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Team Black is the team formed by Surtr to participate in the international Rating Game that is called the Azazel Cup.


In Volume 22, Surtr and his team took part of the opening ceremony of the Azazel Cup and witnessed Issei and his team arrived to the ceremony with the help of Ryuuteimaru.

In Volume 25, Team Black became one of the winner teams advancing to the main stage of the tournament.


Main Stage

  • Azazel Cup: Team Spear of Heavenly Emperor vs Team Black

Current Members

Known members of Team Black

Name Evil Piece Information
Surtr King A Fire Giant from the Norse Mythology. He can manipulate fire that burns down the God-class beings. During the Ragnarok, he is predicted to lead a battalion of giants to ignite the world tree Yggdrasil.
Sinmara Queen Sinmara is a gýgr (giantess), usually considered a consort to the fiery jötunn Surtr, as well as the keeper of the legendary weapon Lævateinn.
Hrungnir Rook Hrungir is a jötunn in Norse Mythology, who is described as a stone-made giant defeated in duel by the God of Thunder; Thor.
Hræsvelgr Knight Hræsvelgr is a jötunn in Norse Mythology, who is portrayed as the eagle-shaped originator of the wind.
Útgarða-Loki Bishop Hrungir is a jötunn in Norse Mythology, who is famous for his illusion craft, as he used to to toy with Thor for his own amusement.
4x Fire Giant Warriors Pawn x2 They are fire giant warriors who serve Surtr.


  • Surtr's participation in the Azazel Cup caused many God-class beings to drop out midway.[1]


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