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Summoning Magic are methods to call upon a being for assistance.


A form of Teleportation Magic, Summoning Magic is generally used to call upon a supernatural being with the use of Summoning Magic whenever someone requires help, these range from Magicians, Devils and even Familiars so long as they form a pact.


A summoning preformed by humans is done by preparing a ritual with rune writing and symbols depending on what they're trying to call. Beings who can use magic preform a summoning do so by simply casting a magic circle for their summoning to appear. In modern day, the ritual is now made on a sheet of flyer with the magic circle placed on it by the supernatural being. The flyers can also allow others to summon another's familiar.

Dragon Gate

A special variation of Dragon Gate (龍門ドラゴン・ゲート, Doragon Gēto) can be utilized to summon a Dragon to a certain location. To do so, a ritual is required to be prepared and several other Dragons or Sacred Gear users that have a Dragon's soul sealed inside their Sacred Gear have to be present, at the bare minimum 3 Dragons have to be present to forcibly summon another Dragon. The more dragons there are and the stronger they are, the stronger Dragon they can summon. To summon a powerful Dragon God like Great Red would require multiple if not all of the Dragon Kings.

Individuals make a Familiar pact with a Dragon can utilize Dragon Gate magic to summon it.

While initially only Dragons can utilize Dragon Gates to summon other Dragons, it is possible for others to use other methods to summon Dragons. Using the Nine-Tailed Fox along with Kyoto's leylines would allow someone to achieve a similar effect.


  • Asia Argento excels in Summoning Magic as she uses it to summon the Golden Dragon King, Fafnir, who she made a pact with as a paid contract relationship. She can also utilize Dragon Gate magic circles.