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Team Imperial Purpure is the team formed by Sairaorg Bael to participate in the international Rating Game tournament that is called the Azazel Cup.


In Volume 22, Team Imperial Purpure participated in the opening ceremony of the Azazel Cup.

In Volume DX.4, Team Imperial Purpure’s match was set against Team Spear of the Heavenly Emperor. On the day of the match, the team went to the arena in the Agares territory, where Sairaorg unleashed his fighting aura and says he will defeat Cao Cao at the center of the match. When the match started, Beluga started to fight against Perseus and his Aegis Mineralization, while dodging his beams that will turn things to stone. Sairaorg encountered Heracles who requested a rematch against Sairaorg to avenge his defeat during their first encounter, to which Sairaorg agreed. Heracles told Sairaorg that he was there on his own volition and not on Cao Cao's orders, to which Sairaorg asked if Cao Cao would have predicted that as Sairaorg began to enjoy the fight. Realizing that they were evenly matched, Sairaorg asked Regulus for help as Regulus turned into Balance Breaker armor. Heracles became ecstatic to fight an armored Sairaorg as he was previously defeated by armorless Sairaorg like an idiot, to which Sairaorg responded by noting that both of them trained but that Heracles might have trained more then Sairaorg himself. Sairaorg then gained the advantage as Heracles's attacks could not penetrate Sairaorg's armor and Heracles received a brutal combo attack from Sairaorg which left him on the ground. Heracles then pulled out the the trading cards that the children from the kindergarten gave him as he stated that those cards would give him strength and revealed his anger at the fact that Sairaorg was accused of being a fake as he stated that there is no way that a punching brute like Sairaorg would be capable of using a power item. As their fight resumed, Heracles attacks began to penetrate Sairaorg's defense as Heracles destroyed the right shoulder armor and blood started leaking from Sairaorg's body. Nevertheless, Sairaorg retaliated with punches and kicks, as he landed a well-aimed punch filled with power straight into Heracles’s face, who was retired as Sairaorg thanked him and stated that he will take pride in fighting him again. Kuisha took on both Georg and Guan Di, where she used her Hole ability to absorb Georg's Dimension Lost fog and she dodged Guan Di’s attempt to slash her with his Green Dragon Crescent Blade by entering her Hole. After that, Sairaorg went to the center of the field to confront Cao Cao, who stated that he wanted to fight Sairaorg at his full strength to which Sairaorg replied that his fight with Heracles prepared him for this fight. Cao Cao stated that he came up with numerous strategies to win against Sairaorg without fighting him head on but discarded them as he considered them worthless when compared to the idea of fighting the Sairaorg one-on-one. Their battle began with Cao Cao sending several jabs at Sairaorg, who dodge them as Sairaorg tried to counterattack and penetrate Cao Cao's defense but Cao Cao jumped backward as he managed to figure out Sairaorg's effective attack range. Both of them tried to land the first hit while dodging each others' ranged attacks, with Sairaorg evading Cao Cao's holy waves and Cao Cao keeping his distance from pressure waves created by Sairaorg's punches. Cao Cao activated his Balance Breaker but instead of summoning the Seven Treasures, he increased the holy power and speed of the spear, as Cao Cao managed to stab Sairaorg and significantly damage his armor. To counter Cao Cao's new technique, Sairaorg unleashed his Breakdown the Beast armor form and began to counter-attack but none of his attacks could reach Cao Cao who continued to dodge them but he received damage from the aftershock of Sairaorg's attacks. As the effects of Breakdown the Beast started to wear down Sairaorg, Cao Cao used that to counter Sairaorg's punch by piercing Sairaorg's shoulder as Cao Cao continued to send jabs which forced Sairaorg on the defensive. However, Cao Cao himself would begin to tire as Sairaorg began to catch up to his speed. Cao Cao was able to stab Sairaorg’s side but that attack left him open for Sairaorg's own attack as Cao Cao tried to dodge but was disrupted by Sairaorg's aura, which allowed Sairaorg to land a punch on Cao Cao. Unfortunately, Cao Cao was able to block the attack with his spear. As he rose from the ground, Cao Cao admonished the Devils who were accusing Sairaorg of being a fraud by pointing out that Sairaorg is cornering the Holy Spear which all Devils fear. When asked by Sairaorg on why did he say that, Cao Cao responded that he doesn't like that a person forcing him into a corner, whether it be Sairaorg or Issei, is being looked down upon as they are Cao Cao's rivals. As they resumed their fight, Sairaorg's armor was completely destroyed and Regulus was retired, while due to a lack of stamina, Cao Cao was unable to maintain his Balance Breaker. As they continued their fight while both being exhausted, the time limit was finally reached. Cao Cao's team was declared the victor due to having more points then Sairaorg's team.

In True Volume 2, Team Imperial Purpure began their first match of the main stage against Team Shooting Star, along with the newly recruited Seekvaira Agares after she lost her place in the tournament. Sairaorg confronted Shooting Star at the battle and evaded punches with his fist, but his armor was destroyed after being impaled by Shooting Star’s sword. Sairaorg spoke to Shooting Star about their similarities and began to chant to his Breakdown The Beast armor and was still pierced by Shooting Star’s sword, but was unharmed. He repelled the aura bullets by enveloping his fist with Touki and managed to land a powerful punch to Shooting Star’s stomach, which his opponent wanted to have a similar fight like Sairaorg did with Issei, where he felt delighted. After Shooting Star started to lose aura from his sword, rifle, and his stamina being depleted, Sairaorg delivered his powerful punch to Shooting Star’s face that causes him to retire. Shooting Star asked Sairaorg if he can become like him and Issei, which Sairaorg praises him for giving a great fight.


Preliminary Rounds

Main Stage

  • Azazel Cup: Team Imperial Purpure vs Team Shooting Star
  • Azazel Cup: Team Imperial Purpure vs Team Vajra

Current Members

Known members of Team Imperial Purpure

Name Evil Piece Information

Sairaorg Bael

2018 Sairaorg BxB by Miyama Zero.jpg
King The next heir of the Bael clan and the wielder of the Longinus; Regulus Nemea. Born without his clan’s trademark Power of Destruction, Sairaorg was discriminated by his father Lord Bael and the clan to the point of being sent to the countryside of the Bael territory with his mother Misla Bael. Under the advise of his mother, Sairaorg started training his body to its utmost limits in to become powerful enough to defeat his half-brother Magdaran Bael. After he defeated his brother, he became the next heir of the Bael Clan.

Kuisha Abaddon

Kuisha Abbadon (1).jpg
Queen The official Queen of Sairaorg's Peerage and a member of the Extra Demons clan; Abaddon. She uses her clan’s trademark Hole to create and control portals that expand and retract according to the user's will, and is able to absorb attacks and reflect them back as they choose.

Sectaas Barbatos

Rook The Queen belonging to Sairaorg’s half-brother; Magdaran’s peerage. Sectaas was lent to Sairaorg to become a member of his team as a way to support his brother.
Ladora Buné
Ladora Buné In DxD HERO.jpeg
Rook The official Rook of Sairaorg’s peerage and a descendant of the extinct clan Buné, a clan that can tame Dragons and has the power to transform into one. Due to his mixed heritage, Ladora was mostly likely shunned by the other Devils until he was taken in by Sairaorg.

Liban Crocell

Liban Crocell In Action.jpeg
Knight The official Knight of Sairaorg’s peerage and wielder of the Sacred Gear; Gravity Jail. Due to his mixed blood of a Human, Liban was shunned by most by the other Devils until he was taken in by Sairaorg into his peerage.

Beluga Furcas

Beruka Furcas and Horse Full.jpg
Knight The official Knight of Sairaorg’s peerage and a member of the Furcas clan, as well the older brother of Bafeel Furcas.

Veves Furfur

Bishop The Bishop belonging to Magdaran’s peerage and a member Furfur clan. Like Sectaas, Magdaran lent Veves to Sairaorg to become a member of his team to fully support his brother.

Misteeta Sabnock

Bishop The official Bishop of Sairaorg’s peerage and a descendant of the extinct clan Sabnock, as well the wielder of the Sacred Gear; Trick Vanish. Like Liban, Misteeta shunned by the other Devils became of his mixed human heritage.


Regulus without his mask.jpeg
Pawn X5 The official Pawn of Sairaorg’s peerage and the spirit residing in the Longinus, Regulus Nemea. After his previous wielder died, Regulus somehow materialized himself and killed the group of people that was responsible for his host's murder. Sairaorg managed to tame him with the help of mother’s clan trademark Lion Tamer ability and make him a member of his peerage.

Gandoma Balam

Gandoma Balam In DxD HER.jpeg
Pawn X2 The official Rook of Sairaorg’s peerage and a member of the Balam clan. Due to his clan trademark, Gandoma possesses superhuman strength and defense, as well as a resistance to magic.

Reserve Members

Name Evil Piece Information

Coriana Andrealphus

Coriana going on stage to fight Issei.jpeg
Bishop The official Bishop of Sairaorg’s peerage and a member of the extinct Andrealphus. Due to having a mixed heritage, Coriana was likely shunned by the other Devils.

Seekvaira Agares

Seekvaira talking to Sairaorg.jpg
Unknown The next heiress of the Agares clan and a member of the Rookies Four. She possesses the Power of Time, allowing her to manipulate time a degree. After losing her place in the Azazel Cup, Seekvaira became a member of Team Imperial Purpure against Team Shooting Star.


  • Their team name for the Azazel Cup; Imperial Purpure is a reference to Sairaorg being their team leader.
  • The team is mostly centered around Sairaorg's Peerage along with his younger half-brother's; Magdaran Bael's peerage taking up back-up roles.[1]
  • After her loss in the preliminary round, Seekvaira Agares joined the team.[2]


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