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I’m Sona Sitri, the next head of the Sitri family.

–Sona introducing herself, Light Novel Volume 5, Life.2 The gathering of the Young Devils!

Sona Sitri is the current Head of the Sitri Clan after her father contracted the Sleep Disease. She is the youngest daughter of Lord Sitri and Lady Sitri. She is a first-year college student at Kuoh Academy, the Former President of Kuoh Academy's Student Council, and a childhood friend and rival of Rias Gremory. Her alias at Kuoh Academy is Souna Shitori, and she is the third most popular girl at the Academy, behind Rias and Akeno.


Sona is a young bespectacled woman with a slim figure, black hair styled in a short bob cut and violet eyes. Her body measurements are [B77-W57-H83 cm] [B30-W22-H33 in]; height is 166 cm (5 feet 5 inches) and body weight is [51 kg].

She mostly dressed in a Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform.


Sona is shown to be a very strict and intelligent person. Whether it is a matter of the Student Council or the Sitri Clan, she does not take anything lightly. Sona is very dedicated to her dream of opening a Rating Game School that is open to all regardless of their status, even going to a human school to learn of their system.

She has a delicate side to her such as her fragile ego when it comes to baking cakes, which (unknown to her), she is quite bad at. She is also embarrassed by her sister's childish behavior.

She also is very protective of her big sister, Serafall Leviathan.


Like Rias, Sona became the heiress of her clan after her sister, Serafall, became a Satan, which resulted in the latter losing the right to inherit the clan. She also had a fiancé, but she broke off their engagement by beating him in a game of chess, claiming that she will not marry someone that is not smarter than her. She entered Kuoh Academy at the same time with Rias, Akeno, Tsubaki, and Kiyome. During her second year, she became the Vice-President of the Student Council, as during that same year; when their school was holding a festival, Rias had used real ghosts for her club's haunted house, which Sona scolded them for as using the real thing was forbidden.

Power & Abilities

Sona creating a Water Serpent

Demonic Power: As a Devil, Sona has all the common powers and skills as one, being high enough to be one of the Rookies Four, some of the strongest High-Class Devils in their generation. In Vol 5, Kiba had stated that her technique in handling demonic power surpasses Rias. In Vol 21, Sona's powers have enough enough to defeat a number of mass-produced Evil Dragons. In Vol DX.4, she could fight against Xenovia wielding Durandal and Excalibur until she destroyed the water source Sona was using.

  • Water: As a member of the Sitri Clan, Sona's demonic power specializes in water manipulation, with her control over her techniques surpassing that of Rias, during her fight against Rias where she easily controlled volumes of water. She has also demonstrated the ability to change the water’s form, creating various creatures out of the water, such as multiple hawks, serpents, valiant lions, wolves, and several large Dragons. By Volume 21, Sona's water demonic power skills became great enough to freely manipulate the sea. In Volume DX.4, Sona water magic skills improve to the point she can create an army of ten hawks, several colossal lions, and an endless pack of wolves out of water.
    • Leviathan and Beasts: In Volume DX.4, Sona is able to create an enormous water dragon named Leviathan able to spit out countless compressed water needles, breathe, and stakes from its mouth; and countless monsters that attacks in an intricate manner.

Genius Intellect:Sona is extremely intelligent with incredible foresight. Her intellect is reflected in her talents in strategies, academics and pedagogy.

  • Master Tactician: Sona's true talent is her unparalleled skill in strategy making, which allows her to command her peerage to great effect. Sona has proven herself to be a brilliant strategist, the first during the Rating Game match against the Gremory Team which allowed her team to battle on a level with the Gremory Team despite the difference in strength. The second was when the Stray Magicians of Hexennacht and the Magicians from Khaos Brigade's Nilrem faction attacked the Sitri and Gremory Team, and she easily formulated multiple strategies to counter them while devising powerful combination techniques. Her strategy talents extends to games, having broke off her engagement by defeating a fiance in a chess match, as well as defeating Issei in games she never played before.
  • Master Educator: Sona is an aspiring educationist, having studied the pedagogy system of Kuoh Academy which she would used to laid the foundations of Auros Academy.

Flight: Being a Devil, Sona can fly using her wings.


  • (To her sister; Serafall Leviathan) "Onee-sama, Please be prudent. If my Onee-sama, the Maou glitters, then this small country would be destroyed many times over." (Volume 4, Life 2)


  • Sona's birthday is on June 7th[1].
  • Sona's name means "blue" in contrast to the Gremory’s red.
    • This is the reason Ishibumi created Sona, to complement Rias's "red".
  • Sona's alias, "Souna Shitori", has the same Romaji as her real name, albeit with minor changes in the stresses in syllables (for example, ソーナ (Sōna) being changed to そうな (Souna) and シトリー (Shitorī) being changed to しとり (Shitori)).
  • In Rating Game fighting-types, Sona is considered a Wizard-type who is closer to a Technique-type.
    • This contrasts with Rias, who is a Wizard-type who is closer to a Power-type as it highlights their contrast in battle and Rating Game tactics.
  • Sona and Rias share many similarities:
    • They are both heiresses to their respective clans.
    • Both were presidents of their respective clubs, prior to their graduation.
    • Their older siblings were both the second-generation Satans.
    • They were both previously engaged at one point (Rias during the series, Sona prior to it).
    • Their respective Pawns are in love with them as well as Dragon-type Sacred Gear possessors.
    • Their respective Queens are former members of the Five Principal Clans and were ostracized by their own clans. Akeno because of her Fallen Angel heritage and Tsubaki because of her Sacred Gear.
  • Sona was one of the young Devil heirs and Kings chosen to compete in the Youth Devil Rating Game Tournament.
    • She came in third place after defeating Seekvaira Agares in the Rating Game match for third place.
  • Sona is known as one of the "Rookies Four" along with Rias, Sairaorg, and Seekvaira.
    • The other name for them is "The Four Novice Kings".
  • Sona is a terrible cook, as she uses ingredients that, while making her food look great, leaves them tasting terrible. The only people who will eat her food are her sister Serafall (who actually likes it) and Saji and Issei (both who eat her food so they won't hurt her feelings).[2]
  • Sona reveals that her glasses were created due to researching magic, but their powers aren't that impressive.[3]
  • Sona makes videos on how to create her taste sweets and uploads them to DeviTube.[4]
  • Sona took over management of the "Hyper-Dimensional Women's Professional Wrestling" team from Azazel.[5]
  • Sona's name is written as "Sohna" in the English translation of the manga.
  • Sona's name is dervived from the Pokémon Wobbuffet (Sonans in Japanese)[6]


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