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Team Phoenix is the team formed by Ruval Phenex to participate in the international Rating Game that is called the Azazel Cup.


In Volume 22, Ruval and his team took part of the opening ceremony of the Azazel Cup and witnessed Issei and his team arrived to the ceremony with the help of Ryuuteimaru.

In DX.4, Ruval was approached by Magnus Rose, a CIA agent, who wanted to join his team due to the orders of his superiors, as they told him to observe the tournament up close. As a demonstration of his abilities, Magnus fought against one of Ruval's servants and defeated him easily. Ruval allowed Magnus to join his team under the condition of measuring his abilities during his first match and taking him out if he doesn't perform well, to which Magnus agreed to.

In Volume 25, Team Phoenix had a match in the preliminary round which they won. They became one of the winner teams advancing to the main stage of the tournament.

In DX.7, it was revealed that the team lost against Team Leisure of the Kings, as despite the fact that the team had members who were immortal, the power of their God-class opponents was simply too great for their immortality to properly deal with, as they were defeated and forced to drop out of the tournament.


Main Stage

  • Azazel Cup: Team Leisure of the Kings vs Team Phoenix

Current Members

Known members of Team Phoenix

Name Evil Piece Information
Ruval Phenex King The heir of the Phenex Clan and a professional Rating Game player that was in the Top 10 Rating Game players.
Riser Phenex The third son of the Phenex Clan. He was the former fiance of Rias Gremory and a upcoming Rating Game player. He joined the team after the preliminary round after being eliminated from the tournament with his own peerage.
Magnus Rose A agent of the CIA and the possessor of one of the 5 newly manifest Longinus: Unknown Dictator. He was ordered by his superiors to join the Azazel Cup to observe it from a close distance as he offered his skills to Ruval so that he could participate in the tournament.
Bennu An ancient Egyptian deity linked with the Sun, creation, and rebirth. He is considered to be the ancestor of the legendary firebird: Phoenix.


  • Ruval scouted [Immortality], [Immortal Bird], and [Sacred Bird] beings as members of the team.[1]
  • After his loss in the preliminary round, Riser Phenex joined the team.[1]


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