agreeing and Vidar becoming dumbfounded as he burst out into laughter, revealing he never had any intention of marrying Rossweisse much to Issei’s surprise. Vidar is finally defeated by a clever maneuver from Issei with Ascalon and Ascalon II and Issei and his team emerge victorious after Ddraig defeated Typhon.

In True Volume 2, the team members and Issei’s peerage went to their training camp at the mountain and became amazed at the size of a three-story mansion. After putting away their luggage, Issei and his team began their training by themselves, with Issei climbing a mountain, being accompanied by Ouryuu and Bova to the top and witnessing the view of the scenery and the training between his team members such as Xenovia, Irina, Grayfia, and Roygun. Issei, Ouryuu, and Bova started to climb down the mountain and caught a glimpse of Ingvild’s training, who formed a Eastern Dragon that was made of water. The team started eating their morning breakfast and continued their training, with Issei wearing his armor in the mountain to boost his stamina and after finishing their training, they watched the match between Sairaorg and his team against Team Shooting Star, with Sairaorg emerging as the victor of the match. After that, the team traveled to the Oppai Dragon Stadium in the Gremory territory for their match against Rias and her team, they eventually meet up with his parents in the VIP room to watch their match and meet their bodyguard Mitsuya Kanzaki for the first time and watch the hostility between him and his junior Ouryuu until they left to their match, and with Issei noticing Mitsuya smiling at him. When the match started, Issei and his team were transported to the artificial Hyoudou Residence as their HQ and went to the basement to avoid long-ranged attacks and began to discuss about their strategy. Eventually Roygun and Bova started to scout around the artificial Kuoh Town until they were ambushed by Rias in her Forbidden Invade Balor The Princess form, Yuuto, and Lint which causes Bova to retire from their attacks. Asia rode on Fafnir with Xenovia and Irina to fly through the field and they are confronted by Crom, who was ordered by Rias to take out Asia. She asks Xenovia and Irina to go on without her as she decided to take on Crom in order to buy some time, but Irina was concerned at first until she was convinced after seeing Asia’s determination. She thanks Crom for not chasing after Xenovia and Irina as she and Fafnir prepare to fight against him in battle. Asia supported Fafnir by healing him from his injuries that he received from Crom and temporary activating her Balance Breaker to create a healing field that nullified all damage. She threw her panties at Fafnir to summon the mini Fafnirs to attack Crom and eventually made him fight seriously by unleashing his all out attacks on the mini Fafnirs and Fafnir himself. After Fafnir got heavily damage by Crom, Asia began to heal him again and as Crom was coming to finish off Fafnir with aura enhanced fist, the golden dragon flew towards the Evil Dragon and bit and broke his arm, but was defeated in the end. Despite Fafnir being defeated, Asia bravely to faces Crom on her own as she declares she is Issei’s servant and his future wife, which earned her admiration from Crom as he defeats and retires his opponent. Wearing his crimson armor, Issei and Grayfia finally confronted Rias and Yuuto and agrees to accompanied his rival to settle the score as Rias wanted to fight Grayfia. Arriving at their destination, Issei entered his Dragon Deification form and began his fight with Yuuto and easily matches his speed as they clash with their respective swords, and as Yuuto activates his Balance Breaker Glory Drag Trooper to summon armored knights and each of them held Balmung, Nothung, Dáinsleif, and Tyrfing. Issei was forced to defend himself and fight them at the same time until Yuuto found an opening and gets slashed by his Gram, but it was unable to destroy his Dragon Deification armor. As Yuuto uses his boosters from his back and shoes, Issei had trouble following his movements and took damage every time he attacked, using his prediction, he manage use Transfer on Yuuto to increase his speed which causes him to crash into a carpark, despite the damage he took, Yuuto summoned countless numbers of Holy Demonic Swords around Issei, but he used both of Ascalons to destroy all of them. Issei defeats Yuuto in their fight as he launches his Dragon Shot at him and later he was confronted by Crom, who has finished his fight with Asia and Fafnir, as the countdown reaches zero for Ddraig manifest into battle, he urged Issei to fight Rias as he holds off Crom. Grayfia’s demonic aura became unstable as her attacks were overwhelmed by Rias and her bullet attacks were stopped due to the Rias’ third eye and created a sphere from her demonic power, only to be repelled by Rias’ own demonic sphere. She gave her sincere words to Rias as she was tearfully defeated and eventually retired from the Rating Game. Issei arrived to Rias’ location and made the same act as he did during the rating game against Riser, which causes Rias to laugh as she remembered those lines, as she entered her Forbidden Invade Balor the Princess form, Issei and Rias began their fight by shooting each other with their demonic power and tried to use Penetrate to hear her breast thoughts, but ended up hear both voices from Rias and Gasper. He used his Dress Break DxD to destroy her darkness clothing, but they reattached themselves back to Rias as she summons a giant bullet of her destructive demonic power and responded back firing a gigantic Dragon Shot. Coming up with a strategy, Issei used his Dress Break DxD on Rias again to destroy the darkness clothing and attach his tail to Rias’ breasts in order to absorb her breast energy so he could activate his Nyuutron Beam Cannon, defeating her and Gasper as well as winning the match, as he sees a injured Ddraig return and shares a fist bump with him.


Preliminary Rounds

Main Stage

Current Members

Known members of Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth

Name Evil Piece Information
Issei Hyoudou

Issei I.png

King The team leader of Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth and independent King of his official peerage, as well as the Pawn of Rias Gremory's Peerage. He is the wielder of the Longinus Boosted Gear, which contains the soul of the Welsh Dragon Ddraig (The Red Dragon Emperor). He is the direct rival of Vali Lucifer, who is the possessor of the Vanishing Dragon; Albion (The White Dragon Emperor).
Ingvild Leviathan


Queen The official Queen of Issei’s peerage. One of the descendants of the original Leviathan and possessor of the Longinus Nereid Kyrie. Originally, Ingvild was kept as a reserve member due to the fact that she had just awakened and was unused to controlling her powers. However, after Grayfia left the team and seeing the progress in Ingvild's training as well as her resolve, Issei allowed her to join the team to fill the spot left by Grayfia's departure.

Rossweisse I.png

Rook[note 1][note 2] The official Rook of Issei’s peerage and one of his fiancées. Rossweisse was a Valkyrie assistant of the former chief-god of Norse, Odin. She was persuaded by Rias into becoming her servant when she looked at the Gremory summary papers and is amazingly fascinated by the huge amount of money. After Issei’s became a High-class Devil, Rias traded her to become a member of his peerage. She possesses the legendary Norse weapon; the Mistilteinn Wand.
Ouryuu Nakiri


Rook[note 3] The heir of the Nakiri clan of the Five Principal Clans and a member of Kuoh Academy’s Student Council. He holds a great deal of admiration towards Issei and considers him his role model after he overcame every obstacles, despite him being a high school student. Under the request of the Dragon King Tiamat, Ouryuu became a member of Issei’s team as the Fist of the Red Dragon Emperor.
Xenovia Quarta

Xenovia I.png

Knight The official Knight of Issei’s peerage as well as one of his fiancées, who possesses the legendary Holy Swords; Durandal and Excalibur. Xenovia was a former Exorcist of the Church and came from the institution as Griselda Quarta, where she became Xenovia’s guardian. After learning the death of God of the Bible, Xenovia was excommunicated by the Church and was invited to become a member of Rias’ peerage. After Issei’s became a High-class Devil, Rias traded her to become a member of his peerage.
Irina Shidou


Knight The childhood friend of Issei and one of his fiancées. She is Archangel Michael's Ace who possesses the legendary Holy Sword; Hauteclere. She left Japan and went to England with her family to be trained as a Exorcist, where she became friends and partners with Xenovia. After the peace treaty was formed by the Three Factions, Irina became a Reincarnated Angel under Michael’s Brave Saints and became a student of Kuoh Academy as a representative. When the Azazel Cup was formed, Irina, with the permission of Heaven’s higher-ups, decided to become a member of Issei’s team because of her love for Issei and her friendship with Xenovia and Asia.
Asia Argento


Bishop The official Bishop of Issei’s peerage and one of his fiancées, who is the possessor of the Sacred Gear; Twilight Healing. She was former nun of the Church who was excommunicated for healing Diodora Astaroth, who was a Devil. After her excommunication, she became a underling of Raynare and befriended Issei. After Raynare was defeated, she was revived as Devil under Rias’ peerage and waited for Issei to become a High-class Devil so she can become a member of his peerage. After Issei’s became a High-class Devil, Rias traded her to become a member of his peerage.
Roygun Belphegor


Bishop[note 4] The former 2nd place champion of the Rating Game who used a King Piece to increase her power and a member of the Extra Demons clan: Belphegor. After she was exposed, she was exiled by her clan members and was put under surveillance by the higher-ups, as she couldn’t participate in the Rating Games on her own. She became the advisor of Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth under Ruval’s suggestion and she eventually sought out to Issei to join his team for Azazel Cup in order to redeem herself, while also taking a liking to him. She possess the Belphegor clan ability of Crack; which can create tears in most things.
Ravel Phenex

Ravel I.png

Pawn X2[note 2] The official Bishop of Issei’s peerage and his second-in-command. She was originally a Bishop of older brother Riser’s peerage until he was defeated by Issei. Ravel was traded to her mother’s peerage and waited for the day until Issei to become a High-class Devil so she can trade Ravel to him. She possesses the Phenex powers of Immortality, as well as their control over fire and wind.
Elmenhilde Karnstein


Pawn X2 A pure-blooded Vampire from the Noble House of Karnstein from the Carmilla Faction. She originally had a arrogant personality and looked down on Issei, despite him being the Red Dragon Emperor. But after witnessing the destruction of her homeland during the Vampire Civil War, which was caused by Rizevim Livan Lucifer and being saved by Issei on New Year, she became a much more friendlier towards the group. She eventually sought out to join Issei’s team for the Azazel Cup to put the incident of her homeland behind her and to overcome her past.
Bova Tannin Pawn X3[note 4] The third son of the former Dragon King Tannin and is known as Bova the Destroyer. He requested to become a subordinate to Issei because of his respect and admiration towards him, and eventually became a member of Issei’s team for the Azazel Cup, being recognized as the Fang of the Red Dragon Emperor. But after being humiliated in the match against Team Rias Gremory, Bova went to train with the legendary Evil Dragon Crom Cruach.

Former Members

Name Evil Piece Information
Grayfia Lucifuge

Grayfia LN Profile Image.png

Queen The Queen of Sirzechs Lucifer's Peerage. After Sirzechs went to the Isolation Barrier Field to fight against Trihexa, Grayfia fell into a deep depression and she secretly decided to join Issei’s team under the name Bina Lessthan in order to fulfill Sirzechs’s wish to make Issei a Satan.


While not official members of the team, certain members of the team are capable of summoning powerful Dragons to assist them in battle (Issei; due to his Longinus' Sacred Gear abilities and Asia; due to her contracted pact with Fafnir.)

Name Information

Ddraig I.png

The Welsh Dragon and one of the Two Heavenly Dragons. After Issei drank the miracle drug called Amrita, Issei gained the ability to manifest Ddraig into battle to assist him and his team in their matches at the Azazel Cup.



The Gigantis Dragon and one of the Five Great Dragon Kings. He is Asia's contracted Familiar, who she can summon to protect her. Due to Fafnir's immense power and the limitations placed on familiars during Rating Games, Asia can only summon Fafnir once during a game for a limited period of time.


  • Their team name for the Azazel Cup, Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth is in reference to Issei being their team leader.
  • Ravel is considered the second-in-command of the team, as she is the team tactician and strategist, due to her experience in Rating Games, coming up with the strategies for the matches.
  • Their uniform consists of crimson clothing that resembles their school uniform.
  • The team is considered the most popular team in the Azazel Cup, receiving support from a wide range of people.[1]
  • After her loss in the main stage, Rias and her team excluding Lint Sellzen, Vasco Strada, and Crom Cruach joined the team as backup members.


Depending on the match, the formation and positions of the team are changed.

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