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Team Asura is the team formed by Mahabali to participate in the international Rating Game that is called the Azazel Cup.


In Volume 22, Mahabali and his team took part of the opening ceremony of the Azazel Cup, as Mahabali glared at Indra. They later witnessed Issei and his team arrived to the ceremony with the help of Ryuuteimaru.

In Volume 24, it was stated that the team was on a winning streak, as they defeated all of their opponents. Later, the team had a match against Team Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King, with was lead by the High-class Grim Reaper; Zeno. Mahabali and his team were overwhelmed, with all of the team being retired except Mahabali. Balberith was able to overpower Mahabali in battle without taking a single injury.

In Volume 25, Team Asura became one of the winner teams advancing to the main stage of the tournament.

In True Volume 2, the team had a match against Team Vajra, which was lead by Mahabali's nemesis: Indra. The team collided in a fierce match as their teammates fought each other while the Kings clashed. Mahabali released his 6-armed form and used all of his divine weapons to charge at Indra, as Indra used his Varja to hurl lightning at Mahabali, injuring him but Mahabali continued to charge at him and attack him with his divine weapons. While Mahabali was reaching his limit, he mustered enough strength and willpower to charge at Indra, once again and succeeding cutting out his arm with a divine sword, though Indra used his Vajra to electrocute Mahabali. Indra then praised Mahabali for giving him a fight and later enhanced his Vajra with his large amount of godly aura to launch the strongest lightning on Mahabali, thus winning the match. While retiring, Mahabali lamented that his strength couldn't reach Indra, who merely said that they wouldn't know the result of their next fight, causing Mahabali to smile.


Preliminary Stage

  • Azazel Cup: Team Asura vs Team Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King

Main Stage

  • Azazel Cup: Team Vajra vs Team Asura

Current Members

Known members of Team Asura

Name Evil Piece Information
Mahabali King The son of the previous King of the Asuras, Vairochana and a loyal subordinate of Shiva who serves as his retainer.
Prahlada The father of Virochana and the grandfather of Mahabali. He is the current king of the Asura clan, due to his son being killed by Indra.


  • The team was touted as one of the winning candidates before being defeated.[1]
  • The team only suffered 2 loses throughout the tournament (one against Team Black Satan of Darkness Dragon King in the preliminary stage and the other against Team Vajra in the main stage).


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