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Team Leisure of the Kings is the team formed by Typhon and the Greek Gods, partnering with the Norse Gods, to participate in the international Rating Game that is called the Azazel Cup.


In Volume 22, Typhon appeared at the Azazel Cup opening ceremony.

In Volume 23, Vidar and Apollon appeared before Issei Hyoudou, Vali Lucifer and Genshirou Saji in order to warn them about Hades planning something and talked about the Azazel Cup. It is revealed that Team Leisure of the Kings is one of the top winning contenders due to having Typhon, who is acknowledged as one of the "Top 10 Strongest Beings in the World" as well as several Gods as the core members of the team. During the the final stages of the Tournament’s preliminaries, Team Leisure of Kings was matched up against Issei's Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth. As the match up was revealed, Vidar and Apollon talked about it, with Apollon suspecting that the gods who control fate among the mythologies had been secretly manipulating the tournament in order to make the match up happen, though Vidar disagreed as he stated that Shiva wouldn't do such as thing, though he did find it interesting. When Apollon asked about Vidar's opinion about the match-up against Issei, Vidar stated that he believed that he would one day encounter Issei because of politics or other matters, though he wasn't dissatisfied with having a early fight with Issei but he felt a bit bad for his step-brother Vali. Apollon stated that they should contact Typhon to hold a strategy meeting, with Vidar stating that he would be treating Issei as a God-class opponent.

In Volume 25, during his marriage interview with Rossweisse, Vidar issued a challenge to Issei as he stated that the matter of Rossweisse's engagement to Vidar will be decided by their upcoming match and that if Issei wins, Vidar won't marry her.

While Vidar was relaxing at his secret retreat sat in the outskirts of Asgard, Apollon visited him and inquired about his engagement to Rossweisse as Vidar revealed that he had no intention to marry her, with him simply trying to help Issei and Rossweisse grow closer as Rossweisse hadn't made much progress with Issei. While stating that, Vidar revealed that he also provoked Issei so that Issei would face him with everything he had and that Vidar had every intention of winning the upcoming match. When asked what happens to his engagement to Rossweisse should Vidar win, Vidar revealed that he would find some fault with her and return her to Issei.

During the Rating Game match against Team Red Dragon Emperor of Blazing Truth, Apollon faced Xenovia Quarta, Irina Shidou and Ouryuu Nakiri. While the three put up a good fight, Apollon was easily able to keep up with them as he evaded all of their attacks.

Artemis faced off against Bina Lessthan and Asia Argento, who summoned Fafnir to assist her. While initially evenly matched, Artemis was forced on the defensive as Fafnir summoned a army of mini-Fafnir clones who tried to eat her underwear, which gave Bina an opening as Artemis was forced to defend her underwear while fighting with a lack of focus or accept the shame and focus everything on attacking.

Typhon faced off against Bova Tannin, Elmenhilde Karnstein and Roygun Belphegor. Despite the groups best efforts, they were unable to inflict any substantial damage to Typhon. Despite this, the group was able to counter Typhon's attacks due to Roygun's Crack ability, which split Typhon's attacks. Typhon praised them for doing well against him despite being much weaker then him.

Brynhildr and the Valkyrie Squad faced off against their old comrade, Rossweisse and Ravel Phenex, while Vidar faced Issei. During the battle, Brynhildr faced Rossweisse as she swung her sword but was blocked by Rossweisse's defensive magic. However, as soon as Rossweisse moved to counter attack, Brynhildr had undone Rossweisse's magic circle as she ordered the Valkyrie Squad to attack. While Ravel used a defensive magic circle to defend herself and Rossweisse, it was overpowered by the Valkyrie Squad's magic. Critizising Rossweisse's bad combat habits, the Valkyrie Squad revealed their jealousy at the fact that Rossweisse has a boyfriend and becoming shocked when Rossweisse revealed that she had kissed Issei, to the point of releasing their attack stance, which Rossweisse took advantage to retire them with the exception of Brynhildr, who continued to fight against Rossweisse.

As Issei faced Vidar, he was initially able to gain the advantage due to his Pseudo-Diabolos Dragon God form, overwhelming Vidar. Vidar then revealed his artificial Sacred Gear armor, Ragnarök Earth Berserk, which strengthened his abilities as his speed exceeded Issei's. Vidar used the finishing move of the armor, Fimbulvetr Shot, sending Issei flying and damaging his armor. Typhon and Apollon approached Vidar as the announcement of the Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth team members who were fighting them was heard and Typhon wanted to take Vidar's place fighting Issei as he agitated Ddraig, though Vidar declined his offer. As Issei tried to face the 3 God-class beings, the counter on is right arm reached zero and Ddraig, who resides in his Sacred Gear, manifested next to him.

Challenging Typhon to a fight, Ddraig and Typhon flew into the air as Typhon controlled the weather and produced a thundercloud in that particular area and tried to hurl bolts of lightning at Ddraig. Ddraig took those lightning bolts head on without evading, but the sparks simply ran through his body and didn’t do any damage. Ddraig returned it by expanding his stomach and breathed fire from his mouth. Typhon tried to extinguish the fire by using a strong wind, but it didn’t do anything to the fire as his body was bathed in it.

Apollon tried to assist Typhon by firing divine aura at Ddraig but Ddraig simply warped the trajectory of the divine aura by flapping both his wings at once and counter-attacked by unleashing his draconic aura. Apollon tried to defend by using a defensive magic circle which was easily destroyed by Ddraig's attack as the attack blasted Apollon to Yggdrasil. Apollon continued to try to assist Typhon but was getting easily overwhelmed by Ddraig as he dodged a holy aura attack of Cross x Crisis attack of Xenovia, who challenged Apollon to a fight again.

Before resuming his fight with Vidar, Issei proposed to Rossweisse by asking her to give birth to child which she accepted. As Issei and Vidar resumed their fight, they decided to finish the fight by using their finishing moves at once as Issei used his Infinity Blaster and Vidar used his Fimbulvetr Shot. Realizing that he needed more power, Issei added his Longinus Smasher on top of his Infinity Blaster which overpowered Fimbulvetr Shot as Vidar dodged the bombardment. Taking the advantage, Issei launched his Ascalon Holy Sword which was enhanced with Boost and Penetrate at at Vidar, damaging his armor. As Vidar tried to kick it away, Issei fired Ascalon II which was enhanced with Boost and Penetrate, to completely destroy Vidar's armor and eliminated him from the match.

Rossweisse was able to defeat Byrnhildr by sealing her movement with a sturdy seal which Byrnhildr was unable to destroy as Rossweisse unleashed a blast of magic to eliminate her and Ddraig defeated Typhon, winning the match for Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth.

In DX.7, the team won against Team Phoenix, despite the opposing team had members who were immortal. The team used the full power of the legendary monster and gods, forcing even the Phenex’s immortality to break down.


Preliminary Rounds

Main Stage

  • Azazel Cup: Team Leisure of the Kings vs Team Phoenix

Current Members

Known members of Team Leisure of the Kings

Name Evil Piece Information
Typhon King The King of Monsters, which birth numerous monsters such as OrthrusSphinx and Hydra. Due to his selfishness, he insisted on being the leader and King for the team. Typhon is considered as one of the Top 10 "Strongest Beings in the World".
Apollon Queen The God of Sun and Music, who was chosen to become the current leader of Mount Olympus after his father Zeus and the major Greek Gods sealed themselves to fight Trihexa.
Vidar Rook X2 The God of Vengeance and the youngest son of Odin, and the younger brother of Thor and Baldur. He is the only Norse God that Fenrir fears, due to his reputation of being the Fenrir Eater. Because of Odin and his brothers enter the Isolation Barrier Field to fight against Trihexa, Vidar was chosen to become the new chief-god of the Norse.
Brynhildr Knight The Chief-Valkyrie of the Valkyrie squad in Asgard, who serves the Norse Gods as well as Rossweisse's senior; who taught her most of her magic. She is currently serving as Vidar's aide and attendant.
Midgardsormr Knight[note 1]  One of the Five Great Dragon Kings. Due to its power and size, the Norse Gods didn't know what to do with him as he opted to sleep until Ragnarok. While a member of the team, he usually just serves as the power source for Vidar's Ragnarök Earth Berserk armor.
Artemis Bishop X2 The Goddess of the Moon, Hunting, and Archery, who is one of the remaining members of Mount Olympus after the attack of Trihexa.
Helmwige Pawn X2 A member of the Valkyrie Squad and one of Rossweisse's old colleagues.
Ortlinde Pawn X2 A member of the Valkyrie Squad and one of Rossweisse's old colleagues.
Grimgerde Pawn X2 A member of the Valkyrie Squad and one of Rossweisse's old colleagues.
Schwertleite Pawn X2 A member of the Valkyrie Squad and one of Rossweisse's old colleagues.

Reserve Members

Name Evil Piece Information
Orthrus Pawn X1 One of the monsters birthed by Typhon.
Sphinx Pawn X1 One of the monsters birthed by Typhon.
Hydra Pawn X1 One of the monsters birthed by Typhon.


  • The team is touted as one of the winning candidates of the tournament.[1][2]
  • It is mentioned that there is a high possibility of more Gods that are supporting the team to join the team as members.[2]


Depending on the match, the formation and positions of the team are changed.

  1. Pawn x5


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