Sword Birth, also known as Demonic Sword Creation, is a Sacred Gear wielded by Yuuto Kiba.


Sword Birth can take on the appearance of any sword that the user may think of.


Sword Birth is one of the two Sacred Gears that is used by Yuuto Kiba.

In Volume 3, Yuuto manages to gain his Balance Breaker, the Sword of Betrayer, after fusing together the souls of his friends- whom were victims of the Holy Sword Project and his Sacred Gear, Sword Birth.


Sword Birth has the ability to create numerous Demon Swords of different attributes according to the will of the user. The swords, however, are not as powerful as one of the Excalibur fragments. It can also be used to create countless Demon Swords from any surface at a certain distance from the user that can also immobilize opponents. The user can also create multiples of the same sword and even pass them amongst others for them to wield.

After gaining the Sword of Betrayer, Sword Birth can be use to create Holy Demonic Swords of different elemental attributes. The Holy Demonic Swords are shown to be at least as powerful as four of the Excalibur fragments combined.

In Volume 6, while Issei was in Juggernaut Drive, Yuuto was able to create a temporary shelter made of swords using Sword Birth. In Volume 10 Yuuto repeated this technique, but it was broken through by Sairaorg's punch[1]. During the final fight with Siegfried in Volume 12, Kiba tried to use this wall to defend himself from the slash waves of Siegfried's Chaos Break attacks, but it was broken through and Kiba got his arm cut off.[2]


Holy Eraser

Holy Eraser (光喰剣ホーリー・イレイザー, Hōrī Ireizā), also known as the Light-Devouring Sword, is a Demon Sword that devours holy energy. He first uses it against Freed Sellzen in their initial battle. It was ineffective, however, against the Excalibur fragments wielded by Freed later on during the Holy Sword Arc.

Kiba would create several more of these to counter the Anti-Monsters, which used beams of light to kill Devils, made by Leonardo of the Khaos Brigade's Hero Faction.

Flame Delete

Flame Delete (炎凍剣フレイム・デリート, Fureimu Derīto), also known as the Flame-Freezing Sword, is an ice Demon Sword that devours flame. Yuuto uses this sword against Karlamine in the Rating Game between Rias and Riser.

Repression Calm
  • Repression Calm

Repression Calm (風凪剣リプレッション・カーム, Ripuresshon Kāmu), also known as the Wind-Calming Sword, is a Demon Sword that absorbs wind. Yuuto uses this sword against Karlamine in the Rating Game between Rias and Riser.

Fire Sword

Fire Sword, A demon sword with a blade made of fire with presumably the opposite effects of Flame Delete.

Destruction Sword

Destruction Sword A gigantic two-handed demonic sword that's about more than two meters long and releases an ominous aura with presumably much destructive power. However, it could not compare with Excalibur Destruction, and as stated by Xenovia, wielding it requires a lot of strength at the loss of Yuuto's speed, therefore leaving it unnecessary for his fighting style.

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer is a sword specifically made to kill Dragons. The most difficult kind of Demon Sword to produce, Kiba states that he originally started developing it to stop Issei, should he ever go berserk in Juggernaut Drive again. After the development of Cardinal Crimson Promotion, he stopped working on it, but started to develop them once again in order to defeat Siegfried's dragon-based Twice Critical Sacred Gear.

Sword of Betrayer
  • Yuuto forming the Sword of Betrayer

Kiba's irregular Balance Breaker of Sword Birth, the Sword of Betrayer (双覇の聖魔剣ソード・オブ・ビトレイヤー, Sōdo obu Bitoreiyā), also known as the Holy Demonic Sword of Twin Supremacy, is a fusion between a Demon Sword and a Holy Sword. It debuted during the fight with Freed after Kiba "merged" his Sacred Gear with the spirits of his fallen comrades who were the victims of the Holy Sword Project. The creation of Kiba's Sword of Betrayer became possible after both God and Satan died in the previous war, thus ending the balance between Holy and Demonic powers which allowed the Holy Demonic Sword (聖魔剣 Seimaken) to become possible.


  • Sword Birth is one of many Sacred Gears that depends upon the user's capability.
  • Blade Blacksmith is considered the Holy counterpart of Sword Birth.


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