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Be careful of Aži Dahāka’s magic, young Hakuryuukou!

–Tannin cautioning Vali Lucifer, Volume 21, Life.Lucifer Dawn of the Morning Star —Death Match—

Tannin is a purple Dragon and a former Dragon King, also known as the Blaze Meteor Dragon. He was reincarnated by Mephisto Pheles, becoming an Ultimate-Class Devil and helped train Issei in order to help him attain his Balance Breaker.


Tannin has the appearance of a fifteen meters tall, gigantic western Dragon. With the exception of his lower body, specifically his belly, the inner portions of his long tail and legs, that are beige in color, a majority of Tannin's body is covered in dark purple, draconic scales. Also, Tannin has a triangular head with yellow horns, a pair of large, keen red eyes with lavender sclera, and serrated yet sharp canine teeth. He also has claws with long sharp, yellow nails, on his hands, and large bat-like wings with rigid tips. Additionally, he wears black armored pauldrons that extend down to his arms and a loincloth decorated with metallic accessories.

In his mini-Dragon form, he is similar in size to Asia Argento's Dragon familiar, Rassei.


Tannin has a warrior-like personality and dislikes those who are lazy. Unlike other Dragons that are generally selfish, Tannin cares a lot for his fellow Dragons; willing to become a Devil both in order for his race to continue and to take care of his people in the Dragon mountain. Standing tall with a pride befitting a true Dragon, Issei sees Tannin suitable, true and worthy of his calling as a true Dragon King in every way possible, despite the latter being reincarnated as an Ultimate-Class Devil.


Tannin, one of the five Dragon Kings, once challenged Great Red to a fight but was ignored by him. Sometime before the series, he was reincarnated into a Devil by Mephisto Pheles. He became a Devil for two reasons: the first was to participate in the Rating Games, the second was for the Dragon Apples, a fruit that now exists only in the Underworld, which a certain race of Dragons needs to eat in order to survive.

He then joined the Rating Games, becoming one of the Top 10 and became an Ultimate-Class Devil where he gained the right to receive his own territory and chose the area where the Dragon Apples grew. He even started conducting research on how to artificially grow the Dragon Apples. Sometime before the series, Tannin entered into a semi-retired state from the Rating Games so that he could train the younger generation of Dragons.

Powers & Abilities

Demonic Power: Tannin has all the powers and abilities common to Devils, including the power to cast spells.

Enhanced Magic Power: Due to the Bishop trait of his Queen Piece, Tannin can strengthen his magic and demonic powers.

Immense Strength: As both a former Dragon King and an Ultimate-Class Devil himself, Tannin extremely powerful being on par with even the Four Great Satans.

Immense Durability: Tannin has considerable defenses as a dragon, which is further enhanced through the Rook trait, withstanding multiple attacks from the Gremory Group ranging from Kiba's Sword Birth, Xenovia's Durandal, Koneko's punch, Akeno's lightning attacks, and Issei's Dragon Shot with little to no damage at all.[1]

Tannin's Fire Breath

Fire Breath: A common dragon ability, Tannin is capable of breathing flames, however, his considered the most powerful among Dragons rivaling that of a meteor strike.

Size Alteration: Tannin can transform into a mini-Dragon in order to fit into small places.

Flight: Tannin can fly using either his natural dragon wings or devil wings.


Queen Piece (女王の駒, Joō no koma): He was reincarnated using the Queen Piece, which grants him the attributes of a Rook, Bishop, and Knight.


  • Tannin means "dragon" in Arabic (تنين). Tannin (Hebrew: תנין) also refers to a sea monster in Canaanite, Phoenician, and Hebrew mythology.
    • Tannin in modern Hebrew means "crocodile". This would be referring to Tannin's scaly skin like that of a crocodile.
    • Tannin also has the meaning of "howling".
  • Tannin is famous among the children of the Underworld for his appearance in Rating Games.
  • Tannin's peerage consists of 10 Dragons.
  • He is the first male Queen that was introduced in the series.
  • Tannin is one of the two reincarnated Devils introduced in the series to have reached Ultimate-Class, the other one being the master magician Rudiger Rosenkreutz.
  • Tannin is the only known former Dragon King that has children.
  • Tannin is one of the two Dragons who became a Devil, the other being Alivian.
    • Tannin and Alivian are also male Queens for their respective masters.
  • In the anime and manga, Tannin stands on two legs; however, in the light novel, it's assumed that he stands on 4 legs.


  1. This is only for the anime.