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The Sitri Clan is one of the remaining 32 Devil clans of the 72 Pillars and one of the highest-ranking (ranking at Prince), and famous, Devil families. While not much is known about the incumbent head of the house, it has been revealed that the next head is Sona Sitri. After her father started to show symptoms of the Sleep Disease, the current Head was forced to step down, making Sona the new Head of the clan.


Being the house that produced the current "Leviathan", members of the Sitri Clan have strong affinity for water-based magic, with the only known exception being Serafall Leviathan who excels in ice-based magic. The Sitri territory is known for its richness in nature, and is said to boast the most of the natural reserves present amongst the few territories belonging to High-Class Devils. The Sitri Clan are also known to be one of the few territories which have advanced medical facilities as well, having one of the most famous hospitals in the Underworld.


Members of the Sitri Clan have great mastery of Water manipulation. Serafall is noted to have the ability of Ice manipulation.


The clan symbol of the Sitri looks like a necklace and is blue in color.


The only known members of the clan are Sona and Serafall and their parents, with Serafall being one of the former Four Great Satans who held the title of Leviathan.

Name Information Rank Race Status
Lord Sitri The former Head of the Sitri Clan as well the father of both Serafall and Sona. He was forced to step down as Head of the clan after he began showing symptoms of the Sleep Disease. High-Class Devil Pure-Blood Devil Alive
Lady Sitri She is the wife of the Lord Sitri and mother of Serafall and Sona. High-Class Devil Pure-Blood Devil Alive
Sona Sitri Sona is the current Head of the Sitri Clan, taking over from her father due to him suffering the effects of the Sleep Disease. Ultimate-Class Devil Pure-Blood Devil Alive

Former Members

Name Information Rank Race Status
Serafall Leviathan The former Satan Leviathan and the former Foreign Affairs leader. Serafall lost her right to rule the Sitri Clan, when she earned the title of Leviathan and became one of the four Satans. Ultimate-Class Devil Pure-Blood Devil Alive (Sealed)


Serafall Memorial Hospital

A hospital created by the former heiress Serafall Leviathan from the natural reserves of her clan. It is famously known throughout the Underworld to not only the have the best of her family's medical facilities, but also for being named after her which increased its popularity, as she is the most famous female Devil in the Underworld.



  • In demonology, Sitri is ranked as a Great Prince of Hell, reigning over sixty legions of demons. He causes men to love women and vice versa, and can make people bare themselves naked if desired. He is depicted with the face of a leopard and the wings of a griffin.